2.09 - The Christmas Spirit, Part One

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 9
Episode Title: The Christmas Spirit: Part One
Air Date: December 15, 2022
Written By: Emily Schmidt
Directed By: Jay Karas
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: John Hartman, Andrew Leeds, Punam Patel, Jaden Zachary Goetz
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Episode Summary

Sam, Jay, and some of the Ghosts are watching a Christmas movie. Thor walks in wanting to know why there are Christmas decorations in his room. “Thor hates Christmas!Jay says that isn’t good because Sam loves Christmas, and Sam agrees. To her it’s not just a holiday, it’s a whole season….Thor continues, “Christmas steals best part of Norse Yule Festival and make lame. Takes wise Odin, turn him into stupid-faced fat man.Flower thinks that sounds like cultural appropriation that Sam always says that’s bad. Sam says no, it’s different. Thor disagrees and tells her that mocking his culture hurts him. Sam quickly changes the subject.

Sam is hanging the mistletoe and Jay says that Bela, his sister, is pulling up now.  Bela walks in with a guest they haven’t met before, his name is Eric. Trevor isn’t pleased, he wants her to be happy but not in this house. He still likes Bela and, “She knows I haunt this house. This is just rude.Bela explains that her car got booted and she needed a ride. She and Eric are just long-time friends. Trevor is happy to hear that. Bela continues on, basically saying that the two of them together would be awful and strange. Eric looks uncomfortable and Hetty and Sass feel bad for him. Bela doesn’t seem aware that what she’s saying is hurtful to Eric.

Sam, who has been trying to play matchmaker with Bela for awhile, asks her about Eric. She says he’s an architect with his own firm. He’s single and successful and has a thing for her, but she doesn’t feel the same. Jay says Eric is too stable, nice and normal for Bela. Bela doesn’t know why she doesn’t have feelings for him, he’s always there for her. Sam tells her that the holidays have a way of making you see what’s been in front of your face all along. Bela says she doesn’t need help with men and asks if Trevor is around. Eric interrupts and Jay takes him and Bela upstairs to find their rooms. Sam isn’t deterred, she thinks she can play matchmaker to Eric and Bela.

The Ghosts are brainstorming song ideas to be a gift for Sam on Christmas morning. Alberta says they are calling the group, “Alberta and the Christmas Cookies.Flower asks Isaac if he’s bringing Nigel by the mistletoe. Isaac says he doesn’t want to be insensitive by flaunting his happiness. He is referring to the face palm incident when Pete tried to kiss Alberta. Flower laughs and Sass says that was hard to watch but Pete says he was told to be proud. Pete tells Isaac not to hold back because of him, he’s fine. Isaac admits there’s not much going on between he and Nigel. Alberta asks, “So, y’all haven’t kissed yet? At all?Isaac answers they haven’t and Flower says, “Isaac, it’s been months. I would have slept with him and his bass player by now.Pete and Sass pile on with teasing so Isaac gets defensive and leaves.

Sass asks Trevor what’s up and he tells him it’s the thing with Bela, bringing up old feelings. He likes her and is having to watch Sam set her up with this dweeb. “What does he have that I don’t? A body. Big whoop.Sass gets an idea, “Well we know from Hetty and Jay how a ghost can possess a person, right? And Bela did say that Eric would do basically anything she asked.Trevor realizes what Sass is suggesting, “Oh, my God, Sass, you’re saying that I possess Eric so I can be with Bela?Sass says, “That’s exactly what I’m saying.Trevor thinks Sass is a genius. Sass says, “We’re sending you where no ghost has gone before.Trevor says,  “Inside Eric.

Eric and Bela are in the kitchen making a gingerbread house. Sam is still hoping the two of them will get together. Trevor and Sass rush in excited to see that the iPad has been left open. Alberta and Flower ask what they are up to. Trevor explains, “We’re texting Bela to see if she’ll convince Eric to let me possess him for a day so that she and I can finally be together.Alberta thinks that’s the greatest thing she’s ever heard. Trevor says, ”One small step for a ghost, one giant leap for ghost kind.

