The Ghosts Manual

Manual for Ghostly Physics

As Written by Those Who Study Them (Canon)

  1. Only a small percentage (5%) of people who die become ghosts
  2. Not typically seen by ‘Livings’
  3. Sometimes can be seen by young children
  4. Can walk and sit on solid surfaces
  5. Can walk through walls and doors effortlessly
  6. Can have sex (but can’t finish according to Sasappis’ words in ‘Flower’s Article’)
  7. Can sleep
  8. Walking through a living causes them significant pain
  9. Seem to have at least one ghostly ability, often related to their manner of death
  10. They can smell things.
  11. They can be “sucked off” upwards into a bright light and move on from being a ghost

What They Generally Cannot Do

  1. Eat
  2. Move items
  3. Leave the boundary of the place where they died
  4. Get rid of items they died with (things in their pockets, etc)