1.06 - Pete's Wife

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Title: Pete’s Wife
Air Date: November 4, 2021
Written By: Kira Kalush
Directed By: Trent O’Donnell
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: Caroline Aaron, David Baby, Holly Gautier-Frankel, Hudson Wurster, Ariel Keach Tremblay, Nico De Catris, Juliette Louie, Dominique Desmarais, Lindura Sappong, Zachary Amzallag
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Episode Summary

Flashback to 1985, and Scoutmaster Pete is outside at Woodbridge Manor teaching archery to his young scout troop. As he is going over the safety rules, one of his troop members accidentally shoots him in the neck with her arrow and he dies.

In present day, Trevor, Isaac, and Alberta are sitting at the kitchen table watching Samantha type on her laptop, while Pete is standing in front of the window, looking outside at discarded archery targets. As Samantha asks the ghost if they have anything else to do other than watch her work, Pete sighs deeply. When asked if everything is ok, Pete sadly states, “My death-day is coming up.” “It always makes me miss my family: my beautiful wife Carol and my sweet daughter Laura.” As the ghosts nod in agreement, Trevor suddenly has a thought and with hands gestured towards Samantha exclaims, “Bro!” “You have access to an actual Living now!” “Sam can track them down for you.”

Samantha asks for his wife’s name and Pete tells her it is Carol Martino. As Samantha starts searching for her online, Pete, only remembering what was available at the time he died, advises Samantha to either hire a private investigator or look in every JC Penny, IHop restaurant, or any place that sells beads. Samantha interrupts Pete and tells him that she found her and turns her laptop around so that he can see a picture of his wife. Pete looks at Samantha in amazement and her how did she do that. Samantha reminds him of the internet and various social medias, such as Facebook, that is now available.

As Alberta, Trevor, and Isaac are asking questions about social media, Jay walks into the kitchen and glances down at Carol’s picture. He asks Samantha who that was, and she tells him. She then tells Pete that while there is no picture of his daughter available, she did find out that his wife lives close by. When Pete hears this, he starts talking loudly to Samantha’s laptop to ask Carol to visit him. As Samantha reminds him that the internet and social media does not work that way, Alberta suggests that she should invite Carol to Woodstone Manor for a visit. Samantha then asks how she would accomplish something like that – maybe by saying, “Hi, your dead husband lives on the property and wants to look at you.” Hearing this, Jay turns around and asks Sam what’s going on. She explains to him that the ghosts want her to invite Pete’s wife to the house. Jay turns toward Samantha with a serious look on his face and tells her that she cannot do that; it would be “meddling with the worlds of the living and the dead”. He goes on to give her an example of when time-traveling movies tell you not to interact with people; otherwise destiny can be changed. Samantha agrees, apologizes to Pete, and decides not to get in contact with Carol. As Pete walks out of the kitchen, Trevor turns to Samantha asks her to look up “a bottle service chick” from his past.

Samantha is now in the living room working on her laptop while Thorfinn and Sasappis are watching a realty show called “It’s Getting Hot in Here!” As they are watching the program, Thorfinn throws one of his hands up in frustration telling Sam that he is confused by the premise of the show. As Samantha explains, Thorfinn and Sasappis tells Sam that they think the show is “stupid” and “so dumb”.

Trevor then walks into the room and tells Samantha that even though she thinks that he is shallow, he cannot stop thinking about the “bottle service chick” that he asked her to look up earlier. He believe that she could have been “the one”, so he begs Samantha to look her up. Sighing, Samantha asks Trevor for her name (Nicky Fisher) and locates her on social media. As she shows Trevor pictures of Nicky and her daughter, he gets excited and says that she still looks good. Thorfinn shushes Samantha and Trevor, telling them that he is trying to watch the show that he thinks is actually interested in, but still calls stupid. As Samantha and Trevor walk away so they can talk, Samantha looks more closely at a picture of Nicky’s daughter at her 21st birthday party and asks Trevor does he think that she has his eyes. Samantha then asks Trevor when he and Nicky dated, and he tells her it was about 20 or 21 years ago, right before he died. As they are looking at other pictures, one come on the screen of Nicky’s daughter graduating from college with the caption, “Graduated Penn just like my dad.” “May he rest in peace.” Thinking of the coincidence, Trevor smiles and exclaims, “Hey! I went to Penn!” Samantha looks at him and says, “I know” and nods at him, waiting for him to get understand what she is trying to tell him. After a pause, Trevor understands and says in astonishment, “Oh my God! I’m a DILF!”

