1.02 - Hello

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Title: Hello
Air Date: October 7, 2021
Written By: Joe Port & Joe Wiseman
Directed By: Trent O’Donnell
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: Domenic Di Rosa, Marcel Jeannin, Catherine Lemieux, Stuart Fink, Cody Crain, Nigel Downer, Arthur Holden, Elizabeth Eveillard, Patrick Stevenson Dubois, John Walsh, Robyn McNicoll
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Episode Summary

The morning after first seeing the ghosts, Sam wakes up to hear a mysterious noise in her bathroom. Seeing it’s coming from the shower, Sam pulls at the curtain. When a pigeon flutters by, she sighs in relief only to turn and come face to face with a smiling Pete. She screams. Pete screams runs through the bathroom door as she chases him with a toilet brush. Unlike Pete, though, she slams into the solid door and falls to the ground.

Pete reports to his fellow ghosts in the living room that Sam indeed can still see them. The ghosts debate how to proceed. Some want to force the Livings out, but others feel it could be beneficial to have a Living who can interact with them.

Meanwhile, a frantic Sam tells Jay that she’s still seeing the ghosts. Jay suggests it may be residual effects from the concussion. He asks if she’s seen any ghosts since running into the bathroom door. As she starts to tell him she hasn’t, the ghosts appear behind him in a group.

Since Jay is unable to see or hear them, Sam begins to describe the ghosts: a hippie and a Viking and a guy dressed like Hamilton. Isaac bristles at the name, revealing that Alexander Hamilton had been a rival of his. As the ghosts continue to talk to her, Jay asks Sam what is more likely–that she’s seeing ghosts or that she’s suffering the side effects of a severe concussion.

As the ghosts unanimously say, “Ghosts,” Sam says “Concussion.” She decides that they are all in her head, and if she ignores them they will just go away. Jay says he’s going to do some small repairs to save money, since “we’re all not Mr. Moneybags.” He points to an oil painting of a Victorian gentleman–Hetty’s philandering husband. She is horrified to see the painting and demands it be removed immediately. As Sam goes to lie down, Jay heads towards Hetty’s bedroom revving an electric drill.

Hetty follows Jay, who plans to make her bedroom into his “man cave.” Hetty watches helplessly as Jay begins to drill her wall. Because DIY is not Jay’s forte, he manages to drill an ugly hole in the wall separating Hetty’s room from Flower’s room. He tries to fix it, but only makes the hole larger. He walks away in frustration as Hetty and Flower talk through the window-sized hole in the wall. Flower is happy to have a new “roomie,” but Hetty is horrified and storms out of the room.

Down in the living room, the other ghosts try to figure out how to deal with Sam ignoring them. They decide that they will simply not let her ignore them. They follow her around, constantly talking to her, trying to get her to pay attention. In bed, she lies awake because Alberta keeps talking about her alleged murder and possible suspects.

Meanwhile, Hetty is suffering through Flower’s non-stop, perky chatter as she tries to sleep.

The next morning, Sam awakes to Sass seated at her bedside. He takes a calmer approach, acknowledging her fears while telling her about how he survives the boredom of the afterlife by creating drama.

A frustrated Sam heads to the lying room and sees a large bearded man standing by the television. She mistakes him for a ghost only to find out he’s really Steve, the cable guy. Sam tries to maintain her composure as she and Jay talk to Steve, but Thorfinn has arrived and is threatening all the Livings in the room. Thorfinn, however, is mesmerized when Steve is flipping through the channels and stops on a documentary about Vikings. He is immediately hooked on the “magical window.”

As Sam continues to try to avoid the ghosts, Isaac enlists Trevor’s help to search out his nemesis, Alexander Hamilton, on the internet. Jay walks by and thinks he sees a key moving on the computer, but convinces himself he’s imagining it. He stops to turn off the television, which infuriates Thorfinn, then heads down to the basement where the cholera ghosts groan at his mechanical ineptitude.

In the kitchen, Sam is on her laptop, trying to ignore the growing number of complaints from the ghosts. Jay calls up from the basement for Sam to bring him a screwdriver, but the ghosts follow her but stop short at the top of the basement stairs. That’s one place none of the upstairs ghosts feel comfortable going.

