1.16 - Trevor's Pants

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 16
Episode Title: Trevor’s Pants
Air Date: March 31, 2022
Written By:  Kira Kalush, Talia Bernstein
Directed By: Trent O’Donnell
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: Robert Bazzocchi, Blair Penner, Rob Huebel, Brian Cook, Julius Cho, Matt Keyes
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Episode Summary

The episode begins with a flashback to November 2000, Trevor and his buddies (Ari, Pinkus, Chet and David) work in the New York financial district. He is displaying his new suit to them, which was made by a tailor recommended by David. The guys are laughing and joking in stereotypical frat boy style. Ari tells Pinkus, the summer associate, to hand him his briefcase and to open it. Inside Pinkus finds a Chekhov Chill. It’s the custom of the group that whenever one of them finds a Chekhov Chill, likely a fictional vodka, that was hidden by another, they have to get down on one knee and chug the bottle while the rest of them chant, “Chug, chug, chug!Ari says “You just got chilled!Pinkus chugs down the bottle to much cheering.

Ari has an exciting announcement to make: it’s a celebratory bottle and next week Pinkus will be promoted to a full team member. The group will be taking Pinkus to the Woodstone Mansion, which is owned by David‘s family, to celebrate.

Back in the present, Jay is on the phone with a jeweler, he’s found a possible buyer for the vintage watch they found on Hetty’s dead robber baron husband’s body in ‘The Vault’. Jay tells Sam he thinks they can get enough money to clear all their debt. The buyer is coming to see the watch that afternoon. Trevor tells Sam and Jay that they seem desperate for that money. However, Jay is confident in his abilities as a master negotiator.

Thor, Pete and Sam are looking for something to watch on TV. Pete suggests a romantic comedy but Thor says he hates love. Sam explains that Thor had an emotional therapy session recently and a lot of things came up about his feelings for Flower. The therapist thinks Thor should express his feelings to Flower, telling her how he really feels. Sam agrees but Thor is scared, and asks “Can love ever really work out between a hippie and a Viking?”

The interested buyer for the watch arrives and introduces himself as Ari. He tells them that he has actually been to this Mansion before, the Ghosts think he does look familiar. Trevor walks in and sees that the buyer is Ari Cantor, his work bro.

Ari explains that he knew David Woodstone, whose parents were the owners of the mansion. Hetty responds that was her great-great-great-grandson that was kind of a louse. Sam adds that David was her uncle, she didn’t really know him but, his mom was her Great-aunt Sophie, from whom she inherited the Mansion. Ari reminisces about his memories of the place, and Jay, attempting to act casual and cool about his watch, offers to give him a tour of the mansion.

Unless of course he wants to see the watch first. Ari, who knows how to negotiate, says not yet. Jay, clearly a bad negotiator, says, sure, this watch thing isn’t a big deal at all. They leave to explore the Mansion. Sam asks Trevor about Ari. Trevor, excited to see Ari again, explains that he was “like his best friend” and, that he was there the night he died. Sam asks, “Okay, how did you die, and why aren’t you wearing any pants?Trevor says, “I thought you’d never ask.Trevor begins to tell his story. The guys were partying and Trevor tried to hide a Chekhov Chill for Ari to find but he fails and has to chug the bottle himself. David suggests to Pinkus that he should also get a buzz going to keep himself warm during the “run of fun.” Trevor thinks the run of fun is humiliating and that instead of hazing, they should just party. Ari reminds him that hazing is to prove loyalty. They all went through it, and to question it is to break the “bro code.Ari asks Trevor if he’s breaking the bro code. Trevor hesitates, “Psych!Pinkus is running. David opens Woodstone’s secret drug drawer announcing, “The game is pill roulette.” You pick a color and take one and see what happens. Trevor wants a green one for T-Money but there isn’t one so he grabs both a blue and yellow pill to make green. Trevor says he was a total legend. Hetty adds “For two hours until your heart exploded.Trevor explains to Sam that after the post-drug cocktail, and before he died, he had sex with the hot limo driver.

When Sam asks if he died while having sex, Trevor clarifies that it was approximately 15 minutes after. He explains that they were planning to have sex again, that’s why his pants were still off. Sasappis remains silent and shakes is head.

Meanwhile, Thor is talking with Flower in a different room. He reminds her that when everyone thought he was about to be “sucked off,” she said that she loved him. However, when he didn’t go, she said “never mind”. Thor asks if there was any truth to what she said. Flower replied that there was, but she has intimacy issues and her previous relationship only worked because there was always a third person involved. It was that buffer that kept things from getting too intense. Thor suggests that maybe they should get a buffer too. Flower is intrigued, but isn’t sure who could be the third in their relationship.

