2.14 - Trevor's Body

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 14
Episode Title: Trevor’s Body
Air Date: February 9, 2023
Written By: Ian Murphy
Directed By: Alex Hardcastle
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast:  
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Episode Summary

Isaac and Nigel are out for a stroll when they come across Jay and some guests fishing off a stone bridge on the property. They ask Thor, who is there watching them fish, what’s going on. Thor explains it’s a new guest experience package where they can catch a fish and Jay will cook whatever they catch. It’s called “bait-to-plate.” “Oh, my God, I think I got something,” a female guest exclaims. Jay cheers and tells the couple that they will be eating well tonight. She reels in her catch but instead of a fish it’s a human skull. Jay laughs, “Of course it is.Thor thinks that’s probably the end of the bait-to-plate program.

Sam and Jay announce to some of the Ghosts that they have big news. They’ve heard from the coroner, the skull the guest pulled out of the water was Trevor’s. Hetty considers what the proper etiquette should be toward Trevor as Flower comes in to join the others, “Sam, there’s an older couple walking in, arguing about where to get the best bagel in Manhattan.Trevor answers, “It’s obviously Ess-a-Bagel.” “Yeah,  that’s what the guy said.” In walk the couple and Trevor can’t believe it, “Oh, my God. It’s my parents.

Over in the shed, Pete, Thor and Nigel are watching ants at work. Nigel welcomes Pete to their ant-watching club. Isaac wants Nigel to get back to their walk, “I’m not interested in watching ants, or having your ex-lover stare at me weirdly.Nigel is ready to go walking with Isaac, so Jenkins looks directly at him, “Enjoy your walk. I’ll be here waiting, something I’m very good at.Isaac and Nigel leave. Pete tells Thor he loves it in the shed because there are such great ants. “We are so lucky Nigel and Isaac started dating.Jenkins hears Pete and says they will see how long that lasts. Thor turns to look at Jenkins, “Excuse me?” “Oh, no, I shouldn’t say anything more. I mean, if I told you Nigel and I liasoned on Christmas Eve, it’d surely get back to… Oops. Pretend you didn’t hear.Pete frowns, “What do you mean ’liasoned?’” Jenkins responds, ”I guess you’ll just have to ask Nigel, won’t you? Let those lips tell you themselves what they’ve been up to.

Trevor’s mother, Esther, fills Sam in about what happened after Trevor went missing. They never found the body so she is relieved that they finally have his remains. It gives them both a bit of closure. Trevor‘s dad, Lenny, explains that they wanted to come to Woodstone and walk the grounds so they could see where Trevor had been all this time. Trevor is finding all of this depressing and asks Sam to please try to lighten the conversation up. Sam thinks for a few seconds and asks them if they’ve brought any pictures of Trevor with them that they can look at. Jay nods in agreement. Esther pulls out her phone explaining that their son Jeremy uploaded the pictures for them from her cloud. Trevor wants to know what Jeremy is doing these days. Sam asks and Lenny says, “Well, he sleeps till noon and calls when he needs money.Trevor laughs, “That checks out.Esther shows Sam and Jay a picture of Trevor as a toddler, “Look at that punim.” Lenny adds, “And that tiny shmeckel.” Trevor says, “Hey, that’s a respectable shmeckel for a two-year-old.Jay asks about a picture of Trevor with a cardboard cut out of Mel Gibson. It was the theme of his bar mitzvah, Mel Gibson movies. Trevor‘s dad explains, “We didn’t know about Mel yet at that time.Trevor wonders what there is to know, Mel Gibson is  awesome. Trevor has Sam ask if they still live in Trevor’s childhood home. Esther replies, “I still do. Lenny moved into a condo after the divorce.Trevor is shocked, “I come from a broken home? I’m a ghost of divorce.

Alberta, Hetty and Flower have learned from Pete, that Nigel and Jenkins liasoned on Christmas Eve. Now they have to decide if they should tell Isaac or not. Hetty asks Pete if he would have wanted to know that his wife was cheating on him. Pete says, “Look, being totally honest, finding out was one of the worst days of my afterlife. I kind of wish I never knew.Alberta says, “But if Isaac knew, at least he’d be able to deal with it.Isaac walks in and asks, “Deal with what?Flower answers Isaac, “We’re trying to figure out whether to tell Isaac that Nigel cheated on him.” “What?Isaac asks. Flower responds, oblivious to the situation, “I know. It’s a toughie.Isaac looks at Pete, waiting for answers. “Look, Isaac, um, after you left the shed, Jenkins told Thor and I that on Christmas Eve, when you and Nigel were briefly broken up, Jenkins and Nigel… liasoned.” “What does that mean?Pete continues awkwardly, “He mentioned something about lips and then did this thing with his eyebrows, it didn’t seem great.

