Guest Characters

The series has a lot of guest stars having appeared in a number of episodes or even in a single episode. Here is a list of the characters who had one of the most prominent recurring roles. These characters are listed on this page from the oldest to the newest and through five different categories: The B&B Guests, The Livings, The Livings from the Past, The Ghosts, and The Basement Ghosts.

The B&B Guests

Character Name: Tom and Debbie
Played by: Don Lake and Meagen Fay
Appearing in: Spies
Family Members:
Personality: Tom and Debbie are a brazenly insincere and mean-spirited older couple. They present themselves as friendly and easy-going, but privately they take great delight in being overly critical of the establishments they visit. Famous for their negative Yelp reviews, which they mistakenly believe to be anonymous, they even go so far as to warn patrons away from Debbie’s own sister’s restaurant. The sort of entitled people who aren’t happy until they’re not happy, they go out of their way to find things wrong to fuss and complain about.

Once they are made aware that their reviews are not anonymous but that in reality anyone can see who they are, their only thought is saving face instead of offering any apologies or attempting to mend their ways.

They then write a review on the Woodstone B&B, indicating that there are probably nicer places but that the owners of this charming B&B really take care of their guests, that they have anticipated all their needs.

Once is not custom, their real personality comes out again at the end of their comment where they mention that Sam and Jay mainly helped them realize that their Yelp account had been hacked and that bad comments had been written “against them” in their favorite institutions. They only feign at penance when their identities are made public.

History: Tom (Thomas) and Debbie are the first official B&B guests after the big opening in “Spies“. They first appear to be easy-to-please guests. Claiming to love everything about the B&B from the room to their welcoming cocktails. It quickly becomes apparent that behind their polites “Midwesterners” (as said by Pete who spent 18 years in the travel agency) façades, they are critical of everything they encounter.

The Ghosts then offer Sam to spy on them to be sure to know what they are really thinking. Against the advice of Jay who is not for this option at all, the cute side but a bit mischievous of Sam decides to follow the Ghosts proposal.

And… Pete was right, the sheets are too thin, the towels too rough, the toilet paper second-rate, all while claiming to Sam and Jay’s faces that all is well and that they couldn’t be happier.

As the episode unfolds, their complaints become more and more nitpicky and ridiculous (the music playlist, the “Satanic” butter dish, the pitch of Sam’s voice), but the final straw is when they say they dislike Sam’s deceased mother’s special perfume.

This becomes too much criticism for Jay. He then goes into the living room where they are having dinner and offers a beautiful monologue extolling the qualities of his wife.

It’s only after the myth of their anonymity is pulled aside that they walk back their criticisms, and end up publicly claiming that they’d been hacked in order to cast the blame for their scathing reviews on other parties.


The Livings

Character Name: Mark
Played by: Tristan D. Lalla
Appearing in: Viking Funeral, D&D, Alberta’s Fan, The Vault, Ghostwriter, Farnsby & B
Family Members: David (his son)
Personality: Mark is a contractor with O’Malley’s Construction who has been assigned to oversee the renovations for the Woodstone Mansion. One could say he is very thorough in his work and knowledgeable about old home construction including foundation, plumbing, and electrical work. He often informs Sam and Jay of any and everything that he or his crew discovers that could hinder the work, cost more money, or both. He seems to be an easy-going and friendly man who enjoys sports, especially college basketball. Mark often engages in wordplay before telling Sam and Jay something about the renovations. It seems to be his way of breaking big news to the couple, whether good or bad. It is unclear what Mark thinks of Sam, as he has seen her a few times talking to the ghosts, but to him, it looks as though she is talking to herself.
History: Mark first appears in “Viking Funeral.” When we first meet him, he catches Sam in a conversation with Alberta, Pete, Sasappis, and Trevor, but to him, it looks as though she may be talking to herself. After she tells him she was on her Bluetooth, he brings her and Jay to the front yard where the fountain was going to be placed. He then reveals to Sam and Jay that his crew, while digging, found human remains and warns that he has to report it to the county, who will have to investigate to determine if a crime took place and that the entire site could be shut down for months. The next day, after Jay and Sam take the bones in preparation to give Thorfinn a Viking funeral, Jay tells Mark that the bones disappeared overnight, probably due to a wild dog, and that Mark no longer has to call the county. Mark admits that he didn’t care about what happened to the bones because he did not want the site shut down either. He also mentions that he spoke to his friend who stated that if the bones were indeed Viking, they could be worth a lot of money.

In “D&D,” Mark meets Sam further out on the property to discuss taking down an old shed. When he reaches for the door, he can remove it completely, without much force, but in doing so, unknowingly awakens three British ghosts from the Revolutionary War. He remarks that the shed will come down easily after pushing over an old gutter. The ghosts’ rather unwelcoming demeanor surprises Sam who apologizes for “gawking” at them, which then catches Mark’s attention. She quickly recovers her apology to the ghosts by adding his name. She then tells Mark to leave the shed alone and that she has a meeting and must return to the house, leaving Mark alone with the ghosts. Mark seems a bit frustrated about this.

In “Alberta’s Fan”, Mark has to bring his son, David, to work with him due to his wife being out of town for work. He introduces the child to Sam, and unknowingly Pete, Thorfinn, Alberta, Hetty, and Issac. It is here where Alberta fixes herself up and admits her attraction to him, stating “why are all the good ones married… and alive?” Little David points to Issac and yells out “pirate” which surprises Sam. Mark tells him that there is no one there but that he loves his son’s imagination. David then runs off, prompting Mark to run after him. It is here that Issac tells Sam that although rare, some young children can see ghosts. Mark then returns to Sam as she tells him that “we” are going for a walk, again letting it slip that she is talking to ghosts. Mark‘s questions her use of “we” since he can only see her, to which she responds that she meant it in the royal sense of the word. Once she leaves the room, Mark shakes his head and sighs as he turns to start his work day, not sure what to make of Sam.

In “The Vault”, while Sam and Jay are admiring the decor for an upcoming wedding they have been chosen to host, Mark comes into the room, letting them know he has to show them something. They assume that it might be bad news and that they should be prepared to pay more money for their already expensive renovation. To that end, Mark says that what he found could be good news and that there is no need to bring a check for more money, as he has their credit card information on file. When he brings them into another room, he states that as he was doing some rewiring, he turned a sconce which then caused a sound to emanate from the adjoining wall. He reveals a secret passageway that leads to a bank vault. He offers to open it, stating that it could take a while and that it may be expensive. Before leaving them there, he tells them to let them know if they want his crew to open the vault.

In “Ghostwriter,” Sam is translating a basketball game between Pete and Jay to avoid finishing the website for the B&B. Jay tells her that she can leave so that she can continue to work on the site and convinces her that he will be fine watching the game with Pete. After witnessing an incredible play and asking Pete to do their secret handshake, he becomes disenchanted with the idea of watching sports with someone who he can neither see nor hear. At this point, Mark comes into the room to let him know that he will be back the next day with some baseboards. He then notices that Jay is watching the Syracuse game and comments that the team is looking good this season. Jay asks if he is a fan, to which Mark responds that he loves college basketball. Jay then asks Mark if he wants to hang out and watch the game. Mark responds that he is supposed to help his wife with their taxes but decides to stay with Jay and watch the game instead. As he goes to sit down, not knowing that Pete is already sitting next to Jay, he accidentally sits in the same spot and ends up sitting down right in the middle of Pete, causing Pete excruciating pain. This begins Pete’s jealousy and general dislike of Mark.