Ari, looking at the watch, says that although it’s rare, the condition isn’t great. Trevor doesn’t care about the watch, he tells Sam that he wants to hear about the old days. Sam asks Ari if there was a Trevor Lefkowitz in his group when he was hanging out with her uncle David. Ari, startled, replies “It’s hard to say. I knew a lot of Trevors”. Trevor not sure what’s up, says they were bros. Sam asks AriAre you sure about that?” because her uncle did bring up Trevor’s name quite a bit. Ari said that he thought Sam said she didn’t know her uncle David very well… Trevor and the Ghosts are confused.

Isaac tells TrevorSurely, he must remember the night that you died.Jay, oblivious to the Ghosts drama, is trying to see what Ari is saying about imperfections in the watch. Trevor, still trying to figure out what’s going on with Ari, asks Sam to find out more about the night he died. Sam asks about a celebration at the Mansion for Pinkus’s promotion that her Uncle David had mentioned to her in one of their “few chats.Jay wants to get back to the watch and Ari, shaken by Sam‘s questions about the night that Trevor died, jumps at the chance to change topics. Ari excuses himself saying that he has to make a phone call. Jay tells Sam that she’s blowing his negotiations for the watch so Sam briefly explains to Jay what’s going on. Trevor and the Ghosts try to figure out what is up with Ari.

Flower and Thor are interviewing the Ghosts to be in their “throuple”. The Ghosts are puzzled by the strange questions being asked to them, for instance, how hairy their body is. As they begin to understand the purpose behind the questions, each of them declines and quickly leaves.

Hetty and Alberta go to the kitchen and listen to Ari’s phone call. He’s saying that he’s afraid he’s being blackmailed and that maybe one of the guys snitched. He’s worried after his conversation with Sam and wishes he had some drugs to calm down. Ari remembers the Mansion drug drawer and wonders if cocaine would still be good. Alberta and Hetty then tell Trevor what Ari said on the phone but he’s still confused. Sasappis tells TrevorBecause there’s something you don’t know about that night. None of you do. Ari betrayed you, Trevor. He’s the one that broke the bro code.Isaac gasps, but no one else does, and says “Oh, come on. That was gasp-worthy. There’s something wrong with you people.

Sasappis tells Trevor that there’s something he never told him. They flashback to the time that Trevor died. He had fallen to the floor dead, and when he stood up, he was confused upon seeing the Ghosts. They try to explain to him that he is dead, and take Trevor to have a welcoming ceremony. Enjoying watching his friends panic upon realizing that Trevor is dead, Sass stays behind to watch. They were scared and didn’t know what to do. They can’t call 911, they had taken a lot of drugs. They decide to call their dads and after talking to them, decide to hide Trevor’s body in the lake. The Ghosts are appalled that they didn’t even try to help Trevor but, he defends them saying they were kids, and they were scared. The Ghosts disagree but he insists that he would have done the same thing. Sass can’t stay quiet anymore. “No, you wouldn’t have, and you know that you wouldn’t have, ‘cause you were different from them.Trevor replies, “How do you know?”, “Because I know the story of how you really lost your pants.Isaac gasps but is disappointed to be the only gasper yet again.

Flower and Thor decide that Pete would be a perfect third, but when he learns what he’d be perfect for, he leaves wishing them luck.

Trevor tries to stop Sasappis from telling the true story of his pants, but he continues. Trevor never had sex with the limo driver. Pinkus was ready for his initiation requirement “the run of fun.” He has to make it back to the city somehow, wearing only a T-shirt, socks and shoes. Trevor, feeling bad for Pinkus, follows him into the kitchen. Sasappis comes in the room unseen. Trevor tells him that he doesn’t have to do this unless he wants to, but Pinkus really wants the promotion. Trevor gives him his money clip so he can take a cab. Remembering that a cab won’t pick him up wearing only a T-shirt, he takes off his pants and gives them to him. Trevor hesitates, then takes off his boxers and hands them to him as well so the “boys won’t rub up against the new pants.” He tells him not to tell anyone that he helped him. Pinkus is grateful and leaves as Trevor goes back to the guys saying, “Guess who just had sex with the hot limo driver,” to explain his missing pants.

The Ghosts are shocked to hear that Trevor is a good guy, but he says a little less shock would be nice. He turns to Sasappis and asks why he never called him out about the limo driver. He replied, “Because I knew why you lied. Helping Pinkus meant breaking the bro code that you lived by, and I know that was important to you.Trevor, seeing these things in a different light, can’t believe the guys would do this. Alberta suggests they take them down, that Sam can help them ruin their lives. Trevor knows that won’t make him feel better, those guys and that job were his world. He wonders if he ever had any bros at all and maybe his whole life was a lie. He walks out, upset. Sam and the Ghosts talk about how they can make Trevor feel better. Sass has a plan.