Trevor is sitting on the sofa, feeling sorry for himself. “My parents are divorced,  Mel Gibson’s a monster. What the hell is going on in the world?Sam gets it, her parents got divorced and it was hard for her to deal with. Hetty looks at Sam, “Oh, was sort of expecting a comforting follow-up. I guess we’re just getting information.Trevor doesn’t understand. They were the perfect married couple and he felt like there was still a spark between them. “That’s the thing about divorce.Sam says, “There’s those moments where the two people see each other again at some family event,  like a… graduation or a dance recital, and you think there’s a chance they could get back together.Hetty looks at Sam, wincing, “Again, it just never takes that uplifting turn.Trevor sits up straight, “But what if the recital didn’t end?Trevor thinks they need to throw a memorial for him. “And my parents stay here at the B&B for the whole weekend while we manipulate them back into love.” “Are you suggesting we Parent Trap them from beyond the grave?Sam asks. Jay didn’t like the direction this is going but Trevor wants to do this. As their son he has insider information and Sam can create a perfect romantic scenario for his parents. Sam is excited, “I don’t know if this’ll work, but we got to try.Jay thinks they should let Trevor’s parents be, but Trevor feels it’s his fault they got divorce, and he has to try to fix it. Jay agrees to help. Thor says, “Very difficult to build trap big enough to capture both parents. But, if you succeed, you and small man eat like kings.Alberta, looking horrified, asks Thor, “What is wrong with you?

The Ghosts are keeping watch over Trevor’s mom and dad, to see if they are going to be able to get them in their Parent Trap. They are disappointed to hear that all they are doing is discussing the route to take home. Trevor hollers for Sam to get them some wine. Sam tells them that they will be having red snapper for dinner. That’s what they had every year for their anniversary as Sam and Jay are beginning to set the “trap”. Trevor smiles and looks at Sam, “Now play The Best of Times from the musical La Cage aux Folles. The music begins and Lenny and Esther can’t believe that their song is playing. Lenny explains to Sam, “We used to sing this song at every family occasion.Lenny and Esther are starting to share memories and even touch each other’s hands. The Ghosts are happy, it seems their plan may be working.

Isaac has come to speak with Nigel in the shed. “Nigel, you should know that Jenkins had been spreading the most vile of rumors, trying to drive a wedge between us.” “Is he?Nigel asks. “He told my friends that you and he liasoned on Christmas Eve.Nigel gets to his feet to face Isaac. “Need I remind you that we were temporarily broken up at that point?Isaac is appalled at Nigel’s words. “So it’s true?Nigel says they were on a respite but Isaac reminds him that they were only apart for 15 hours. “You refused to even kiss me.Nigel insists, “You injured my pride.Isaac is deeply hurt. “I can’t even look at you right now. We’re finished.Trevor turns and leaves with Nigel yelling behind him, “Again, we were on a respite. A respite!

Sam and Jay lead Lenny and Esther over to watch television while they are having their dessert. They say they thought that maybe they’d like to relax and watch movies. Hetty thinks it’s nice that Jay is also helping to get Trevor’s parents to have sex. “Okay Sam,Trevor says, “Now offer to put on The Horse Whisperer. It was a Robert Redford film that my mother always referred to as ‘sensual.’Sam mentions the movie to Trevor’s parents and Esther says she knows that one, it’s a good choice. Flower grins and tells Trevor, “Your mom’s all horned up.Lenny says to Esther, “I don’t think we ever made it through that one all the way.Esther agrees that they did not. Sam and Jay take that as a clue and excuse themselves. They start watching the movie and Lenny puts his arm around Esther. As they start to flirt, Lenny’s phone rings. Esther is annoyed but he says he has to answer the call, it’s work. Esther is angry and walks out of the room with Trevor calling fruitlessly for her to come back.

Isaac is pouring his heart out to Pete about Nigel. Nancy from the Cholera Pit comes in the room asking, “What’s up with Commander Crap over here looking all  sad?Thor answers, “Isaac now second most famous cuckold in house.Pete throws up his hands. Isaac wants to know how he is supposed to get over this heartbreak. Alberta says he has to find someone else, it’s the best way to get over someone. Isaac says there isn’t anyone available to him except Jenkins and he’s out. Thor knows someone that Isaac might like. “Other day, when yelling from window to son Bjorn, I learn there is a gay Puritan ghost also living at Farnsbys’.”  He thinks maybe they would get along.

Trevor rushes in to tell Sam his father messed things up by taking a phone call. That was an issue that always annoyed her during their marriage. Trevor feels the divorce was his fault since it happened not long after his death. They have to get them together tonight or he won’t get another chance. Sam nods, “Okay, so, in The Parent Trap, they sent a message to the one parent to get them to show up at the same place where they knew the other parent was going to be ….  You could sneak into your mom’s room and use her phone to text your dad and invite him over.Jay is appalled, “You want him to sext his dad?!Trevor however,  thinks she’s a genius. Jay laughs nervously, “We’re going to hell.