In the season finale, “Farnsby & B,” Mark meets Jay and Sam in the kitchen as they are discussing their neighbors, the Farnsbys’. Jay admits his growing interest in Pickleball and tells Sam that he and Mark have played together several times, calling them “Pickle Bros.” Mark tells him that name is not catching on. He also lets them know about the termites in their basement. Sam and Jay become exasperated by this news, stating that it’s one thing after another with the house and comments that perhaps they are cursed. They follow Mark into the basement, where he points out that the blistering in the wood beams is due to termites and that they may not have to do anything straight away, but advises that they should not wait too long to take care of it. Of course, while in the basement, Sam encounters the Cholera ghosts, and when Nancy, one of them, tries to speak to Sam, Sam tries her best to ignore her, conscious that Mark is still in the room with them and doing her best not to get caught speaking to them in front of him.

  • Mark’s son, David, possesses the ability to see ghosts, marking the first time another living, besides Sam, can communicate with earthbound spirits. His presence also helps Hetty remember that it was Thorfinn, whom as a child she had named “Gordon”, who sang to and comforted her so that she could sleep.
  • “Well if it is Viking, they reach out to the state archeology department, they call in the nerds with the toothbrushes… the whole thing takes longer.” (Episode 3)
  • “Hey man, I don’t really care. I didn’t want this site shut down either. That being said, I was talking to a buddy of mine and he said that if the bones were actually Viking, could be worth a pretty penny. Museums would definitely buy them. But you don’t have them, right? Sucks about those wild dogs.” (Episode 3)
  • “Ah, there’s nothing there, buddy. But I love your imagination.” (Episode 9)
  • “So I was doing some rewiring and when I turned this sconce, I heard a click from that wall. Check this out! (turns sconce, click ensues) And that’s when I discovered something behind this paneling… It’s never a secret passageway… but in case, it is!” (Episode 13)
  • “Ah Syracuse, nice! They’re looking good this year! Love college ball!… I’m supposed to help my wife with TurboTax today so… hell yea, let’s do this!” (Episode 14)
  • “Again, that term is not catching on, Jay, but yea this guy is good! What’s not good are the termites I just found in your basement.” (Episode 18)
Character Name: Bela
Played by: Punam Patel
Appearing in: Jay’s Sister
Family Members: Jay Arondekar (her brother), Champa Arondekar (her mother)

Bela is a single woman who lives in Boston and from what her brother has hinted at, and is very easily and quickly attached to the men she dates. She does not take break ups well and will often go into an emotional funk for some time. Jay states that his sister is very “thirsty” which means that she tends to be desperate for men’s attention and affection. In “Jay’s Sister“, when Bela first comes to the house, she is kind to Sam but it is clear that they aren’t very close. She doesn’t seem to understand Sam’s sense of humor. However, she is excited for her visit because she claims she is over her ex-boyfriend, in fact, she had met someone new. She also states that the guy is not her normal type as he is a “douchy, finance bro” type” but that he is also very sensitive and very handsome and that they have connected in a way much different than what she ever expected.

Bela is definitely in tune with her emotions and has no problem expressing them freely. During “Jay’s SisterBela goes from excitement to anger quickly after she learns that Trevor is someone who has died and that she had been possibly catfished. She then becomes disgusted after learning that the messages from the profile she had matched with originated on Jay and Sam’s kitchen IPad. By the end of the episode, Bela’s faith in her brother and sister in law is restored after Sam is able to translate for Trevor why he did what he did and how he truly feels for her.

Like her brother, Bela has a bit of a goofy personality which is evidenced by her nickname for her brother. She enjoys clubbing, visiting the Hamptons, and listening to 90s jam bands.

Bela’s “type” is further highlighted by the fact that she has kept her friend, Eric, in the cursed friend zone for an unknown amount of time. She remarks that he is always doing things for her and is always available, which she scoffs at.

It is in “The Christmas Spirit, Part One, The Christmas Spirit, Part Two” that we learn that Bela has a mischievous and scheming side to her. In an effort to try to sleep with Trevor, or at least spend time with him, she successfully convinces Eric to allow Trevor to possess him. She also talks with her brother, Jay, to learn exactly he was possess under the guise that she simply just wants to allow him to tell his story so that she can support him during what was a traumatic event.

Bela is also initially jealous of the relationship that Jay has with Sam. She remarks that maybe she could’ve had the same with Trevor and becomes frustrated when Jay forbids her from tyring to sleep with a ghost in his home on Christmas.


Bela Arondekar is Jay’s sister who currently lives in Boston. In “Jay’s Sister“, she is single and had just broken up with her boyfriend, Gabe. In this episode, she is visiting her brother, Jay, and sister in law, Sam for the first time since they’ve moved to the Hudson Valley. Jay is worried about the emotional state of his sister and asks Sam to tread lightly although Sam is excited for the possibility of getting closer to her sister in law by helping her deal with the sadness about her break up and get over her ex.

Before her visit, Bela has been active on dating sites and apps and had recently set her location to the Hudson Valley in hopes of meeting someone new. And when she first arrives at the Woodstone Mansion, she is excited about a new guy she had recently matched with. Upon showing the couple the new match, Jay is excited for her commenting on how good the man looks. However, when Sam sees the picture of the man, she immediately recognizes him as Trevor and is furious and curious as to how Bela could’ve matched with someone who’s been dead for 20 years.

In a panic, and in an effort to preserve her feelings, Sam and Jay decide to message Bela on behalf of Trevor that he has moved away to Newfoundland and won’t be able to continue their online relationship. When she reads his messages, Bela suspects that he is lying and when she searches Trevor’s profile picture online, she learns that it’s a picture of a man who died 20 years ago. She immediately believes she’s been catfished.

She messages him over and over again and notices that each time she messages him, there is a notification sound coming from the kitchen. She orders Jay to unlock the IPad that they keep in the kitchen, and it is there where she learns that the notifications are due to the messages that she had been sending. This infuriates her, believing that her brother and sister in law believed her so incapable of finding a man on her own that they would create a fake profile to match with her. She immeidately goes upstairs to pack and states sht she is leaving the house.

As she is packing, Jay and Sam beg her not to leave and in an effort to get her to stay and salvage what’s left of their relationship, Sam tells Bela that a ghost was the one who created the profile from the IPad and matched with her. As anyone else would be when hearing something like this, Bela is very skeptical. Sam argues that this is true and asks Issac, Alberta, and Thorfinn to use their powers to help Bela believe her. It’s not until Pete is able to peer into Bela’s bag and tell Sam what is in it, with Sam translating those contents to Bela and that she is able to guess how many fingers Bela is holding up thanks to the ghost’s help, that she finally believes Sam. Sam then confides to Bela that besides Jay, she is the only person who knows her ability. Bela agrees to keep this information to herself and is flattered to learn that she is the only one who knows besides Jay. This helps to strengthen the relationship between the two women.