Sam tells Jay she’s working on getting Eric and Bela together. Jay tells her to send Eric out to chop wood. Bela loves videos of lumberjacks chopping wood. Hetty takes a look at the video and wants Sam to play more. Meanwhile, Trevor has written the text and sends it to Bela. She picks up her phone and smiles as the Ghosts watch. She texts back “yes” and the Ghosts cheer.

Jay is putting ornaments on the tree. Thor, not seen or heard by Jay, is watching with disapproval, “This not Christmas tree. This tree of Balder, god of sun! You desecrate my culture, small man.Bela comes in to speak with Jay. Alberta, Trevor, Sass and Flower are right behind her. Bela says, “Hey, I don’t think I ever asked you about that time you got possessed by a ghost.Jay says no, she didn’t. Trevor is worried she’s being too bold and that Jay will catch on. Bela says it must have been weird and scary. Jay agrees and Bela offers to listen to him talk about it. She wants to know how he felt and a little about how it happened. Jay thinks it’s nice of her to care. Jay explains how he was standing right over by the sconce, trying to fix it. He was on a ladder at the time so Bela asks where the ladder is. Jay asks why that matters and Bela assures him she’s just trying to be there for him. After all, he went through a traumatic event and he can’t tell anyone. Jay thinks she’s great for caring about what he went through and they hug.

Pete walks in to talk to Isaac who is sitting alone and asks if he’s excited about tomorrow. Isaac says, “Yes. I’m sure my 280th Christmas will be my best one yet. Yippee.Pete said he understands being nervous about physical intimacy. Isaac is frustrated and is confused about why he’s so nervous. It isn’t his first kiss, he had kissed his wife over a hundred times. Pete says, “Yeah, but it’s different this time. I mean, Nigel gives you those butterflies in your stomach, right?Isaac replies, “I mean, I suppose so, I died of dysentery, so it’s always sort of gurgling down there. But, yes, he does produce a certain flutter that seems distinct from gas.Pete smiles, “And that is why it’s gonna be the best kiss you’ve ever had.Isaac tries to clarify. “You’re saying that the fact that I’m nervous is a good thing?Pete replies, “It’s a great thing. You’ve waited so long. You deserve this, Isaac. You just have to get out of your own way.Isaac nods and thanks him, “I hope you don’t give up on kissing entirely after the face-palm incident.Pete feels they don’t need to keep bringing that up.

Sam tells Bela that she thought it might be nice to have a fire tonight so perhaps she could go outside with Eric and watch him chop firewood. Bela asks if Sam is trying to turn this into a real-life Christmas movie but Sam denies it. Bela tells her that her matchmaking may be working, she can see something happening with Eric. Sam is excited. Eric comes in asking if Sam had left a flannel shirt on his bed with a pair of suspenders but she claims it was a laundry mishap. Sam goes off to make a grocery list and Thor follows, telling her to get mead! Bela asks Eric to sit down because she has something to talk to him about. “You remember how I told you that I think this house might be haunted?

Trevor and Sass run in and watch the conversation. “Well, the thing is…it is haunted.Eric asks how she knows that and she explains, “Okay, this is gonna sound weird, so just go with me. You know that  finance bro I was taking to for a while?Eric says yes and Bela continues, “Yeah. Well, the thing is, Trevor‘s a ghost.” “Like  he ghosted you?” he replies. Bela shakes her head, “No, like, he’s dead.” She tells him he’s an actual ghost that haunts this house and she knows it sounds crazy. Eric said that after his Pop Pop died, his Nana said she could still talk to him but no one believed her except for him. He doesn’t think Bela is crazy. Bela really likes Trevor and he likes her but she can’t see or touch him. Trevor is crossing his fingers, this is the big moment. He’s nervous. Bela asks, “Eric…would you let Trevor possess your body so that we can be together? Just for a day?Eric thinks that’s a lot to take in so Bela tells him to take his time. He wants to have all the facts, how would it work? Would there be a séance? Bela says, “No, you just electrocute yourself by touching exposed wiring and then your body gets thrown back into the ghost.Eric is pensive and Bela tells him he doesn’t have to do it. Eric sees that Bela is disappointed, “Look, cards on the tabIe—I really like you. And someday, I hope, maybe we’ll even end up together. But this whole Trevor thing—I can see this is something you need to get out of your system. You need to sow your wild ghosts.” He tells her if that’s what she wants for Christmas, he’s in. Trevor and Sass cheer wildly while Bela thanks Eric. Trevor says, “This guy is mentally ill but I love him!