While Trevor is thinking about this, Pete walks into the room and asks Samantha if he could show her something. As Samantha begins to follow Pete out of the room, she takes the remote and asks Thorfinn and Sasappis if they would like for her to change the channel, since they thought the show was stupid, but Sasappis quickly tells Sam, “No! We just want to see how stupid this show is”, and Thorfinn nods his head in agreement.

Pete asks Sam to grab a book that is on top of a cabinet. When Sam takes the book down, Pete tells her that it is a Pinecone Trooper Manual of scout rules. As Samantha is glancing through the book in admiration, Pete again asks Samantha to call his wife Carol and ask her to visit Woodbridge Manor, explaining that she can use the book as a reason for Carol to visit. Samantha hesitates, but when Pete asks her again, she exhales deeply and shrugs her shoulders in acquiesce.

As Thorfinn and Sasappis are watching the reality tv program to see who is being eliminated, they are disappointed with the results. Thorfinn asks Sasappis if he is crying and he responds no, to which Thorfinn then says, “Me neither”. Sasappis glances at Thorfinn and he gruffly tells him not to look at him.

In the kitchen, Samantha is talking with Carol (Pete’s wife), and is nervously telling her that she doesn’t know her, but she thinks that she has something that belongs to her late husband. Pete, forgetting that he is a ghost, excitedly begins to yell “hi” in the phone to his wife and Samantha asks him not to do that, while Jay is saying, “This is bad, this is very bad.”

As Pete is looking out of the window while waiting for Carol to show up, he begins to get nervous and asks Isaac and Alberta how he looks and is the arrow in his neck straight. Alberta smiles and gives him a thumbs up while Isaac tries to calm him down. Flower, trying to be positive, tells the group, “Who knows? Maybe she’ll drop dead while she’s here and will become a ghost.” Pete, walking away from the window, thinks about what Flower has said Alberta admonishes her for getting his hopes up. Isaac then tells the group that Carol is here.

As Pete runs outside, followed by Alberta, Flower and Isaac, Jay and Samantha are walking towards the car. Jay is still upset that Samantha called Carol and warns her, “We should not be doing this.” “We are messing with forces way beyond our comprehension.” Samantha tells Jay that he is overreacting, and Jay responds by asking her if she has seen the sci-fi movies where a ton of people get killed. As they go back and forth, the car comes to a stop and Carol gets out of the passenger side and a man gets out of the driver’s side. Pete is excited to see Carol and surprised, but then happy, to see who the man is. He waves and says, “She brought Jerry – Hey Jerry Bean!” When Samantha asks Pete who Jerry is, he tells her that Jerry was his old best friend. Jay then asks Samantha what Pete is saying and as Samantha is telling him, Jay mutters, “Oh my God” and Alberta winces in the background. Pete, still not suspecting anything, says that it’s great that the two of them kept in touch with each other. Carol walks up and introduces herself to Samantha and Jay. She then introduces Jerry as her husband and shocked, Pete asks, “Did she say husband?”

Inside of Woodbridge Manor, Samantha is talking with Carol and Jay. Isaac is trying to console Pete by telling him that maybe they were trying to find comfort in each other’s arms after his death. On the pretense of answering her phone, Samantha walks back towards Pete and asks him if he is ok. Pete tells her that although he was originally surprised by the ideal of Carol and Jerry being together, he is fine with it now. As Samantha goes back to Carol and Jay, Jerry walks in with a bench. Carol tells Jay and Samantha that it was Pete’s favorite spot to just sit and enjoy nature. Jerry then says that he thinks it would be a good idea to dedicate it to Pete and have a ceremony and say a few words about him. As Pete is saying that this idea is classic Jerry and how sweet that was of him, Samantha tells Carol that Pete would love that.

Thor is watching another episode of the reality tv program and Trevor walks in. Thor asks him to look at one of the young ladies on the program. Now that Trevor has a daughter, he points a finger at him and admonishes him by saying, “Thor, that’s someone’s daughter – Grow up” and walks out of the room. Sasappis walks in and asks Thorfinn what he is watching. Thorfinn tells him that it is a new episode of “It’s Getting Hot in Here!” and tells Sasappis that he has missed a lot. Looking at the tv, Sasappis asks Thor how many episodes he watched, to which Thorfinn responds, “Many.” Sasappis reminds Thorfinn that they were watching the program together and it won’t be the Same now that Thorfinn has started watching them without him. Thor, not understanding, tells a part of the show that Sasappis has not seen and upset, Sasappis walks out of the room.