Bela and her friend Eric visit Jay and Sam during Christmas on “The Christmas Spirit, Part One, The Christmas Spirit, Part Two”, although he is only with her because she needed a ride. She is still interested in Trevor, and asks hopefully if Trevor is still around. While Sam is trying to get sparks flying between Bela and Eric, Bela busies herself with trying to find a way to speak with Trevor. Trevor successfully messages Bela from the computer in the kitchen, and is pleased when Bela agrees to allow him to possess her friend so that they can be together. Bela then convinces Eric to allow Trevor to possess him and talks with her brother about how he was possessed by Hetty so that she can help Eric and Trevor recreate the same event. As they are trying this late on Christmas Eve, Jay walks in on them and explicitly forbids Bela from going through with her plans. Frustrated, she stomps up to her room and the next day, Eric leaves the house.

After Jay convinces Eric to come back to the house and he gives her and Eric his blessing to proceed with the possession. However, things backfire horribly when instead of getting possessed, Eric temporarily dies from electocution. Bela is scared and immediately regretful of her choices. When Eric awakes, Bela apologies profusely, grateful that he is okay. Later, when talking with Jay, he convinces her that Eric isn’t safe, but is deeply unstable, a gesture he knows will turn his sister’s head toward Eric. And almost as if nothing has happened, they are able to continue to enjoy their holiday into the next day, when they can finally exchange gifts.

  • Bela is the first living, besides Jay, whom Sam tells about her ability see and hear the dead.
  • “LL Uncool J!” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “Oh this place is epic! Okay!” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “Yeah, I set my dating profile to the Hudson Valley a few days ago cause I knew I would be up here, and then boom! I matched with this insanely hot guy. We’ve been messaging and we’re really vibing! Do you want to see him?” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “Turns out if you park at a Dunkin Donuts for more than two weeks, they will take action.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “We’ve just been friends forever! Can you even imagine, Eric?” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “I think that he might have a little thing for me. But honestly, I’m just not into him… …I dunno. He’s just, like, always there for me, doing anything I need. He’s like always driving me to the airport. He’s helped me move like four times.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Thank you, but I don’t think I need any help when it comes to men. By the way, is Trevor around?” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Hey I don’t think I ever asked you about that time you got possessed by a ghost… … I mean I joked about it: Victorian lady inside of you, objectively funny. But it must have been weird and probably a little scary.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “That’s what family’s for. Now that supply closet, is that on this floor?” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Okay this is gonna sound weird so just go with me. You know that finance bro I was talking to for a while?… … The things is, Trevor’s a ghost.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Eric, would you let Trevor possess your body so that we can be together… just for a day?” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “That’s not your call, Jay! Trevor, Eric, and I are three consenting adults.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Look, I know from where you’re standing, this all seems nuts. I get it. I’m not an idiot. But Trevor and I had a real connection. You’re lucky, Jay. You found the love of your life and you get to spend everyday with her. I don’t have that. And now, thanks to you, I don’t even get to be with the one guy I like for one day.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
Character Name: Todd Pearlman
Played by: Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll
Appearing in: Alberta’s Fan, Alberta’s Podcast
Family Members:
Personality: Todd is a genial, fervent man with a tendency to go overboard in his fanboying. He’s single-mindedly devoted to Alberta and her legacy, to the point of desiring to clone her and sire her children.

Todd Pearlman first appears in “Alberta’s Fan” as the titular character. He’s a middle-aged man who lives with his mom and is Alberta‘s biggest fan and historian. Running the one and only Alberta Haynes Museum out of his mother’s garage in Altoona, PA, he sets himself as an expert of her history and career, even writing a book about her. He visited Woodstone Mansion in hopes of finding clues regarding her death. While the official cause of death was a cardiac episode, Todd always suspected foul play. Citing that a woman as beautiful and talented as Alberta would attract rivals, there are sure to be several suspects in the case of her murder.

Alberta immediately took a liking to Todd, his praise and adoration giving her ego a boost. This annoyed Isaac to no end, since he had hoped that the historian had come to write about him! However, as Todd‘s visit went on, he began displaying more worrisome “superfan” behaviors: smelling her coat several times, having purchased one of her toenail clippings with the intent to clone her, even having a full color tattoo of Alberta‘s face on his back!

After spending the night at the B&B, Trevor found Todd unconscious and ill. After rounding up the Ghosts and Livings, Jay calls for an ambulance. Meanwhile, Alberta reminds Sam that if Todd dies on the property and becomes a ghost, they would be stuck with him forever, and the only way to prevent this from happening was to drag him off of the property in time.

Disregarding standard procedure of not moving someone who may be injured, Sam, Jay, and one of the workmen wrap Todd in a blanket and haul him down the stairs, just in time to meet with the paramedics who chastise them for carrying him out. They load him into the ambulance and drive off, leaving Sam and Jay hoping that they didn’t kill their first guest.

Later that afternoon, Jay hears back from the hospital, informing him that Todd pulled through and should be okay, much to everyone’s relief. Moments later, one of his friends sends him a video relating to Woodstone Mansion…and it’s Todd! He’s being interviewed by a local news station in regards to his adventure. He reports that he’d been staying at the Woodstone B&B where he’d been poisoned…by an old flask of moonshine, which he drank from to touch his lips where Alberta‘s had touched. This news story sent several viewers to research Alberta‘s album, spreading her fan base even further. Having previously been upset that her “biggest fan” had turned out to be a nut case, she preened at receiving praise from many new people thanks to Todd‘s story.

Todd would later return to Woodstone Mansion in “Alberta’s Podcast“, begrudgingly invited by Sam to co-host a podcast about Alberta‘s death, jumping in on the new popularity of murder-mystery podcasts. Todd arrives, bearing gifts: his newly-published biography of Alberta, and several artifacts from his museum, which he needed to move out to make room for his mother’s boyfriend’s bowling stuff.

Sam and Jay go out to help unload Todd‘s car of his research materials, including a spliced-together picture that would show what Todd‘s and Alberta‘s potential child would look like. One of the pieces was an antique end table with a false bottom, containing Alberta‘s secret diary! Alberta insists that it be left alone, that it contained things she didn’t want to get out, but getting it away from Todd was impossible.

After reading Alberta‘s diary and discovering the story of how she ratted out Clara, the club headliner so she could perform instead, Todd is completely taken aback! Having devoted his life and career to her, he no longer feels he knows who Alberta is! This makes Alberta afraid that whoever listens to the podcast will think she was a fraud and turn against her.

Alberta breaks and shares with Sam, Pete, and Sasappis why she ratted Clara out: because she’d been continually overlooked due to her body size, and Clara had been put in front because despite being less talented, she was skinny.

Sam shares this information with Todd, who comes around to realizing that Alberta had had good reason to do what she did, and he comes to admire her even more for being a crusader against unfair body standards as well as being a remarkable person and talented singer. So much so, in fact, that his desire to clone her is redoubled, much to Alberta‘s dismay.

