Trevor Lefkowitz

The most-recently dead, Trevor a.k.a. T-Money, is a pants-less finance bro from the year 2000 who seems like a creep, but hints at a more tender side. The only ghost who can touch objects in the physical world, which he has used to join a dating app and (accidentally) catfish Jay’s sister.

Played by: Asher Grodman
Family members: Lenny Lefkowitz (his father), Esther Lefkowitz (his mother)
Abilities: Financial advisor, computer usage, use of social media.
Ghostly Ability: Can move small objects with tremendous efforts; can text, make posts to Facebook and use iPads
Occupation in life: Financial advisor, Lehman Brothers
Cause of Death: Fatal heart attack from consumption of alcohol or mixture of drugs; body dumped in nearby lake.


Trevor Lefkowitz is the embodiment of the free-spending, free-wheeling, wealthy and carefree lifestyle of the 1990s. Part financial advisor, part frat boy, Trevor loves to brag about the many parties he attended, along with telling stories of hobnobbing with celebrities and of his many sexual exploits. Self-assured and confident, Trevor seems to have not made the wisest of financial choices, as many of his selected companies, including Lehman Brothers, went bankrupt after his death.

While being the most recently deceased ghost, Trevor is modern and relatively computer literate, but this has not won him the respect of ghosts with more seniority, like Hetty or Issac. He is known for his signature hand gestures of a capital T when he achieves a personal victory or success. Interestingly, in spite of his self-centered ways, Trevor shows compassion for, and an interest in, ‘livings.’ As soon as he discovers a dating app, Trevor demonstrates great tenacity and perseverance in learning how to use an iPad, create his own dating profile, and communicate with a potential love interest. Later, with empathy and genuine affection, he releases Bela once he is revealed to be the one behind the dating profile, revealing Trevor to have a tender, romantic side beneath his cocky, finance bro exterior.

Surprising to many within the Woodstone Mansion, it was revealed in ‘Trevor’s Pants,’ that there is more depth and strength to Trevor’s character than what had previously been known. While alive, Trevor secretly offered assistance to a hazed co-worker (of which Sasappis witnessed but kept secret for over 20 years). As a ghost, Trevor did not wish to ruin his fellow colleagues lives, despite their own hazing of him and their betrayal of the ‘bro code’ code of conduct that they all claimed to live by. These revelations established Trevor as a ghost with a strong sense of integrity and gave him a new faith in, and love for, his ghostly family.


Trevor, also known as “T-Money,” has some of the least known history of all the ghosts in the mansion. His cause of death, and missing pants, create much speculation. What is known about Trevor is prior to his death, he was a wealthy ‘finance bro’ who worked for Lehman Brothers on Wall Street in the mid to late 1990s. He either died in in the late 1990s or in 2000 or 2001, on the grounds of the Woodstone Mansion, most likely at a party.

As a ghost, Trevor leads an existence where he has memories of his career and parties to sustain him as he deals with being the most recently deceased ghost on the property. When living couple Jay and Sam Arondekar move into the mansion, Trevor becomes excited to be in the home with an active young couple until the couple’s plans for a hotel are revealed (“Pilot”). He is the first to bring up the idea of haunting them into leaving (“Pilot”). As a ghost, Trevor has the ability to move small objects, like cups and computer keys, with great and painful effort. It was his successfully dropped vase which caused Sam to trip and become injured, allowing her to see the spirits in their new home (“Hello”).

Trevor’s relationship with the ghosts is friendly but complicated. He admires Thorfinn’s wild Viking ways but is often treated with disrespect by Hetty (“Dinner Party,” “The Vault”). Since he is the closest to Jay and Sam generationally, he also relates to them in a way the other ghosts cannot (“Jay’s Sister”).

For all the bragging of his parties and partners, Trevor also shows an interest in livings and in still finding connection and love. His greatest act while a ghost seems to be the creation of his own dating profile (“Jay’s Sister”). Using observation of Jay, Sam and others, Trevor leaned how to use apps, the iPad and the modern internet, to create his own dating profile and begin communicating with women. When it is revealed that he has been communicating with Jay’s sister Bela, and his identify is revealed, Trevor compassionately releases her to find love with another (“Jay’s Sister”).