Samantha and Jay (along with Pete, Alberta, Isaac, Trevor, and Flower) are showing Jerry and Carol the living room. Jerry and Carol start to reminisce about Woodbridge reminding them of an old hotel they all stayed in when Pete was alive. Laughing, Pete asks Samantha to ask Carol about his daughter, Laura. Samantha does this and Carol pulls a picture out for everyone to see and says that Laura is now a food chemist, which makes Pete happy. Jay then offers the couple lunch and they head towards the kitchen.

As they are leaving, Trevor stops Samantha and tells her that since he is now a father to a daughter, he feels that he should apologize for any inappropriate behavior towards her. Samantha tells him that she appreciates this, and Trevor unintentionally starts to flirt with her. Exasperated, Samantha shakes her head and walks away as Trevor apologizes again and tells her that he is a work in progress.

Sasappis walks back in the room where Thorfinn is still watching tv and tells him that although things got out of hand between them regarding the show, he wanted to be the bigger person and move on. He then asks for an apology from Thorfinn for watching the episodes without him, but Thorfinn does not believe that he did anything wrong. Frustrated, Sasappis tries to explain to him that part of the fun was watching the episodes together. Choosing not to apologize, Thor offers to watch the episodes again with him, but Sasappis wants an apology, telling Thorfinn that in the 500 years that they known each other, he has never apologized. Thorfinn tells him that apologies are for children and Danes, not Norsemen. Upset that Thorfinn doesn’t get it, Sasappis walks out of the room, telling him to enjoy watching it by himself.

As Samantha and Jay are showing Carol and Jerry another room in the mansion, Carol starts to feel overwhelmed knowing that this is where Pete died. Jay tells Carol that he knows it must be hard, while Samantha tells her that she’s sure that Pete would be happy that she and Jerry came to visit. Carol sits down on a couch and says that she’s not too sure that Pete would be happy that they came. Pete has a puzzled look on his face as Samantha asks what she means. Carol tells them that something shameful is weighing on her regarding Pete. As Jerry comes over to comfort Carol and tell her that there’s no need to involve anyone else, Pete is saying that whatever it is, he’s sure it won’t be a big deal. As Carol is saying that she just wants to get it off her chest, Alberta and Isaac realizes what the shameful secret is and Isaac says, “Oh God.” Hearing this, Samantha tells Carol that it’s ok to keep some things secret and they did not need to know what the secret was. As Jay is saying that he agrees with Jerry, Carol blurts out that she and Jerry had an affair while Pete was still alive, and she thinks that he knew. As Samantha and the ghosts gasps, Pete angrily says, “Uh. I did not know!” Carol then informs everyone that she feels better now that the secret is out.

Outside, Carol and Jerry are placing the bench down by the archery targets. Pete is walking back and forth, fuming, and upset with his “so-called wife and so-called best friend”. Isaac and Flower try to comfort him, but Pete is too angry. He responds sarcastically to Isaac and tells Flower, “If you weren’t already dead, I would kill you!”

In the kitchen, Jay and Samantha are discussing what happened, when Trevor walks in the room. He interrupts Samantha to ask if she would help him reach out to his daughter. Samantha looks at him and yells at him to get out while Jay says, “Whoever my wife just yelled at to ‘get out’ to – get out!” Trevor, realizing that this was not the best time, leaves, but asks for a ‘sidebar’ later.

Feeling bad about what happened to Pete, Samantha tells Jay that she should not have meddled. Jay uses Jurassic Park as an example and suggests that Samantha should be Dr. Ellie Sattler; the person that fixes things.

Thorfinn is alone in the living room watching another episode of “It’s Getting Hot in Here!” As he is listening to a contestant apologize to someone and that person accepting her apology, he thinks back to Sasappis and the apology that he asked for.

Outside, at the dedication site, Carol is talking about Pete, still angry, is staring at her with his hands on his hips. As she is talking, he says that her words and their wedding vows mean nothing. Listening to Pete, Sasappis tells Alberta that his anger could be a healthy thing for him, because “no one should be that chipper all the time”. As Pete is still talking, Samantha steps up and says that she would like to say a few words. She tells everyone that she got to know Pete through his Pinecone Trooper Manual and one of the attributes of a Pinecone Trooper that he highlighted was forgiveness. She goes on to say that Pete wrote, “This (forgiveness) is more important than the rest.” “Because though we strive for perfection, we all fall short sometimes, and when it happens, we don’t give up on our fellow trooper, we forgive.” As Pete remembers this, Carol bows her head with her hands clasped and whispers, “Thank you for that”, and begins to walk away.