Isaac thanks Nigel for walking him back to the mansion. Nigel notices that they are under the mistletoe. Nigel tells Isaac they don’t have to follow tradition but Isaac says no, they’ve waited this long and they should do this. Nigel closes his eyes and leans in for a kiss but is met with Isaac’s palm on his face. “Why is your hand upon my face?Isaac isn’t sure. “Could you remove it?Isaac tells Nigel he’s sorry, “It was just an unfortunate reflex.Nigel is hurt, “It’s a telling one. I’ve been patient, Isaac, but it’s clear to me you’re just not ready for this. I’m sorry to say,  I think our relationship, such that it is, should end.Isaac is surprised and asks him not to leave like that but Nigel tells him Happy Christmas, and leaves.

Bela goes to Jay and Sam’s room to make sure they are going to sleep, and hurries downstairs. Eric is up on a ladder and she’s telling Trevor to stand behind him so that when Eric gets electrocuted he will fly back into him. Hetty tells Trevor, “Stay close to the host’s body. I believe that was key to my successful possession.” The Ghosts are rooting for Trevor to be successful but Eric is nervous. Sam walks in and Bela is surprised, “You said you were going to sleep.Sam says she’s just leaving milk and cookies for Santa. “Why is Eric up the ladder?Bela stammers but Sam figures out what they are attempting to do. Jay comes in hoping to get a cookie from Sam. He looks at Eric and Bela and asks what’s going on. Sam replies, “Bela’s trying to get Eric possessed by Trevor.Alberta tells Sam not to be a rat. Jay looks at Bela, “Is that why you asked me about getting possessed by Hetty? You didn’t care about my feelings.Bela says both things can be true, but Eric is interested to learn about Jay’s possession. Jay is hurt, but Eric wants to know if getting electrocuted hurt, that’s the most concerning part for him. Jay tells Eric he’s not going through with it but Bela says it’s not his call. “Trevor, Eric and I are three consenting adults.Jay thinks this is a terrible idea and that Bela is always making bad relationships. Bela is hurt, “Oh, I’m sorry, Jay. Not all of us can have perfect marriages….Jay says, “I’m not asking you to have a perfect marriage. I’m asking you not to sleep with a ghost on Christmas in my house.” Bela, upset, tells Jay she doesn’t need this. “Trevor, I’m sorry it didn’t work out, and I’m sorry you have to haunt a house with such a judgmental jerk. I’m going to bed.Eric asks Sam and Jay about the plans for opening gifts in the morning but Sam tells him to go to bed. Trevor tells Sam how unfair this is but Sam says he’s ruined Christmas. Trevor replies, “And you ruined the seventh night of Hanukkah.

It’s Christmas morning and Sam is placing gifts under the tree. Thor asks, “So, hideous decorations come down tomorrow?Sam smiles she likes to keep them up until Groundhog Day. Thor groans. Thor asks what happened to the light, pointing to the sconce that was loosened by Bela and Eric last night. Sam says it’s a long story and she prefers not to think about it on Christmas. But she decides she should tighten the fixture and climbs up the ladder.