  • “Alberta was a singer, a wonderful singer! Believe it or not, she died right here in this house!” (Season 1, Episode 9)
  • “Her life story is an inspiration: born in Tulsa to Jamaican parents, as a young woman she came to Harlem during the great migration with nothing but a dream in her heart and a boatload of talent.” (Season 1, Episode 9)
  • “I didn’t pack for an overnight, obviously, so would I be able to borrow some pajamas? Also, if I don’t eat soon, we’re gonna have a problem. I’m hypoglycemic, so it’s kind of urgent.” (Season 1, Episode 9)
  • “Do you want to see something from my personal Alberta collection? I carry it with me everywhere. It’s my most prized possession! Voila! It’s Alberta’s toenail!” (Season 1, Episode 9)
  • “Remember in Jurassic Park, when they cloned all those dinosaurs from a little bit of blood? Well, maybe I could one day make an Alberta from just a little bit of nail. Who knows? Maybe we’d end up together!” (Season 1, Episode 9)
  • “(to news reporter) I was staying at the Woodstone Bed and Breakfast when I discovered a very old bottle of moonshine, so I drank from it. I’m a curator and collector of all things relating to jazz legend Alberta Haynes, and I have reason to believe that she was the last person to drink from it, and I wanted to put my lips where hers had been. I spoke to the doctors and they informed me they believe it was strychnine. I’ve often assumed that Alberta had been murdered by a jealous rival, and now I know I was probably right.” (Season 1, Episode 9)
  • “I actually have a bunch of stuff from the museum out in my car. Research, files, artifacts…I thought they’d be useful for the podcast. I had to clear a bunch of space in the garage, anyway. My mom’s boyfriend, Kyle, needed a place to store his bowling stuff.” (Season 1, Episode 9)
Character Name: Micah
Played by: Drew Tarver
Appearing in: Jay’s Friends
Family Members:
Personality: On the surface, Micah appears laid-back and charismatic, someone young and cool that someone like Jay would be drawn to, with long hair and casual attire. He excels in targeting lonely and/or gullible people by offering what they want: friendship, recognition, the feeling of being special, promise of eternal life. Thus he’s gathered his flock. Micah is in a polyamorous relationship with an untold number of cult members with explicit rules against mingling with “outsiders”, which according to Flower is common practice among cults.

Micah is a young local that Jay meets during a game of pick-up basketball. So pleased to have finally made some friends, Jay invites him and a few others over to the house to watch a game on tv together.

There, Micah shares his philosophy with Jay—which others in his group point out is remarkable for him to do—about basketball and life. You can choose “direction” or “ball”. He then suggests to Jay that it’s possible to have both. Rolling up his sleeve reveals a white patch on his arm. When Jay asks what it is, Micah tells him “This is ball.”

After Jay gives Micah a tour of the house, he gives Jay 10 boxes of the vitamin patches to sell on consignment. Shortly after this, it’s revealed to Jay that this group isn’t just a business or a Ponzi scheme, it’s a cult! Its members believe that the vitamin patches that Micah learned to make in a dream will give them eternal life, as well as guaranteeing them their own planets to rule. He even gets Jay to “patch in” with them.

He has a nefarious purpose, however. In the fine print regarding the boxes of vitamin patches, Micah hid a clause stating that he and his cult would get to live in Woodstone Mansion for one trillion years. It’s only after Sam pretends that she slept with him, threatening to fracture the group and shake their faith in Micah, that he agrees to leave the premises.

  • “Ball goes away, direction lasts forever.” (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • “THIS is ball” (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • “It’s business, a community, a way of life” (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • “It’s important to be limber, especially if you’re gonna live forever.” (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • “I’m 742 years young” (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • “I did not sleep with her! Everyone’s getting their own planets, my bodily fluids still cure the common cold, this was a test! And you all passed!” (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • “Marriage, that’s the real cult” (Season 2, Episode 3)
Character Name: Pete Actor
Played by: Mathew Baynton
Appearing in: Dumb Deaths
Family Members:
Personality: While only landing seemingly unremarkable roles in his acting career, he is a devoted method actor, even to the point of forbidding mobile phones to be visible to him because they weren’t around in the 80s. His zeal for his craft, however led him to make many erroneous assumptions about Pete: that he was a drunk, a pathetic wreck of a man, a sugar-addicted pastry fiend, just for the sake of adding something ridiculous to his character.

He seems to care little for the real Pete Martino or his family. He would rather spin an elaborate character assassination for the sake of entertainment than consider how this portrayal would affect people.

He wants to be regarded as a great actor, and has quite the inflated sense of self-importance, believing his portrayal of Pete would be his break into mainstream cinema.

Always keen for the over-the-top, he even volunteers to wet/soil himself, even though it isn’t called for.


Pete Actor is an English methor actor who is becoming obsessed with “getting to the truth” of Pete Martino when he is hired by the TV show “Dumb Deaths” to recreate the day Pete died.

This man has made a career as a character actor in various small television roles, often going to extremes in doing so. For a brief appearance as Customer #2 he admitted to gaining 75 lbs for the part. To prepare for playing Pete Martino in an episode of the docuseries “Dumb Deaths“, he sought to find Pete’s motivations and reasons for his ultimately dumb death.

  • Pete Actor is actually played by Mathew Baynton, who is Thomas Thorne on the original BBC series “Ghosts“.
  • “I’m so sorry, I don’t want to be that guy, but mobile phones weren’t around in 1985, so would you mind…? I know you’re not on screen but it’s just the vibe for me.” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “I actually put on 75 lbs for my last role. Too months to lose it, but nobody will forget Customer #2!” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “What drives Pete Martino? Who IS Pete Martino? What causes a man, an experience troop leader, to put himself directly in the line of fire?” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “Yes! Of course he was [drunk]! He looked around one day and saw how pathetic his life was. A travel agent booking other people’s holidays while going nowhere himself! So he hit the bottle!” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “I don’t get this rewrite. Why would I say “Howdy”? Is this a western? Am I Jonathan Wayne?” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “You were there?! Tell me everything, Jennifer! Bring me inside the mind of a madman!” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “Dammit! Whatever tenuous foothold I had into this man is gone, I’ve completely lost my character! ” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “A sugar fiend in need of his fix! His blind pursuit of pastry ultimately costing him his life! And earning me a general meeting with J.J. Abrams or someone in his company.” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “When the arrow punctures my neck and shatters Pete Martino’s dreams, I urinate!” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “(As Ira) No! This was supposed be a hip and groovy day, ya dig? But this is like the OPPOSITE of groovy! There’s no such thing as free love! There’s always a price!!” (Season 2, Episode 7)
Character Name: Eric
Played by: Andrew Leeds
Appearing in: The Christmas Spirit, Part One, The Christmas Spirit, Part Two
Family Members:
Personality: Eric is a chronic people-pleaser, willing to do anything that’s asked of him just to keep the people around him happy. This trait is brought to almost cartoonish degrees. He drove Bela to spend Christmas with Sam and Jay when her car, that she abandoned in a parking lot, got booted. Upon arriving at Woodstone Mansion, he offers to make Christmas cookies for everybody right after unpacking. His cutesy precision in decorating a gingerbread house with Bela was worthy of a Hallmark movie.