In “Trevor’s Pants“, the cause of Trevor’s death, and the loss of his pants, are finally revealed. The story comes to light when a man named Ari Cantor visits the Woodstone Mansion to discuss purchasing Elias Woodstone’s antique pocket watch. Trevor is excited to see his former ‘bro’ and presses Sam to ask Ari about his recollections of working with Trevor. From there, the mystery, and lies, justifyed around Trevor’s death, begin to unravel. Trevor tells his fellow ghostly residents of how he, along with Ari Cantor and David Woodstone, traveled to the Woodstone estate in late 2000. Their promotion party at the mansion consisted of hazing, drinking and ‘drug roulette.’ During the course of the night’s events, Trevor consumes two unknown pills and an entire bottle of Chekhov Chill vodka. Two hours later, he would die from drug-induced cardiac arrest.

While Trevor is forthcoming on this version of events, he maintains he lost his pants due to having sex with the limo driver. But Sasappis reveals to the other ghosts that Trevor actually lost his pants by giving them to a young work associate, who was being forced to participate in a cruel hazing rite without his clothes. Trevor secretly gives the young man his pants, boxer shorts and money. Sasappis also reveals that upon Trevor’s death, his fellow colleagues covered up the death by disposing of Trevor’s body in the nearby lake. Trevor realized he has been betrayed by the men he trusted.

After this revelation, Sasappis and the other ghosts successfully hatch a plan to put Ari on notice that they know of what he and the others did to Trevor; this compels Ari to give Sam and Jay twice the asking amount for the watch, as well as consume a bottle of Chekhov Chiller as he had forced his colleagues do. The actions on the part of the ghosts and Sam finally show Trevor what a loved member of the Woodstone Mansion he truly is amongst his ghostly, and living, family.

Viewers of the show have gotten to see Trevor begin to grow more as a character, in his personality, history and in his relationship with the other characters, with the episodes of Season 2. As guests began visiting the B&B, Trevor acted as a true ghost — spying with the others for Sam in order to give her insight to their guests’ perspectives (and complaints) in ‘Spies,’ watching Todd as he combed through Alberta’s diary in ‘Alberta’s Podcast’ and discovering the duplicitous nature of the cult which made up ‘Jay’s Friends.’ His friendship with his fellow ghosts has evolved as well.

In ‘The Tree,’ Trevor gave advice, and provided research acquired from Sam’s laptop, to aide Thorfinn on how to win Flower’s heart. And in ‘The Liquor License,’ while at first competitive with Isaac in their creation of dual ‘ghost fraternities,’ Trevor demonstrated acceptance, inclusion and understanding of a Isaac, feeling rejection from his living days.

Trevor has also leaned into his promiscuous ways, attempting to make romantic in-roads with Molly, Hetty’s despised Irish maid, who temporarily returned to the Woodstone through a séance (‘Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty’s Past’). And in ‘The Christmas Spirit, Part One’ and ‘The Christmas Spirit, Part Two,Trevor attempted to rekindle his relationship with Bela through her visiting friend, and later in the episode, established a steamy, multi-episode affair with Hetty, which they both sought to deflect but was eventually discovered by Nancy and Nigel (‘Isaac’s Book’). Additionally, Trevor has further developed his computer skills in his ghostly state, looking up information on environmental causes for Thorfinn (‘The Tree’) and posting the ‘acceptance’ of Sam’s book on Facebook (‘Isaac’s Book’).

