Through a complete file, find everything you ever wanted to know about the musical ‘Ghosts: A Broadway Musical‘ performed by some of the cast at Paramount Upfront 2022.

A full coverage and analysis of every single gasp Isaac’s uttered in the series.

Manual for Ghostly Physics — As Written by Those Who Study Them (Canon)

Through a complete file, going from the architecture to the history of the house but also to small references you may have missed, you will find everything you want to know about the Woodstone Mansion.

Experience a replica of a “Woodstone B&B” site, book your stay, read reviews…

Discover the story behind the costumes and their creations.

Discover the music composer behind the series.

Find exclusive and engaging information on the series and its actors.

For its most popular new series, the broadcast channel (CBS) has bet big. Indeed, they has made several original and funny promotional campaigns. You will find these videos in this dedicated file.