Basically, he comes off as a sappy pushover with no thought for himself apart from “getting the girl” regardless of personal cost. It’s a direct contrast to Bela’s attraction to messy, complicated situations and people.

His willingness to believe Bela’s revelation that Woodstone Mansion is haunted is admirable, even if his agreement to allow Trevor to possess him may make him appear naively over-eager.

His devotion, however, is ultimately rewarded. After a close brush with death, Bela found that she wished to give him a chance, romantically. This decision was encouraged when Jay suggested that Eric is “dangerous” enough to be appealing to his drama-loving sister.


Eric is an architect and a longtime friend of Jay’s sister, Bela. She’s admitted that he’s always been there for her when she needed help. He’s harbored feelings for her for years and has been waiting for her to feel the same way. She has displayed no such feelings for him, though, and initially finds the very idea to be laughable.

  • “(While decorating gingerbread house) Ooo, the marshmallow could be the smoke coming out of our chimney! And we are now ready to receive mail!” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Did you leave a flannel shirt and suspenders on my bed?” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “So, after my Pop-Pop died, my Nana said she could still talk to him, and nobody believed her. But, I did, so no, I don’t think you’re crazy.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Look, cards on the table: I really like you, and someday I hope maybe we’ll even end up together, but this whole Trevor thing I can see this is something you need to get out of your system. You need to sow your wild ghosts. So, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Bela, if this is what you want for Christmas, I’m in.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Now, when Trevor goes to sleep, he is going to put in my retainer, right?” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “Did the electrocution part hurt? Because that’s the part that I’m sort of very concerned about.” (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • So, Christmas morning are you guys like a “everybody takes turns opening presents” type family or is it more of a free-for-all? (Season 2, Episode 10)
  • “I don’t want to lose my place in line. If I get one of the backward facing chairs, I’m gonna get train sick.” (Season 2, Episode 10)
  • “[Trevor possessing him] It’s what you want, that’s what’s important to me.” (Season 2, Episode 10)
  • “I don’t want to do that again. I think I saw Trevor. Impressive jawline.” (Season 2, Episode 10)
Character Name: Freddie
Played by: Mike Lane
Appearing in: The Perfect Assistant, The Family Business, Ghost Hunter
Family Members:
Personality: Freddie presents himself as a highly qualified candidate to assist Sam and Jay running the B&B. He went to Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and worked for three years at the St. Regis Hotel. He cites a desire to open his own B&B as the inspiration for applying for the job, and wishing to “learn from the best”. In all outward appearances, as the title says, the perfect assistant. Good with computers, programming, organization, and cooking. He can perform any task asked of him with lightning speed and efficiency.

Freddie is a chipper, motivated young man with a driving desire to show that he’s the best.

On his first day on the job, he organizes Jay’s recipes, incorporates new business software into their computer, and even knows how to cook. He also strongly relates to Jay with his pop culture references. He starts out with an enthusiastic work ethic, offering to arrive at work early and stay late (“The Perfect Assistant“)

Beneath his can-do exterior, however, lurks depths of despair. When Sam and Jay, mistakenly believing that he was a murderer, fire him, he immediately called his mother and cried that he would only ever be fit for food delivery.

All wasn’t well after his return, either. In “The Family Business”, his relationship with his girlfriend suddenly imploded in a huge fight that was started over their water filter pitcher. However, he’d previously remarked that his girlfriend was growing irritated with him for repeatedly saying how much he loved his job (not to mention staying late!), and the Ghost that haunts his car told Sasappis that they’d been listening to a lot of podcasts about toxic relationships. So it would appear their relationship was already on the rocks.

After their breakup, Freddie falls apart completely, bemoaning losing custody of both the water filter and their hamster, rendering him incapable of doing his job.

When Sam loses patience with him and finally snaps, he sulkily quits, saying what a bad worker he is and that he doesn’t deserve to work there.

He quickly took his job back, though, and after some investigation, discovered on the security footage that the computer keys appeared to be clicking themselves!

  • “Look, I read that rave about you in Sippr last month. You’re doing something right here at Woodstone and I just want to be a part of that. And Jay, you shoot the hostage. Speed is the perfect movie and Mr. Keanu Reeves is a national treasure.”(Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Wow! What an interesting way of phrasing that! So, am I accepting the offer? You betcha.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “I’m just here to support your genius and allow you to concentrate on that beautiful crème anglaise.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Is this because of the Diet Coke I took? Jay said I could help myself.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Mom, listen. I got fired. I know it’s just been one day. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll pick up Arby’s? Because that’s what I do now, Mom, pick up food. That’s all I’m good for.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Here’s your burrito. I didn’t even want to come. I just have to keep my rating high because this is my only form of income right now. I threw in a Diet Coke so now we’re even.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “I want three of those burritos. Well, then, you guys have yourself a new-old assistant.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • re: installing a security camera above the front desk. “Well, I gotta keep myself honest.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “I’m just so happy to be part of the team. Frankly, I think my girlfriend is getting a little sick of hearing how much I love this job.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “All right, just a quick cheese plate with crackers, apples, and honeycomb. Now, what were you thinking about how I should handle the whole Brita situation?” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “Sorry I’m late, didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “I talked to Beth about the whole Brita thing, like you said to. She didn’t take it very well. It escalated into this huge fight and then she broke up with me.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • On the phone “Woodstone B&B, how May I help you? (Voice breaking) Reservation for Valentine’s Day? Are you sure you want to book that far in advance? Because sometimes, you think your relationship is perfect, but then your girlfriend dumps you and takes the Brita. (Sobbing) And now you’re alone and your water tastes weird!” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “The system isn’t supposed to allow this. It’s taking on a mind of its own like Joshua in Wargames!” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “Well, since Beth broke up with me—I didn’t tell you this but she took the hamster, she got Bubbles!” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “You’re right, I am a bad employee. I don’t deserve to work here. I quit.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “Hmm, that’s odd. The keys are clicking themselves!” (Season 2, Episode 12)
Character Name: Jessica
Played by: Nichole Sakura
Appearing in: The Perfect Assistant, The Family Business, Ghost Hunter
Family Members:
Personality: Perpetually tipsy, having died after having several mimosas with her girl friends. She shares the other ghosts’ love of smelling food. Since Freddie worked as a food delivery boy, it was a good situation for her. She also enjoys the travel opportunities that this afterlife provides her.

Jessica is very pretty, apart from the bloody head wound and glass shard from her accident, and wasted no time flirting with Sasappis. The interest proved mutual and they struck up a quick acquaintance. This relationship continues in “The Family Business“. They meet up in the car while Freddie is working to chat and eventually kiss.

Unfortunately, after she tells Sasappis about a few attractive male ghosts she knows, he becomes jealous and storms off. He later returns to apologize. She assures him that she’s not seeing anyone but him and he promises to trust her.


Jessica appears to be the most recently dead of all the Ghosts. She died in a car accident following brunch with her friends. Originally claiming that Freddie killed her in a hit-and-run and threw her body in the woods, it’s later revealed that she had been driving under the influence and hit a telephone pole. Freddie bought the car at a used car lot afterward. Her ghost power is the ability to set off the car’s alarm since the keys were in her pocket when she died. Since she died in a car accident, she remains bound to the car and a 5 foot radius.