Jay, still trying to negotiate with Ari, while trying not to look desperate, is failing. Ari is much too worried about what Sam knows to care about the watch now, but Jay offers him an 80% cost reduction that Ari ignores. Sam comes in and tells Ari she was just walking down by the lake. Ari’s eyes get big, claiming that he wasn’t aware they had a lake and leaves the room.

Flower tells Thor that she knew he was nervous about getting a third but she isn’t ready for a relationship of only the two of them. She thought maybe they could use Crash’s body, the decapitated motorcycle accident victim. Thor is not comfortable and tells her that he can wait until Flower is ready to be with him. “I’ve been here a thousand years. Only met you 50 years ago. Blink of an eye. So we can wait till moment is right.Flower says it might be a long time but Thor tells her, “Thor think that maybe Flower worth the wait.

Ari, pacing in front of the drug drawer is very nervous that someone knows that they hid Trevor’s body. The Ghosts are there waiting for Trevor. Hetty and Isaac tell him that he thought he didn’t have any bros but he does. They are his bros. Trevor, curious, walks over to watch Ari as he is heading to the drug drawer. Ari opens it to find a Chekov Chill and a note: I know what you did, T-Money, Trevor‘s nickname. Ari is horrified and drops the note. Trevor is touched that the Ghosts did this for him. Smiling, he walks up to Ari and says “Ari Cantor, I’ve waited 20 years to say this to you…you just got chilled, BOOM!” the Ghosts all celebrate.

Sam and Jay walk in and Sam asks if everything is ok. Ari, really scared now, tells them that he doesn’t know what kind of sick game this is but he’ll pay double the asking price for the watch if they agree to never speak of this again. Jay, not knowing what’s going on with Trevor, says “Deal! No take backs.Jay, thinking he did a great job negotiating the deal tells Sam that he told her he’d handle this. Sam, seeing, Ari holding the bottle asks, “Ari, isn’t that a Chekhov Chill? When you find one of those, aren’t you supposed to do something with it?Ari objects but Sam tells him that she doesn’t “make the rules…bro.Ari gets down on his knee with Trevor standing over him chanting, “Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug” and everyone joins in the chant as Ari chugs the bottle down. Jay looks mystified at what the heck is going on, but he chants anyway. Trevor is so happy that he hugs his true bros, the Ghosts.

Episode Quotes

  • “Remember the vintage watch we took off the corpse of Hetty’s dead robber baron husband?” – Sam
  • “How exciting do you think our afterlives are that we wouldn’t remember that?” – Isaac
  • “What is that smell? Oh, yeah, desperation. Listen to me, the most important bargaining chip you have is the ability to walk away.” – Trevor
  • “A lot come up. Thor discuss feelings about Flower.” “Can it ever really work out between a hippie and a Viking?” – Thorfinn
  • “Ari and I worked together. He was in my crew. We were, like, best friends.” – Trevor
  • “Okay, how did you die, and why aren’t you wearing any pants?” – Sam
  • “All right. I thought you’d never ask. It was the year 2000. Y2K was behind us, mad cow was Europe’s problem, and the future was bright.” – Trevor
  • “Well, post-drug cocktail, pre-death, I had sex with the hot limo driver. Does a boxer put his robe back on between rounds one and two? Come on, Sam.” – Trevor
  • “So you only want Thor if Thor not here?” – Thorfinn
  • “Well, Ira and I only worked because it was never just us. We always had a third.” – Flower
  • “Hamilton pretended to not know me at a party once. And then “got my name wrong” several times over the years after that. Classic archrival shenanigans.” – Isaac
  • “My strong suits? Well, I’m can-do. Selfless. I tend to put other people’s desires and needs before my own. Oh, and I have excellent hand-eye coordination.” – Pete
  • “Because there’s something you don’t know about that night. None of you do. Ari betrayed you, Trevor. What did he do? He’s the one who broke the bro code.” – Sasappis
  • “( gasps ) Oh, come on. That was gasp-worthy. There’s something wrong with you people.” – Isaac
  • “Look, truth be told, uh, now that I’m fully up to speed on what you guys say I have won, I’m not really sure I want the position.” – Pete
  • “Oh, well, we can do any position you want.” – Flower
  • “Wait. Take my boxers. I don’t want your boys rubbing up against my new suit.” – Trevor
  • “And are you sure Trevor didn’t, like, put hot sauce in the man’s pants to burn the guy’s wiener?” – Alberta
  • “That job, those guys, that was my world. Maybe I never had any bros at all. Maybe my whole life was a lie.” – Trevor
  • “No, he said he didn’t want to ruin their lives. But I have another idea to get revenge. And it is super douchey, so he’s gonna love it.” – Sasappis
  • “Ari Cantor, I’ve waited 20 years to say this to you. You just got chilled. Boom!” – Trevor
  • “Say, Ari, is that a Chekhov Chill? When you find one of those, aren’t you supposed to do something with it?” – Sam