Trevor’s most significant episode of Season 2 would be ‘Trevor’s Body.’ As the name would imply, Trevor’s remains are recovered from the pond where his best friends disposed of his body, at the same time his divorced parents visit the Woodstone. Trevor has to come to terms with the fact with the unpleasant news about this divorce, while Sam and Jay hold a memorial service for him at the Woodstone. In a pleasant turn of events, Trevor’s idol from his living days, Tara Reid, makes a memorable appearance at the service where she speaks to those gathered — but Sam has to intervene to keep Tara from suffering the same injury with the vase that Sam sustained — Trevor’s clever plan to get to meet Tara is averted.
As Season 2 continued, so did Trevor’s relationship with Hetty, and this was something that Hetty sought to conceal from the others. When Trevor refrained from making the same type of sexist comments towards Sam as he did in the past, Hetty encouraged him to continue with them, as not to give the appearance of something going on between the unlikely pair (‘Isaac’s Book’). When not with Hetty, Trevor preoccupied himself in the kitchen watching Jay cook, while trying to keep Flower from being walked through one too many times by Jay (‘Weekend from Hell’). Trevor later discovers that Hetty, who is striving to keep her relationship secret from the others to prevent Nigel from blackmailing her, may actually be embarrassed of her relationship with him, he breaks things off with her and switches rooms with Nigel, as he doesn’t want to be a source of shame to Hetty (‘Alberta’s Descendant’). Once Hetty comes forward with the news of her relationship with Trevor to the others, they are back on, even double-dating with Isaac and Nigel (‘Woodstone’s Hottest Couple’), while Hetty tells of her shame in Trevor to Isaac and Nigel, an argument ensues between Trevor and Hetty, leading the other ghosts to think the two have split, when in actually, it’s a ruse to allow them to become intimate again apart from from the attention of others (‘Woodstone’s Hottest Couple’).
As Season 2 draws to a close, Trevor, along with Flower and Pete, get caught up in the infamous ‘Nigerian prince email scam (‘Whodunit’); later, he provides some critical insight for both Sam and Jay (regarding his colleague David Woodstone) and to Isaac (on relationships) (‘The Heir’). At the end of the episode, when Sam observes that someone in the house may have been sucked off, Jay states that he hopes it was Trevor.


Dark-haired and handsome, between the ages of 30-35, Trevor is one of the most unusually dressed ghosts at the Woodstone mansion — he is a ghost who wears no slacks or underwear. Aside from the missing pants, he is dressed in the dark gray suit jacket and button down blue shirt and tie common for those working in white collar, office jobs. He also wears dress shoes and blue-black argyle socks.


  • Trevor is a combination of Julian and Thomas from the BBC ‘Ghosts’ series.
  • Trevor is Jewish based on multiple statements Trevor has made of Jewish holidays and other events.
  • Trevor was born on Long Island, New York.
  • Trevor attended the University of Pennsylvania.
  • He is the most recently deceased ghost at the Woodstone, being born in 1968 (‘Trevor’s Body’).
  • Stephanie, the Ghost of a teen who died in 1987 was born the same year as Trevor, but he won’t allow her to pursue a relationship with him as she died as a teen and he regards her as such.
  • Trevor maintains a strong crush on actress Tara Reid, and was thrilled to have her at his memorial in ‘Trevor’s Body.’
  • Trevor has become a person that many of the ghosts have been going to for relationship advice.
  • Trevor pushed a pen into the trash can in front of B&B inn manager Freddie, at Sass’ urging.
  • Trevor is a fan of the New York Giants (‘Dumb Deaths’).
  • Trevor routinely positively recommends or mentions things and people that have fallen out of favor since his death (such as Blockbuster, Enron and Bernie Madoff).
  • Asher was the first person to audition for Trevor. Trent O’Donnell wrote in Asher’s audition notes, “Oh, he’s great. You’ll never get it,” since the first people to audition rarely get the role. However, Asher left enough of a good impression to secure the part of Trevor! (Source)
  • To research for the part of Trevor, Asher watched a lot of ‘90s movies. (Source)
  • His portrayal of Trevor was influenced in part by guys he hung out with in college. A lot of these guys went into finance and came from a “similar world of mindset to Trevor,” thus serving as inspiration (Source)