  • “I’m a car ghost. I died in a car accident so I’m bound to this car. Well, this car and about one, two, three, four…this car and about a five foot border.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • To Sasappis, who asked if Freddie delivers pizzas. “ALL. THE. TIME!” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Sorry, I died buzzed. I was coming from a bottomless mimosa brunch with my bitches.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Well, they water the drinks down, but if you drink twice as many…” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Yeah [Freddie]’s the best. Although, um, if he’s working here, there’s something you should know. Um, he killed me.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Well, I flew through the window and he dumped my body in the woods so, yeah, I think he noticed. But I hear he types like a hundred words a minute so that’s cool for you.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Maybe we’ll still see each other if your Livings, like, order a burrito or something.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Can totally see where you guys are getting confused. See, what happened was after I was hit, I flew through the windshield and the force of the accident made Freddie’s keys fly up and land in my pocket.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • “Okay, you know what, I’m too buzzed to pull off these lies. Freddie didn’t kill me. I was driving the car, and I ran into a telephone pole, which came out of nowhere. And Freddie bought the car used a few years ago.” (Season 2, Episode 11)
  • re: what French fries were like, “Salty, crispy, totally delicious. I used to get them every night after bar close. I’d just take off my heels and walk through the drive-thru. Everyone hated that.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “Yeah, this is one of the downsides to being a car ghost is that I’m sort of at the mercy of his schedule. (over Freddie singing along with the turned up radio) AND HIS PLAYLIST!” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “In retrospect, yeah, probably should’ve taken a cab to the bottomless mimosa brunch. Well, you live and you learn. Or, at least you learn.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “Mostly it’s just me and Roger. He was a leatherhead football player back in the day. Died running into a goalpost. And he’s just absolutely ripped. He’s really funny, too.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “There’s this one other really cool ghost who haunts the mom’s house, so that’s nice. His name is Chad and he also died in a car-related incident. He was was doing a charity car wash for his firehouse, and then he got hit by a driver who got distracted by his washboard abs.” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “Are you jealous?! Okay, you know, I really don’t like this side of you. Freddie and I have been listening to podcasts about toxic relationships and I’m starting to see some signs.” (Season 2, Episode 12)

more coming soon…

The Livings from the past

Character Name: Thomas Woodstone
Played by: Daniel Rindress-Kay
Appearing in: The Family Business
Family Members: Hetty Woodstone (her mother)

Thomas Woodstone is introduced in a flashback in ‘The Family Business‘ as Hetty‘s son, when she is already dead but haunting the Woodstone Mansion. In this flashback, Thomas is sitting alone in the room, asking her mother to send a sign, as an answer as if he should marry the girl he is supposed to marry. He doesn’t hear her but she insists he shouldn’t marry her, as she is a money-grubbing harlot.

In order to help Hetty, Thorfinn uses his powers and flashes all the lights in the room. Thomas then, don’t take this sign the right way, and is convinced that his mother told him that he had should marry her.

  • “Mother, what do you think I should do? Should I marry this girl? Is she the one?” (Season 2, Episode 12)
  • “Whoa! Okay, I will marry her.” (Season 2, Episode 12)

The Ghosts

Character Name: Nigel Chessum
Played by: John Hartman
Appearing in: D&D, Thorapy, Farnsby & B, Spies
Family Members:
Personality: Nigel Chessum, a lieutenant colonel in the British Army, is one of three British Revolutionary War era ghosts who inhabit the shed on the Woodstone property. He is the consummate officer and gentleman, at once being a strong representative of His Majesty’s armed forces in the war against the colonies, but also is a romantic who enjoys reading a book of poetry. He is always most proper and dignified in his bearing and behavior. Nigel has a strong sense of justice but also has a bit of a tendency to jump to conclusions before knowing the whole story. He has a strong affection for Isaac, which he made known by inviting Isaac to stay in the shed with him — as well as share a cot — and also through his anger when he thought Isaac was carrying on with ‘bearded floozy’ Thorfinn. While appearing to passionately carry a torch for Isaac, he has been reluctant to voice his feelings for the American captain, waiting instead for Isaac to make the first move. Nigel sports a small bloody wound in the center of his chest, on his white shirt, from Isaac’s shooting of him. Indeed, it will remain to be seen if Isaac’s accidental killing of him will be a factor in their relationship of if the pair has moved forward from the unfortunate actions of 250 years ago.
History: coming soon…
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Crash
Played by: Hudson Thames
Appearing in: Pilot, Halloween, Trevor’s Pants
Family Members: coming soon…
Personality: coming soon…
History: Crash is a 1950s-era ghost who was decapitated. The character was seen in the first episode ‘Pilot‘ and briefly in the background of the fifth episode ‘Halloween‘.
  • In ‘Pilot‘, Crash is portrayed by Hudson ThamesCrash returned very briefly in the background in ‘Halloween‘, without being credited. To the delight of fans, Crash is back in ‘Trevor’s Pants‘ but it’s actor Matt Kayes who is playing the character’s body for this episode. If this name or this face means something to you, it’s normal: Matt Kayes  was already in the series once; he played one of the paramedic in ‘Alberta’s Fan‘ (screen capture 1screen capture 2).
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Elias Woodstone
Played by: Matt Walsh
Appearing in: The Vault
Family Members: coming soon…
Personality: coming soon…
History: Elias was Hetty‘s husband but also her second-cousin. It wasn’t a happy marriage as Elias has often had affairs and didn’t really care about Hetty.
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Naxasi
Played by: Gregory Zaragoza
Appearing in: Ghostwriter
Family Members: Sasappis (son), unnamed partner/spouse
Personality: Naxasi is a kind, yet cautious, man. He loves his son very much, and wants to support him, but he initially allows his experience and anxieties from that experience cloud his ability to initially be 100% on board with Sasappis wanting to be a storyteller. However, Naxasi is a supportive father, telling his son that he is not like him, that he does have the gift of storytelling and finally encourages him to proceed with his dream.
History: Naxasi appears in the the fourteenth episode ‘Ghostwriter‘ and is playing Sasappis father.

When Sasappis first told his father of his desire to be a storyteller, he was not supportive initially, stating that he was worried that his son may not have the gift of storytelling. Native people did not record their histories in writing but rather in pictures and in the memories of tribal members. Stories were often how histories were passed down through a series of trained individuals who were selected in their youth. This was a great responsibility and only reserved for those who had the gift. Naxasi said that he too wanted to be a storyteller but did not have the gift and did not want Sasappis to experience the same disappointment. He instead encouraged his son to try something safer, something that he was already skilled in, like hunting or fighting. Sasappis tells Sam that he too experienced fear of failure because he allowed his father’s fears to transfer onto him, causing him to be fearful prior to his first time telling stories at the Fall Harvest Ceremony. When Sasappis tells his father about his anxiety, Naxasi explains to him that he initially was discouraging because of his own failure at storytelling. He states that he didn’t have the gift, but that his son did and that he knew this because he watched him grow up. He then gifted his son an eagle feather representing bravery and courage to help Sasappis overcome his anxiety.

