1.10 - Possession

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 10
Episode Title: Possession
Air Date: December 9, 2021
Written By: https://ghostscbsfans.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=22
Directed By: Katie Locke O’Brien
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: Michael Davenport, Paul Ash, Emily Theresa Le
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Episode Summary

We start off with the ghosts –Sasappis, Pete, Hetty, and Alberta – savoring the pasta primavera Jay made just as Sam gets off a phone call. With whom you may ask? Just their old friends Kenny and Liz. They are currently engaged and now their wedding venue fell through so they asked Sam if they could get married at the mansion in two weeks! Sam and Jay are excited because with Kenny and Liz’s “fancy made-the-cut friends,” they could help spread publicity about the mansion before they open. One small issue though: Micheal Davenport… “Am I supposed to know who that is,Jay asks. He’s a local, hard-to-please wedding planner who will be there tomorrow to judge the mansion before they officially book it for the wedding. Jay gets a bit freaked out, but Sam reassures him that they will get everything fixed and cleaned up before he gets there. 

Next, we watch Jay fiddling with a broken light. Sam lets him know that the pigeon guy is coming, but the electrician cancelled. Again. For the third time. In her old-fashioned sense, Hetty is suspicious of that electrician’s behavior based on her previous experience with “the help”. Anyway, Jay attempts to fix the light by himself, but just as Sam leaves the room for a second, Jay touches the light and gets shocked. Ouch! Sam hears him fall to the ground while Isaac and Flower also check to see what’s happened. Since Jay makes an odd comment towards Sam, she suggests that he should go lie down for a bit before Davenport gets there. Jay then makes another comment about Sam’s posture before he leaves the room. 

Sam is stumped. She’s been looking for Hetty all morning, but Alberta, Trevor, Pete, and Sasappis haven’t seen her either. But there’s no way she could leave the property since the ghosts aren’t able to leave the barrier around the mansion. Just typical unexplainable ghost rule stuff. Maybe they should make a death manual or something. Pete would love one since he’s a “huge manual guy. Love being told what to do.” Anyway, Isaac then spots the Pigeon removal guy outside, but for some reason, Jay is hesitant and worried to let Murphy, or the “Irishman”, into the house, so he runs outside to confront the union worker. Despite everyone’s confusion, Isaac finally connects the dots and knows what’s happening: Hetty is in Jay .

Possession isn’t real. Possession can’t be real,Sam says in disbelief. Somehow, Jay (Hetty) isn’t able to see the ghosts despite her being in control of Jay ’s body – until she takes a look at herself in the mirror and Jay takes it back over again. Phew! He notes that he remembers falling to the ground after touching the light but not being in control of his own body, so Isaac explains what happened. This happened to him before when he accidentally possessed a poor workman after he also electrocuted himself. It almost seems impossible to replicate the events to purposefully possess or reverse them, but there is one way: an exorcism. 

On another phone call, Sam gets hung up again after trying to find a priest who will agree to perform the exorcism, but he’s slammed and can’t make it until Monday. But, hey, it’s okay. “Everything is going to be okay,” Sam tries to convince herself and Jay …until they hear the doorbell. “Oh, God, we’re so screwed.Michael Davenport is there while Hetty and Jay fight over who’s in control of the body back and forth during this interaction. Jay brings up the menu, but Hetty takes over and exclaims some wild foods that leave Sam and the ghosts on the edge of their seats. But, luckily, he loves it. Hetty’s ideas for the menu reflect some of the heritage and history of the Hudson Valley, and she also offers him some cocaine just before Sam drags “Jay ” out of the room again because he was just kidding. Obviously.

Sam drags “Jay” into the kitchen and slaps him to get Jay back in control, even though he was already in control a moment ago. Whoops. Anywho, he explains how he can see and hear, but can’t talk. Also that he can hear Hetty’s voice in his head, and Sam is a bit amused they that have, in a way, actually met. Jay isn’t as amused. He starts to stress out again since they don’t have any of the heritage menu items that Hetty told the wedding planner he could provide, but they eventually realize they’d be able to get some squab. (aka, pigeon). 

Sam is then talking to the very confused pigeon removal guy from earlier as she makes up an excuse as to why she wants the pigeons back, even though Jay shouts at her about the hour-long cooking time. So, she takes the cage of pigeons back into the house so Jay can start prepping the meal for the planner. 

We are now in the kitchen with Jay as he starts to cook the food and all the male ghosts, sans Thor, are watching “Jay ” (aka Hetty) be able to taste and touch the food, which is especially sad for them since they haven’t been able to do that in hundreds of years. We see Hetty take over and start to really savor and enjoy tasting food again – but a frustrated Jay takes over again and tells her off. “Oh, let her live,Sasappis scoffs and the others agree.

In the dining room, Sam is attempting to keep Davenport distracted by talking about a chocolate fountain (for the third time). His patience is running thin and he regrets visiting them. But just before he can declare that they can’t host the wedding – Flower walks through him. “Oh… I am high as a songbird,” he states. Sam is confused but Alberta says that Flower’s ghost power (to make people high) isn’t going to last forever, so she should go check on the food in the kitchen. 