Sam puts the screwdriver up to tighten the sconce and Thor, behind her, tells her to be careful. She then gets electrocuted and flies backwards and into Thor. Sam stands up and asks in a gruff voice, “What happen? Why hands so small and clean?” The Ghosts rush in saying Merry Christmas to Sam. Alberta, Flower, Sass and Pete tell her they can’t give her much, but they can give her this: they begin to sing “Silent Night.Sam has clearly been possessed by Thor, but the Ghosts don’t realize it yet. She covers her ears as they begin singing, “No! Hate this song!” and she storms out. Alberta says she told them they should have sang “White Christmas!

Episode Quotes

  • “Why Christmas decorations in Thor’s room? Thor hate Christmas.” – Thorfinn
  • “Jay’s right. Christmas is not just a holiday to me. It’s a season, it’s a lifestyle.” – Sam
  • “It’s a coffee flavor that she starts using in June.” – Jay
  • “Can you believe it, Jay? We’re hosting friggin Christmas at our house. This is the dream.” – Sam
  • “Hey, Sam, I just want to say that even though Bela is my ex, I promise things will not get weird.” – Trevor
  • “Okay, “ex” feels a little strong for someone who doesn’t live on the same plane of existence as you.” – Sasappis
  • “My car got booted and I needed a ride. Turns out, if you park at a Dunkin’ Donuts for more than two weeks, they will take action.” – Bela
  • “Probably needs to check to see if his man parts are still there.” – Hetty
  • “You’re right, Trevor. That was insensitive of me. It’s just that he seems like a nice guy, and you don’t have a body.” – Sam
  • “Oh, brainstorming song ideas. It’s gonna be our present for Sam on Christmas morning.” – Pete
  • “I wouldn’t want to be too insensitive to others by flaunting my happiness. Well, I hesitate to bring this up in present company, but there was the face-palm incident between Pete and Alberta.” – Issac
  • “So, y’all haven’t kissed yet? At all?” – Alberta
  • “I would’ve slept with him and his bass player by now.” – Flower
  • “Man, when Pete’s slamming your sex life, that is not a place you want to be.” – Sasappis
  • “Oh, my God, Sass, you’re saying that I possess Eric so I can be with Bela?” – Trevor
  • “Hey, I don’t know if this will be successful. But if it is, it’ll be the greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of. We’re sending you where no ghost has gone before.” – Sasappis
  • “Uh, what are you two knuckleheads up to?” – Alberta
  • “One small step for a ghost, one giant leap for ghost kind.” – Trevor
  • “This is a lumberjack from Maine Oh, yeah. With 300,000 followers.” – Jay
  • “Holy hell. She said yes! This is incredible!” – Sasappis
  • “This not Christmas tree. This tree of Balder, god of sun! You desecrate my culture, small man.” – Thorfinn
  • “Oh, it’s just vexing, these nerves. I’m no neophyte. My Beatrice and I locked lips many times. Over a hundred.” – Issac
  • “I mean, Nigel gives you those butterflies in your stomach, right?” – Pete
  • ”  mean, I suppose so. I died of dysentery, so it’s always sort of gurgling down there. But, yes, he does produce a certain flutter that seems distinct from gas.” – Issac
  • “I could see something happening with me and Eric. Seriously? All I’m gonna say is this will definitely be a Christmas to remember.” – Bela
  • ” This guy is mentally ill but I love him!” – Trevor
  • “Oh, my. We find ourselves beneath the mistletoe.” ­– Nigel
  • “We’ve waited this long. We should do this.” – Issac
  • “Why is your hand upon my face?” – Nigel
  • “I’ve been patient, Isaac, but it’s clear to me you’re just not ready for this. I’m sorry to say, I think our relationship, such that it is, should end.” – Nigel
  • ” I really think she’s starting to make good decisions.” – Sam
  • “Stay close to the host body. I believe that was key to my successful possession.” – Hetty
  • “And if you should come across any morphine, do it. Let Eric handle the withdrawals.” – Hetty
  • “Oh, my God. You’re trying to get Eric possessed by Trevor, aren’t you?” – Sam