  • Naxasi is actually played by Román Zaragoza (Sasappis) real father, Gregory Zaragoza.
  • What if you don’t have the gift? I always wanted to be a storyteller, but I didn’t have the gift. I don’t want you to go through that disappointment.” (Season 1, Episode 14)
  • There’s something you need to know. That was about me, not you. I didn’t have the gift, but you do. I know because I’ve watched you your whole life.” (Season 1, Episode 14)
Character Name: Stephanie
Played by: Odessa A’zion
Appearing in: Attic Girl
Family Members:
Personality: coming soon…
History: Stephanie is a real classic ‘80s teen. This young girl who got killed on her prom night in 1987 is a ghost that lives in the attic. Because she is a teen ghost, she tends to sleep a lot so she sleeps for months on end.
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Molly
Played by: Hannah Rose May
Appearing in: Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty’s Past
Family Members:

Molly is a pretty young Irish woman who’d worked as a maid at Woodstone Mansion in life. Her husband had died working in a mill owned by Hetty and Elias. She was repeatedly taken advantage of by her employer, but she put up with it simply to keep a roof over her head and to care for her child.

She was quite happy with her afterlife, describing it as “remarkable” and “perfect all the time”, but said that she couldn’t go into greater detail or else she’d melt.

Being dead also appeared to free her tongue in regards to how she spoke to Hetty, telling her what a cruel boss she’d been, something she certainly wouldn’t have dared say to her in life. While she was trapped in the vault with Hetty and Sam, she revealed that she never seduced Elias, but rather he’d pursued her. She was delighted to hear that Hetty sent him to Hell and in turn she revealed that she’d given Elias syphilis rather than the other way around.

History: Molly, the Irish maid, has been referenced several times throughout the series as one of the many women that Hetty’s husband cheated on her with. She was the first person the ghost of Elias asked after when he was let out of the vault, and Thorfinn and Sasappis confirmed to Trevor how hot she was.

Molly had apparently led a good and fulfilled life, because she’d been sucked off after her death, but was called back against her will during a Halloween seance.

When she and Hetty see each other, they waste no time picking up exactly where they left off over a century ago. Hetty is furious that Molly had been allowed to ascend while she stayed behind, despite Molly being “the adulterer” and Hetty having remained faithful.

Molly is no happier to be faced with her old employer.

In order to get them to talk to each other about their problems, Sam takes Flower’s advice to lock them in a room together until they can sort themselves out. The only room they can to that in is the vault, built out of a material impenetrable by Ghosts. Unfortunately, Flower accidentally locks Sam in with them, endangering her life in the process!

Now all locked in together, they have no choice but to actually talk things through. Molly reveals to an incredulous Hetty that she wasn’t Elias’s seductress, rather that he’d pursued her against her will, but she felt like she couldn’t refuse and still keep her job. As a young widow with a child to take care of, she didn’t have many options in life. These revelations helped Hetty soften toward her as they drew on their common ground: hating Elias! Hetty bragged that she’d sent her husband to Hell, while Molly replied that she’d given him syphilis! The two gleefully bonded over this.

The two women finally get closure and Molly is sucked off again at Sam and Jay’s reverse seance.

Trivia: coming soon…
  • What the Hades?? (Season 2, Episode)
  • No, I’d like to leave and go back to the place where everything’s perfect all the time. (Season 2, Episode)
  • I may have been a harlot, but what about you? You were a cruel and vindictive boss! (Season 2, Episode)
  • You think I seduced him?! Well, he perused me! I wasn’t interested, but I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything! (Season 2, Episode)
  • I gave him syphilis! (Season 2, Episode)
Character Name: Bjorn
Played by: Christian Jadah
Appearing in: The Baby Bjorn, The Perfect Assistant
Family Members: Thorfinn (father), Alma (wife), Magnus (his children), Inger (his children), Lars (his children)

Bjorn is a Viking ghost, dressed in leather and animal pelts like his father. Also like his father, beneath Bjorn’s rough and forbidding exterior is a good and loving soul. Originally incredulous about why Sam could see and talk to him, he seemed eager to tell her his story to pass along to his long-lost father. He had made the long journey to find out what happened when he never came home. Bjorn even kept Thorfinn’s parting gift that he gave him as a child, a keen dagger and leather sheath.

Growing up without his father’s influence, he was never taught to hate Danes, and so married a Danish girl, Alma.

Across all the obstacles that separate them, Bjorn wanted nothing more but to see his father again and tell him he loved him.

History: Bjorn is Thorfinn’s son, and was only a year old when he left. In the years after Thor’s disappearance, Bjorn grew up, married, and had three children. He then decided to journey forth to find out what happened to his father. He reached the Hudson Valley, eventually died and became a ghost attached to the Farnsby property, two doors down (or two ship lengths) from Woodstone Mansion. In all that time, the two Vikings remained completely unaware of each other’s presence. How they could not see or hear each other before the houses were built is a mystery. As is what Bjorn’s first kill was and whether or not he likes to eat ram’s testicles.

Much to Thorfinn’s dismay, it’s revealed that Bjorn married a Dane, the sworn enemy of their people, and gave his three children Danish names in turn. Despite what was originally perceived as an act of great betrayal, father and son shouted their love for each other across the property lines that separate them.

Trivia: coming soon…
  • “In Odin’s name, how can you see me?!” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “I’m Bjorn. I’m from the land of Norvegr. I died on this property many, many moons ago.” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “(re: Thorfinn) Big man? Beard? Abandoned by shipmates? It is he who I came looking for. You see, I am his son.” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “Hello! Bjorn is here! It is Bjorn! Tell him I’m very excited!” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “Hello! Father? Are you still there? What did you want to say? I love you, too! (gleefully) Yes! Yes, great talk!” (Season 2, Episode 6)

The Basement Ghosts

In addition to the main ghosts, the Woodstone Mansion have a special group of ghosts who died of cholera and who occupy the basement. The total number is uncertain, but here’s a list of the credited basement ghosts.

Character Name: Nancy
Played by: Betsy Sodaro
Appearing in: Sam’s Mom, Jay’s Sister, Farnsby & B, Spies
Family Members:
Personality: Nancy is a ghost of a boisterous woman from Albany, NY, who died from Cholera and currently haunts the Woodstone Mansion basement. Brash and unapologetic, Nancy isn’t afraid to speak her mind and challenge those around her. Upon her debut, Nancy chooses to help Pete, albeit for selfish reasons as is excited to get out of the basement and enjoy her afterlife. Understanding Pete’s selfless nature, she takes advantage of it for her own gain. She often talks over him or for him, and uses cunning to get what she wants. She thinks quickly on her feet and maintains a colorful, albeit, irreverent sense of humor, which is evident in the many stories she likes to tell. Nancy enjoys a good sex joke and tells them quite often, mainly at Pete’s expense. By the end of her short stay upstairs, she has taught Pete how to advocate for himself.