Back in the kitchen, chaos has run loose. There are piles and piles of food decorating the kitchen table while “Jay ” (Hetty) shoves some new food into “her” mouth, especially noting her new love for Cheetos. Sasappis, Isaac, Pete, and Trevor watch in awe, shock, and excitement since this is exactly what they wish they could do, and are now just watching the chaos unfold. Sam runs into the kitchen in a panic to try and figure out what’s happening. The ghosts explain how Hetty is “enjoy[ing] Jay ’s body a bit more.Jay is able to talk to Sam for a split second before Hetty violently takes over again and shuts him down. Sam tries to stop her and tell her that she needs to let Jay finish cooking, but Hetty is too enthralled with “living” and eating all of their food so she instead takes a jar of more food and leaves the room. Sam realizes they can’t wait for the priest, so they must do the exorcism themselves. “Awesome!

Sam goes to check on Davenport for a moment while he is still “all good in the hood,” until she heads upstairs to figure out how to do her own “D.I.Y. Exorcism” if you may. She watches a YouTube tutorial to prepare herself, with a bed, knots, and all. “Jay ” (Hetty) joins them upstairs and is excited to learn about what a hot Cheeto is… until she notices the ropes on the bed. Sam tricked her to come upstairs because Sam and Jay are really dependent on making a good impression on Mr. Davenport to help the future of the B&B, but Hetty isn’t ready to be done. Sam urges her to stop thinking about herself. “Think about Jay,” but that’s the thing… Hetty never thought about herself. She reflects on how she always had to put Elias’ needs first, and hers second. In an instant of a mid-(after)life crisis, she rushes out the door and outside into the car while claiming how she’s going to Paris before anyone can stop her. Almost too easily, she turns on the car and starts to drive away towards the ghost barrier, but a ghost in a possessed living driving towards the barrier? They’ve never seen that happen. So there the ghosts and Sam are watching in anticipation as Hetty drives away — then flies back out of Jay ’s body and is sitting, dumbfounded on the ground. “Au revoir, Paris,Hetty wallows. Meanwhile, Jay takes control of his body again just in time to hit the break before he gets seriously hurt. Sam goes to check on him and he’s okay before they all head back inside to deal with the wedding planner. 

Michael is now sobered up and Jay has the dish prepared while he, Sam, Alberta , Pete, and Trevor wait impatiently for his reaction. He makes a few confusing eating noises before he queries Jay about the ‘spice’ on the squab, so Jay clues him in that what he’s tasting is Cheetos dust. He repeats back, “Cheetos dust?” And Jay nods reassuringly. And guess what? He loves it! And he finds it just satisfying enough that he graciously gives them permission to host the wedding. Yay! Just Sam, Jay , and there, uh, very ‘locally’ sourced squab! :]

A bit later after the whole possession shenanigans, Sasappis, Flower, and Isaac ask Hetty about how it felt. Isaac and Flower are even a bit surprised that although Hetty had a dream to leave there for the past century, not being able to see or hear the ghosts made her miss them a bit. But, shhh, she’s not going to repeat herself. Sam and Jay also wander into the living room to check on her, and she does apologize for her actions while also advising Sam to not “live [her] life with regrets…Go after your dreams because you are only here for a short time. If you’re lucky.” After a beat, Jay also chimes in by thanking Hetty for the meal idea—but also opposing that Hetty took advantage of him— “so let’s just call it even,” he suggests. “That’s fair,Hetty nods. And lastly, the electrician calls Sam to cancel again, so Jay decides to take the phone and confront him about his behavior to honor his commitment or they’ll find someone else… and it works. He heads over. Sam is impressed and Jay banters about how he still has “a little bit of Hetty” in him. This turns Sam off as Jay remembers how, oh yeah, they’re related. Whoops. 

Episode Quotes

  • “That pasta primavera Jay made really hit the spot, smell-wise.” -Sasappis
  • “Thank God I died dressed to the nines.” -Alberta
  • “He’s not wrong, this place looks haunted. I mean, it is haunted. But you don’t want people to think that.” -Pete
  • “No “aw.” You’ll never be successful in business if you let the help walk all over you.” -Hetty
  • “I’ve watched HGTV so many times, babe, I’m practically a Property Brother. And not the lame one, the one that actually fixes things.” -Jay
  • “Oh, he’s fine. Ben Franklin used to do the same thing all the time for attention.” -Isaac
  • “Straighten your back. You’re hunched over like a washer woman.” -Jay as Hetty
  • “Why do we go through the walls but not fall through the floor? It’s not like we got a manual.” -Trevor
  • “There’s a man in uniform here, Sam. I’ll be honest, it’s not a great man nor a great uniform.” -Isaac
  • “Uh, question, have you got enough room in that van for all your potatoes?” -Jay as Hetty
  • “It was quite the interesting experience, being inside another man.” -Isaac
  • “This is a train wreck.” -Alberta
  • “Oh, can I trouble you for some cocaine? I’m all out.” -Jay as Hetty
  • “Ooh, I hope our house has tasty pigeons.” -Jay
  • “It was strange not to be able to see you all. It has been my constant dream for the last century. But then, when it actually happened… I missed you guys.” -Hetty