2.01 - Spies

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 1
Episode Title: Spies
Air Date: September 29, 2022
Written By: John Blickstead, Trey Kollmer
Directed By: Trent O’Donnell
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: John Hartman, Betsy Sodaro, Meagen Fay, Don Lake, Jenkins, Arthur Holden, Scott Humphrey
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Episode Summary

Jay and Rose open the door to their first hotel guests and crash through the floorboards. As Jay recupterates in bed, he wonders excitedly to Rose if the fall made it possible to see Ghosts. Despite his promise to stay in bed, he goes to different parts of the house randomly calling out Ghost names. He descends the stairs, exclaims “Oh my god, Pete,” and goes to hug him, but it was just a delivery person.

Sam and Jay gather the Ghosts to let them know the B and B is going to have its first guests and so everyone should be on best behavior so they can recovery from their one-star Yelp rating.

Nigel joins resident ghosts Thorfinn, Isaac, Sass, and Hetty in watching a docuseries, called How About Those ’90s. After being visibly uncomfortable when Thorfinn laughs loudly and jabs him in the side, he announces that it’s getting late and leaves. Isaac asks the others if they picked up on Nigel’s discomfort. Hetty asks Isaac if he’s talked to him about it and while Isaac initially scoffs at the idea, after Hetty’s monologue about bottling things up and letting them fester, he decides to seek Nigel out for a talk.

Trevor notices Sam’s perfume which she explains is the last of her late mother’s. The doorbell rings and it’s the B and B’s first houseguests, Debbie and Tom, “Short for Thomas, like the English muffins,” he explains. Sam offers them a welcome cocktail which they enthusiastically accept before heading upstairs to their rooms. Sam seems pleased with the encounter until Pete explains they were just being “polite midwesterners” which is something he knows about from his travel agent days. When Sam protests by explaining that they loved the cocktails, Pete points out that they only had one sip and left them behind. 

Isaac visits Nigel at the shed and tries to get him to come back to the mansion where there’s more to do and so they won’t be watched by Nigel’s ex. Nigel explains that Thorfinn “can be a bit much.” Isaac, relieved that it’s not about him, promises to ask Thorfinn to “rein in his energy a bit.”

Back at the mansion, Sam and Jay look over the terrible reviews Tom and Debbie left for other businesses and worry they’ll do the same for them. The ghosts suggest they could spy on them to find out what criticisms they have, but Jay opposes this idea. As soon as he leaves the room Sam encougages the ghosts to go through with it.

Outside, Isaac approaches Thorfinn to ask him to tone it down a bit while they watch TV. Thorfinn is surprised, since it hasn’t come up before and Isaac explains that it came from Nigel. Thor says he will go somewhere else.

Debbie and Tom in their guestroom complain about the sheets and toilet paper. When Sam comes to check on them and bring them cookies, the ghosts tell her so she offers to change the sheets.

Basement ghost Nancy comes up to tell the ghosts that Thorfinn’s moved downstairs because of what Isaac said. Sass and Hetty tell Isaac he needs to apologize. Isaac refuses, because he doesn’t want to ruin things with Nigel.

When Jay encounters Sam downstairs, he asks what they thought of the cookies. The ghosts tell her about the multiple complaints which she initially tries to suggest are her complaints. Eventually she tells him that the ghosts have been spying. She pleads her reasons and says she’d also love to know if they had complaints for her. The ghosts let her know that Tom and Debbie think she’s too chatty which she seems to have a hard time hearing.

Tom and Debbie at the dining room await Jay’s “famous duck” dish. The Ghosts coach her to be less chatty and she awkwardly tries to take the suggestion in real time.

As the Ghosts watch the 90s show which talks about “loyalty to your friends,Sass and Hetty empathize this to Isaac.

In the kitchen Sam gives Jay feedback on the meal gathered from the ghosts. She goes back out to them to try to fix all of their complaints and switch out the butter dish. The Ghosts let her know her voice has gotten even higher and she’s hovering even more. She drops her voice several octaves.

Isaac brings Nigel to the basement where Thorfinn is asleep standing up amongst all of the plague Ghosts. Isaac tells them that he has something to say to Thorfinn and he wants Nigel to hear. Isaac tells Thorfinn that he’s treated him poorly and he’d like him to come back upstairs. He tells Nigel that part of being his special companion is accepting his friends. Nigel shares that he didn’t realize how much Thorfinn meant to Isaac and that he too, is sorry. In the process they bond over how much they like to watch ants and much to  Isaac’s chagrin, Nigel invites Thorfinn back to the shed for some quality ant viewing.

Back in the kitchen, Sam wearing a new sweater to please their guests, shares more criticisms with Jay, including their distaste for her mother’s perfume. This angers Jay who storms out to confront them about their critique of his “wonderful wife.” Debbie and Tom ask how they knew about that, and Sam and Jay share that they saw the Yelp profile and didn’t want to get a one star review from them. Debbie and Tom are appalled because they thought the reviews were anonymous and they’d even rated family member’s businesses low. Sam shows them on her phone and Tom races upstairs to “unplug [his] laptop” to get them off the internet.

After the guests have left, Sam and Jay and the ghosts gather to hear the review left by Tom and Debbie. It’s a five-star review which includes: “the proprietors of the charming Woodstone B and B really care about their guests… Sam and Jay not only anticipated our every need but alerted us to the tragic hacking of our Yelp account, which led to the besmirching of some of our favorite institutions.” 

Sam and Jay are about to kiss when Jay says he doesn’t want this to be an endorsement of using the Ghosts behind his back. Sam agrees, but she also says, “mm-hmm” when the Ghosts ask if they just do it when it’s something really important.

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