  • ’’God, I hate being the most recently dead.’’ (Season 1, Episode 1)
  • "Leave him, kill yourself, become a ghost and get with me. But let’s keep it casual.’’ (Season 1, Episode 2)
  • "And I’d like to know how all my stocks performed after I died. My big three were Circuit City, Enron and Blockbuster.’’ (Season 1, Episode 3)
  • "We spend our days complaining about how Halloween makes us out to be evil, and movies paint us to be the villains. But if we let some kids take the fall for something we did then aren’t we exactly what they say we are? And don’t we deserve to be busted?’‘ (Season 1, Episode 5)
  • "Jay put the remote away. I mean, a button I can do but a handle on a drawer? I-I’m only human.’’ (Season 1, Episode 11)
  • "I talk a big game, but the truth is, I really did want to find someone to spend my life with, and I didn’t. Life is way too short. I used to think that was a dumb thing that people said but it’s really true. Go find yourself someone who’s as incredible as you. Because that’s what you deserve. Also, please send nudes.’’ (Season 1, Episode 12)
  • "Here’s what you do. You go to New York. You look up this guy I know. He’s gonna double your money. His name, Bernie Madoff.’’ (Season 1, Episode 13)
  • ”Well, they seem happy. Lame but happy.” (Season 2, Episode 1) “So you’re saying they kvell to your face but kvetch behind your back?” (Season 2, Episode 1)
  • “I mean, diaries are supposed to be… private.” (Season 2, Episode 2)
  • “These ‘friends’ of Jay’s — and I hesitate to say this because the one is very hot — but they got to go.” (Season 2, Episode 2)
  • “I love how comfortable she feels around me.” (Speaking of Alana, after she passes gas). (Season 2, Episode 2)
  • “No! Alana, wait. Just wait…Alana. Oh, can eternity get any worse?” (Then gets walked through) (Season 2, Episode 2)
  • “Chicks like it when you’re into the stuff that they’re into. Like, when I was alive, there was this nail polish brand that had all these clever names for different colors. Like, Make Your Mauve and Orange You Cuticle. Anyway, I memorized all of them. And when I saw some hottie at a bar, I would correctly guess which one she had on and boom, I was in.” (Season 2, Episode 4)
  • “So was “hi” like a more sexual thing back then?” (Season 2, Episode 4)
  • “Dude, I hear you. But have you seen a stewardess on a private jet? We’re taking 1 Oak bottle service level. And not on Wednesdays. Weekend 1 Oak.” (Season 1, Episode 4)
  • ”Hi. Trevor Lefkowitz. Yes, I’m not wearing pants. But it’s because of a hero move.” (Season 2, Episode 5)
  • “That’s how I take Hetty down. Yes, she’s been around a long time, but I was a Wall Street whiz kid. And you just gave me an idea for a new financial instrument. It’s simple as long as you understand the basic principles of market power and the downward sloping demand curve.” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “I’m in a glass-bottom pool on top of a skyscraper that I own, and Kid Rock is there and he’s deejaying, but not because I’m paying him, because he’s just there and it happens spontaneously. And we have an epic party. And afterwards, I make love to my wife, Tara Reid, and post-co-coitus, together we watch ‘The Cutting Edge.’” (Season 2, Episode 6)
  • “Whenever football came up, I would change the subject to something that no one would find controversial, like uh, ‘The Cosby Show’ or Woody Allen movies.” (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • “What? No, it’s not that at all. It’s (a fraternity) about binge drinking, taking drugs, and doing one day of charity every three years.” (Season 2, Episode 8)
  • “They didn’t reject you today. They rejected being in the Freemasons, which makes sense, cause it seems like the Freemasons kind of sucked. And Ben Franklin — I hate to say this as a Penn guy — sounds like a dick.’ (Season 2, Episode 8)
  • “You know, there’s a statue of Ben Franklin on campus at Penn, him sitting on a bench…. Because every weekend, kids get drunk and pee all over it.” (Season 2, Episode 8)
  • “Oh, it would’ve been the second greatest thing a Jew ever did on Hanukkah. It would have been the Maccabees and then T-Money.’ (Season 2, Episode 9)
  • “This guy is a mensch. I’m gonna do some pushups when I get in there. I’ll leave your body better than I found it.” (Season 2, Episode 9)