When Sam enters the basement, she sees the cholera ghosts for the first time. She tells Jay she needs to go to the hospital because she is still seeing ghosts. Jay agrees, but as they leave, the cholera ghosts start frantically shouting for him to shut the red valve. They are so insistent that Sam tells Jay to shut off the valve. When he finally does, the cholera ghosts sigh in relief. Had he not, the house might have exploded.

At the hospital, Sam is explaining her situation to an older male doctor. He is sympathetic and tells her that some people are able to see ghosts once they’ve been near to death. He says the last time he had seen a case like hers was eighty-five years ago. Sam asks how old he is, and the doctor says he was about fifty when he died. As he stands to leave, a young female doctor walks through the door. The ghost doctor says he’ll let Sam consult with her Living doctor and disappears through the wall.

Back at the mansion, the ghosts are debating the ethics of what they’re doing to Sam. While Thorfinn is happy to have driven off his enemy, Sass feels guilty that they’ve driven Sam insane. Isaac, on the other hand, is completely apathetic. He’s compared Alexander Hamilton’s legacy to his own and is depressed to learn that he is only a footnote in history. He’s especially upset that his rival got a Broadway musical produced about his life.

In the car on the way back from the hospital, Sam is feeling much better. Since she’s seeing different ghosts in different places, she knows that she is not hallucinating. She sees several ghosts on the drive back. When they reach the mansion, Jay tells Sam he will support her completely. As they have a touching moment, Pete pops his head up from the back seat to say they were sweet. Sam hurries out of the car, leaving Jay to ask if there had been a ghost in the car.

Sam greets the ghosts in the foyer. She tells them, yes, she can see them. She also says this is her house and the ghosts need to leave and go haunt someplace else. The ghosts laugh at this, saying if they could leave they would done so years ago. The ghosts are stuck at the location where they died, possibly for eternity. Hetty suggests Sam and Jay leave since they can, but Sam says that is not happening. Since they can’t afford to leave, they will just have to find a way to live together. She asks the ghosts what they want to leave her in peace.

Thorfinn wants to watch Vikings on TV every day. Trevor wants Sam to kill herself, become a ghost and date him. (Not gonna happen.) Isaac wants Sam to write his biography. Alberta wants Sam to invite the descendants of the ten most likely suspects in her murder to the house to figure who killed her. Flower wants world peace, Hetty wants her late husband’s picture removed and the hole in her wall repaired. Sass wants the whole Hudson Valley returned to the Lenape, but will settle for her turning on the radio in the afternoons. Pete has no requests; he just want to say “Hi and welcome.”

With the ghost placated, Sam figures out a way to convince Jay she can see ghosts. She has him follow her to the basement, where the cholera ghosts walk them through repairing the water heater. When it works, Jay is finally convinced that Sam can communicate with ghosts.

Later that night, Sam is in bed working when Jay comes in to tell her he’s covered up the hole in Hetty’s wall. Unfortunately, he used her late husband’s painting to do so. Oblivious to Hetty’s distress, Jay talks to the empty air, saying “You’re welcome.”

Sam tells Jay she is working on a writing project. He leaves her to work. The episode ends with Isaac telling Sam his life story.

Episode Quotes

  • “Yup, she can still see us. Also, she’s apparently a little cranky before she’s had her coffee.” -Pete
  • “Troops, never before have we possessed the ability to communicate with a Living. We are in uncharted waters.” -Isaac
  • “Don’t talk to enemy, destroy them. Then toast their deaths with horns full of mead!” -Thorfinn
  • “We can’t let these invaders take our land.” -Isaac
  • “Do you hear it? At all? Do you hear the words that you’re saying?” -Sasappis
  • “My death, like my life, was spectacular.” -Alberta
  • “The Internet? It’s an invention for looking up stock prices and porn.” -Trevor
  • “Hey, who’s your favorite boy ghost? I’d say Thor, but he really scares me, but I kind of like that.” -Flower
  • “I cannot spend another night listening to that bohemian blather away. I won’t do it!” -Hetty
  • “It’s your classic haunted house.” -Pete
  • “Leave him, kill yourself, become a ghost and get with me.” -Trevor
  • “We slept in separate bedrooms, to keep the flame of our passion burning bright.” -Isaac