• Sam is portrayed by Rose McIver, the only non-American actor in the main cast. She is from New Zealand and speaks with a general American accent to become Samantha.
  • In the ‘Pilot‘, Crash is portrayed by Hudson Thames. Crash returned very briefly in the background in ‘Halloween‘, without being credited. To the delight of fans, Crash is back in ‘Trevor’s Pants‘ but it’s actor Matt Kayes who is playing the character’s body for this episode. If this name or this face means something to you, it’s normal: Matt Kayes  was already in the series once; he played one of the paramedic in ‘Alberta’s Fan‘ (screen capture 1, screen capture 2).
  • Ghosts CBS‘ version is  produced (among others) by Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Laurence Rickard, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, and Ben Willbond who are part of the cast of the original BBC version.
  • Easter Egg! Richie Moriarty, who plays Pete, also played a basement ghost in ‘Pilot‘ and ‘Hello(screen capture 1, screen capture 2)
  • Julius Cho, played two completely separate and unrelated characters in the series. Julius first appeared as Neal -one of Jay‘s friends with whom he plays Dungeons & Dragons in ‘D&D‘- and later in ‘Trevor’s Pants‘, he appeared as Chet, one of Trevor‘s finance bro in a flash-back from the night he died. (screen capture).
  • Although it is established that the ghosts keep the appearances (and injuries) of their deaths, Flower‘s wounds from her fatal bear attack appear and disappear in different episodes.
  • Rose McIver, Enrico Colantoni, Brian Cook have all played together in ‘iZombie‘ before reuniting in ‘Ghosts‘.
  • In the original pilot script (draft sent to the channel), the Native American character was supposed to be a woman called Weetamoo, sarcastic, droll, over it. The character finally changed to a Native American male character, Sasappis. Like many of the characters they saw both men and women for the roles.
  • In the original pilot script (draft sent to the channel), the male lead character was to be called Ryan but it finally changed for Jay.
  • In first half of season one, some of the Ghosts were missing. Sasappis was not in ‘Dinner Party‘, ‘Alberta’s Fan‘ and ‘Jay’s Sister‘. Flower was not in ‘Halloween‘, ‘Alberta’s Fan‘ and ‘Jay’s Sister‘. Thorfinn was not in ‘Flower’s Article‘, ‘Possession‘ and ‘D&D‘. Hetty was not in ‘Pete’s Wife‘, ‘Flower’s Article‘ and ‘D&D‘.
  • Asher was the first person to audition for Trevor. Trent O’Donnell wrote in Asher’s audition notes, “Oh, he’s great. You’ll never get it,” since the first people to audition rarely get the role. However, Asher left enough of a good impression to secure the part of Trevor! To research for the part of Trevor, Asher watched a lot of ‘90s movies. His portrayal of Trevor was influenced in part by guys he hung out with in college. A lot of these guys went into finance and came from a “similar world of mindset to Trevor,” thus serving as inspiration. (Source)

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