Thorfinn is standing next to Sasappis and asks if they could talk. Thorfinn tells Sasappis that although apologies are usually only for children and Danes, he now realizes that they are also for friends too. Thorfinn then apologizes and Sasappis tells him that he appreciates his apology. Thorfinn is relieved and says that are apologies are easy and costs nothing to which Sasappis responds that he has to mean it. Thorfinn tells Alberta that he does not like her hat and then apologizes for it.

Carol has taken a walk into a clearing with Pete’s Pinecone Trooper Manual in her hands. As she is standing there, she ask out loud for Pete’s forgiveness for the affair. Standing next to her, Pete tells her that he forgives her. As Carol is standing there, a car pulls up and someone blows the horn. Carol turns around and recognizing the car, says “Laura!” and starts walking toward the car. Hearing his daughter’s name, Pete turns around in shock and whispers her name. Laura gets out of the car and tells her Mom that there is no way she would miss her Dad’s ceremony. Laura then apologizes for being late but said that “someone would not leave” until he found his special socks. As she goes to open a back door, she asks him, “could you Pete?” and a little boy dressed in a trooper outfit jumps out with a big smile. Everyone, including the ghosts, smiles and says aww! Pete starts sniffling and is happy because he did not realize that he had a grandson and that his name is Pete. Laughing, Pete Jr. runs towards his grandmother to give her a high five.

As they are looking on, Samantha jokingly tells Jay, “And you thought this was going to be a disaster.” Jay responds by telling her that it was a disaster until he saved it. As they banter back and forth about which character they are in Jurassic Park, Jay tells her that she might be the main character only if the movie was Ragnarök. Hearing this, Thorfinn runs to Samantha’s side and asks if Ragnarök was upon them. Confused, Samantha asks Jay if Ragnarök means something to Vikings. As Jay tells her that it’s from Norse mythology and Ragnarök could bring about the end of the world, Thorfinn yells at everyone to run (which only he and Flower does) because “the end is nigh”. Jay asks why she wants to know, and Samantha smiles and tells him “”no reason”.

Later, as Thorfinn, Sasappis, Isaac, Samantha, Flower and Trevor are sitting on the couch watching an episode of “It’s Getting Hot in Here!”, Isaac asks if the blurred-out parts on the show was to hide modesty. Sasappis complains that he would like to see the blurred-out parts. Thorfinn agrees, but remembering that Trevor now has a daughter, he apologizes. Trevor then tells everyone that Samantha found out that he is not a father as he originally thought; the dad was actually just some other guy. Isaac tells Trevor that he’s sorry to hear that; she seemed like a lovely woman and Flower agrees calling her a “beautiful soul”. Trevor wonders if she could still come up and visit. Samantha looks at him and says, “But she’s not your daughter.” Trevor tells Samantha that is the exactly the point; she is not his daughter and checks every box for someone that he would date to which Sasappis sarcastically says, “What a tragedy you didn’t reproduce!”` Samantha and the ghosts start laughing and Thorfinn shushes them so he can finish watching the show.

Episode Quotes

  • “Facebook, What a tool for disseminating truth. What a boon to democracy.” – Isaac
  • “Hi, your dead husband lives on my property and wants to look at you?” ­- Sam
  • “Meddling with the worlds of the living and the dead. It’s very, very bad. it’s like in time travel movies where they tell you not to interact with people or sleep with your mom.”Jay
  • “Hey, who knows? Maybe she’ll drop dead while she’s here and become a ghost.” – Flower
  • “No, you’re right, you’re right. I’m just gonna try to enjoy the day, even if my wife doesn’t die.” – Pete
  • “If it means anything, I would completely understand if Beatrice ended up with my best mate Edward. I mean, who could blame her?” – Isaac
  • “Thor, that’s someone’s daughter, okay? Grow up.” – Trevor
  • “Pete, you had a side.” – Alberta
  • “Norseman not apology. Apology for children and Danes.” – Thorfinn
  • “Mmm, I would literally kill anyone in this room for a Sazerac right now.” – Alberta
  • “Jerry probably just offered something sexually that you couldn’t, and that’s a good thing. He took it off your plate.” – Flower  
  • Flower! If you weren’t already dead, I would kill you!” – Pete
  • “No one should be that chipper all the time.” – Sasappis
  • “Everybody run! The end is nigh! Go! Frozen giants!” – Thorfinn
  • “What a tragedy you didn’t reproduce.” – Sasappis