Later, as Trevor’s memorial is starting, Sam asks Trevor how things went with his parents. He says he sent the text but left before he saw whether or not they had sex. Alberta says, “Oh, baby, I can let you know. They did it.Pete asks, “Wait. Are you also just interpreting their body language, or…?Alberta replies, “Uh-uh, honey. I saw them. Wanted to make sure it happened for you, Trev. Congrats.” “You watched my parents do it?Trevor asks. Flower, standing next to Alberta, adds, “It was beautiful.Trevor can’t believe this, “Seriously, you too?Sass says he was going to leave but Hetty called him a wimp so he stayed. Hetty tells Trevor, “It was very educational. Esther put on quite the master class.Trevor is stunned that everyone, including his current sexual partner, watched his parents have sex.

He opens his mouth and just closes it again. Luckily, in walks Jay who introduces Sam to Tara Reid. Tara tells Sam that she’s there for the memorial service. Trevor can’t believe his eyes. “My parents are boning, and Tara Reid is at my memorial? Best day ever!Hetty asks who Tara Reid is and Trevor responds, “We’ve been through this. She was a huge movie star. I was at her birthday at the Surf Lodge…Jay explains to Sam, “Uh, Trevor’s brother Jeremy hired Tara off of an app called Pop-In? Which is kind of like Cameo, but for in-person appearances.” Trevor says, “My brother couldn’t make it so he sent Tara Reid? Is that a bro or what?

Upstairs, Isaac is with Thor who is yelling over to the Farnsbys’ house to the Puritan ghost. “This is Isaac. Other homosexual ghost I tell you about!Isaac hollers, “Hello, George!” to the Puritan ghost and he hollers hello back. Thor excuses himself so they can, “Scream in private.Isaac asks George to tell him about himself but George doesn’t want that. “Let’s get to the naughty stuff!Isaac is taken aback, “Oh, that’s a bit forward! Aren’t you a Puritan?!” “Yes, well,George replies, “When I died and didn’t immediately go to heaven, I reconsidered some things! I’m a bad, bad boy now! And I want to hear what you’re wearing, sir!” “You know, it’s all a bit fast for me, George! How about reading?! Are you a fan? Have you read The Iliad?!” George hollers back, “What did you say about an oily lad?! Describe him… slowly!Isaac looks at George and rolls his eyes and turns and walks away from the window.

The memorial has begun and Trevor’s parents are watching the photos of Trevor play on the screen. Esther thanks everyone for coming. She’s very grateful to have so many people there in the room that cared about her son. Nancy, the Cholera ghost, shows up with condolences for Trevor from the Cholera Pit Ghosts. Recognizing his parents, she tells Trevor that she watched them have sex the night before. Lenny steps forward to acknowledge this tribute to their son and share that this should be a reminder of what is most important in life. Tara Reid gets up and says she’d like to say something. Trevor is thrilled and watches in wonder. “First off all,” she says, “I’m excited to tell you that Pop-In and Taco Bell have teamed up for a very exciting offer. Anyone that leaves here from the memorial and mentions Trevor’s name at the drive-through gets a free large drink. I didn’t know Trevor that well, but he seemed like a really warm and wonderful guy. And he was a bit of a player. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Right, Lenny? He slipped me his business card in the kitchen.Esther turns to Lenny, “Are you kidding me, Lenny?Lenny tries to say it was just business, but Esther won’t listen to that.

Isaac has decided to forgive Nigel because he believes they have something special. Nigel agrees, “Sometimes it takes a meaningless Christmas liason or screaming obscenities with a pervy Puritan to realize what you’ve had all along.Isaac pretends surprise that Nigel had heard but Nigel assures him that “Paul Revere never screamed so loudly.Isaac’s point is that he wants to be with Nigel but he doesn’t think that he should continue living with Jenkins. He wants Nigel to move out of the shed and into the Mansion with him. Nigel responds, “You mean like in your room?Isaac answers, “I mean like in a nearby room. Don’t want to rush things.Nigel thinks they are moving very slowly but accepts Isaac‘s invitation to live in the mansion.

Esther and Lenny are in the kitchen arguing and Trevor tells Sam to get in there and fix it. Sam says, “Maybe there’s an innocent explanation for the whole business card thing. Maybe Tara Reid is interested in wholesale lighting.Sam reminds them that they had said it felt like Trevor was in the room. If that’s right, then Trevor might be watching and they wouldn’t want him to think their divorce was his fault. Lenny explains that Trevor’s death had nothing to do with them getting a divorce, they had problems long before. Esther tells Sam she had caught him cheating on her years before Trevor died. They had stayed together for the kids. She looks up, “Trevor, if you’re really here, we want you to know that. You were the best thing to come out of our marriage. The point is, Trevor, we miss you every day, and we’re so glad you were our son.Trevor wishes he could hug his mother so Alberta steps in and let’s him hug her instead.

Later, Jay and Sam are watching television with the Ghosts, but Sam is concerned that they too could grow apart some day. She always thought her parents were solid and so did Trevor. Jay points out that they will never grow stale or have empty nest syndrome because they have eight ghosts that will never leave. Tara Reid pops in to say goodbye. Then, they hear a noise out in the hall, so Sam runs out in time to protect Tara from the vase that Trevor knocked over so she’d fall down the stairs. Pete asks Trevor if he was trying to kill her and Trevor pauses then admits, “Okay, yes, busted.

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