Not much is known about Nancy’s living history. Originally from Albany, NY, she was a victim of Cholera and based on the time of the Cholera pandemic in the mid-1800s, she probably lived sometime in the 19th century. After she got sick, she was put inside a pest house, which was meant to quarantine those who become ill with communicable diseases. Nancy is introduced in “Sam’s Mom.” After Sam and Jay leave for Ohio and neglect to leave the remote control within the Ghosts’ reach, Sasappis accidentally reveals that Pete has a thing for Alberta. Pete panics and tells everyone that he has a girlfriend who lives in the basement. To stick with this lie, Pete goes downstairs to ask for any volunteers to play his girlfriend. While the other Ghosts bemoan being upstairs, claiming that the Ghosts up there are mean and rude and that the space is too light and airy, Nancy cheerfully volunteers, telling the other Cholera Ghosts hosts that she does not want to spend eternity depressed, and standing around in a dark, dismal basement and the only conversation among them revolves around the water heater. She makes it clear that while she will help him, she is in no way attracted to Pete. Once she is introduced to the other ghosts upstairs, she creates an outlandish story of how they met and tells everyone how they had been sneaking around for so long. When Pete tries to take her back downstairs, Nancy refuses telling him that she wants to stay upstairs and that he had better get used to her, which at first sounds menacing. As Nancy gets to know the other ghosts, telling them wild, but untrue, stories about her and Pete, Alberta confesses that she wishes she could’ve been treated as well in life as Pete assumably treats Nancy in the afterlife. When Sam comes home, she meets Nancy whom Pete introduces as his girlfriend who stays in his room and states sadly that they are inseparable.

At the beginning of the next episode, “Jay’s Sister,” Nancy wakes up in Pete’s bed, exclaiming how wonderful it was to sleep in a bed. Pete is laying uncomfortably on the floor next to the bed, stating that he could’ve used a pillow. He gets up, obviously sore from sleeping on the floor, and asks Nancy to rub a knot out of his shoulder. She immediately refuses, reminding him that this is a fake relationship and she will not be touching any of his man parts, inclusive of his shoulders. When Pete volunteers to allow Jay’s sister, Bela, who is visiting from out of town, to stay in his room, Nancy gets mad at him and calls him a pushover. Just having gotten used to sleeping on a proper bed, Nancy is determined to keep her newfound comfortable after-lifestyle at all costs and bullies Pete into demanding that one of the other ghosts give up their room instead. She tells him that he shouldn’t always be the one to sacrifice for the sake of the greater good and tells him that if he doesn’t get “their” room back, she will tell everyone their relationship is fake and that he likes Alberta. With Nancy’s support and help, a nervous Pete tells the other Ghosts that he does not want to sleep in the moldy room and asks for one of the other ghosts to take it instead, claiming that it’s time for him to get what he wants for once. However, upon seeing his friends fighting over who will take the moldy room, he becomes concerned which then frustrates Nancy. She claims that he is about to once again give in and let the others get their way. He then tells her that he compromises so that he can model how to be a good friend to other ghosts, as he does not like to see anyone fight. This is not satisfactory to Nancy, as she continues to nag and push him.

Finally, Pete loses his temper with Nancy and breaks up with her, stating that he is done listening to her and tired of her bullying. To his surprise, Nancy is not at all upset but is impressed by his new-found bravado, announces that she is going back down to the basement due to breaking up with her real boyfriend, and tells Pete how proud she is of him for standing his ground.

  • Nancy claims that another pit ghost, Stuart, gave her Cholera. However, according to the New York State Department of Health, cholera “is spread by eating or drinking food or water contaminated by the feces (poop) of an infected person. This occurs more often in underdeveloped countries lacking proper water supplies and sewage disposal. It is not likely that cholera is spread directly from one person to another.” So while it’s likely that maybe they ate the same contaminated meal or that maybe he served her contaminated food, it’s less likely he gave her the disease.
  • “I am not your kind! I want a better afterlife than this. All you people do is stand around, talking about the water heater… it’s boring!” (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • “Oh no. Do not tell me to calm down! You gave me cholera, Stuart!” (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • “Now listen up, I will help you out but let’s be clear there is nothing happening here, sexually.” (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • “Well originally from Albany but then I got sick and they threw me in the pest house they told us was some sort of recovery ward but then they nailed the door shut…that was not a good sign.” (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • “He loves the water heater. He could go on for hours, talking calibration, combustion, and um corrosion, and deliming.” (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • “Actually, yeah, I thought I might just maybe stay up here. I mean we might as well stop sneaking around, baby! I spend every night in Pete’s room. It’s out there in the open. I feel relieved everyone can know!” (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • “Sometimes, when we’re doin it, I’ll get on his back like a horse and I’ll steer him around by his arrow.” (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • “Wow! I can’t believe you sleep in a bed every night! A girl can really get used to this pillow business.” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “Hey, hey hey, you know the rules! This is a fake relationship, so I am not rubbing any of your man parts.” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “Oh okay, okay… too good to be a butler! You know when I was alive, women couldn’t even be butlers. You could be a wench, a midwife, or a whore!” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “So you just gave away our pillow palace to some rando sister?… Face it Pete, you’re a pushover. You didn’t give in on one thing, you give in on everything. You told me yourself you never get to pick the movie on movie night. And you’re always the caboose on the massage train. Why can’t it be a circle? That way, everyone gets their man parts rubbed. You start standing up for yourself and get our room back or I will tell everyone that our relationship is fake and that you have a huge crush on Alberta!” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “That’s B.S. You’re just scared of someone not liking you, ya wimp.” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “I’m going back down to the basement cause I just broke up with my very real boyfriend, and also cause you all suck, and I rather be with the cholera pit people! (Quietly to Pete) Proud of you, Petey.” (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • “Pine? Are you some kind of idiot, Stuart? Look at the grain.” (Season 1, Episode 18)
  • “Hey guys! Listen, you guys gotta do something about your boy, Thor. He’s totally depressed and he’s bumming out the whole basement. And we like to keep it light down there… He moved down there after Pantaloons here told him to get lost because his British boy toy doesn’t want Thor around.” (Season 2, Episode 1)
Character Name: Cholera Victim Creepy Dirk
Played by: Arthur Holden
Appearing in: Hello, Viking Funeral, Sam’s Mom, Farnsby & B, Spies
Family Members: coming soon…
Personality: coming soon…
History: coming soon…
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Cholera Victim Stuart
Played by: Stuart Fink
Appearing in: Hello, Viking Funeral, Sam’s Mom, Farnsby & B
Family Members: coming soon…
Personality: coming soon…
History: coming soon…
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Cholera Victim Cody
Played by: Cody Crain
Appearing in: Hello, Viking Funeral
Family Members: coming soon…
Personality: coming soon…
History: coming soon…
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Cholera Victim Catherine
Played by: Cat Lemieux
Appearing in:  Hello, Viking Funeral
Family Members: coming soon…
Personality: coming soon…
History: coming soon…
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…
Character Name: Cholera Victim Nigel
Played by: Nigel Downer
Appearing in: Hello, Viking Funeral, Sam’s Mom, Farnsby & B
Family Members: coming soon…
Personality: coming soon…
History: coming soon…
Trivia: coming soon…
Quotes: coming soon…