2.10 - The Christmas Spirit, Part Two

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 10
Episode Title: The Christmas Spirit: Part Two
Air Date: December 15, 2022
Written By: Joe Port & Joe Wiseman
Directed By: Jay Karas
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: John Hartman, Hillary Anne Matthews, Andrew Leeds, Punam Patel, Neil Crone, Jaden Zachary Goetz, Christian Daoust, Josee LaViolette, Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper
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Episode Summary

Sam, unbeknownst to anyone, is currently possessed by Thor. She’s rummaging through the refrigerator looking for things to eat. Grabbing a stick of butter she takes a big bite. Sass is behind her and as she turns around he asks her if she took a big bite out of a butter stick. SamThor says in a gruff voice, “No. Normal bite.” She turns around and suddenly thrashes back and forth and says,  “OMG. Sass, you won’t believe what just happened. I was fixing a light and I got shocked and then I think Thor possessed me.Sass says he was starting to figure that out. Sam decides she needs to do the same thing Jay did when possessed by Hetty. “I’ve got to get into the car, then drive-through the ghost boundary and then Thor will just pop out of my body.” But Sass asks, “What if you didn’t eject Thor right away? You know, what if you let the big guy hang out? You know, let him live it up a little?Sam declines saying she’s handling this right now. Sass keeps trying, “Oh come on. He’s been a ghost for a thousand years. Just give him a few hours. You’re always talking about the Christmas spirit. This is literally a spirit you can help on Christmas.Sam tells him no. Sass says “At least let him have some cod!” That brings Thor back in charge of Sam, “Cod? Where cod?Sass asks Thor if it’s him and he replies, “Yes. Help me Sass. Sam no want to let me live.” They go to find Hetty, the resident expert on possession.

Hetty assures them they’ve come to the right place. “By the end of my time inside Jay, I had learned to fully suppress the host.” She tells them she’ll share her knowledge for a price. “Yesterday, Jay showed me a video that rocked me to my core. When I asked Samantha to replay the short lumberjack film for me, she refused, saying that she needed her phone for personal affairs.Sass asks if what she wants is for Thor to use Sam’s hands and play the video for her. Hetty replies, “Of the muscled man and his wood, yes.Thor starts flailing around and Sam breaks through. She tells them this is ridiculous and they are all going to be in a lot of trouble. Hetty looks at Sam and says, “Thor, run toward the light and close the door behind you.Sam can’t believe that Hetty is helping Thor keep possession of her body. She asks why she is doing this. “You had your chance to do the right thing. Now, Thor, the light. Run!Sam strains, flailing, Thor is back! Hetty tells him to go get Sam’s phone from the kitchen. Thor turns and walks right into the closed door. He’s not used to being in a solid body.

Isaac Is sleeping. He’s dreaming of a time with his wife on their anniversary. He’s telling his wife that it’s been another blissful year. She says, “Indeed. One delight after another. Although, if I were to lodge one small complaint, it’s that you’re a big gay liar.” He turns, ”Excuse me?” “Your mother’s also a tad nosy, but yes, I’d say, overall the worst part about our marriage is that it’s a total sham because,  again, you’re a big gay liar.Isaac stammers, trying to speak. Suddenly, Ben Franklin walks into the bedroom, “Greetings. Greetings and salutations.Isaac asks what he’s doing there and he replies, “Well, I happened to be passing by,  and I couldn’t help but overhear the words, “Big gay liar,” so I automatically assumed that someone was discussing my old pal Higgintoot.Isaac is mortified, “You know too? I mean, no I’m not.” Ben says, “Well, uh, I’m not discovering any electricity between you two.Isaac‘s wife laughs. Isaac wakes up, relieved, “It was only a dream.

Back in the kitchen,  Alberta asks Trevor how he’s doing and that she’s sorry he didn’t get to possess Eric. Trevor says, “Oh it would have been the second greatest thing a Jew ever did on Hanukkah.Jay, who is busy cooking, looks in the refrigerator and is surprised to see the butter is gone. In walks Bela and tells him that Eric left. She woke up to a note saying he was taking the train back to Boston. He apologized for ruining Christmas. Jay says he’s sorry. Alberta can’t believe he left his car behind for Bela. Bela tells Jay she gets why he thinks this is crazy, she’s not dumb, but her and Trevor had a real connection. “You’re lucky Jay. You found the love of your life and you get to spend every day with her. I don’t have that. And now, thanks to you, I don’t even get to be with the one guy I like for one day.Sam comes in and says in a gruff voice, “Hello. Is Sam.Jay says, “What?” He and Bela look at her strangely and Sass tries to help Thor, “Just ask what’s happening.Sam says, “What happen?Sass shakes his head. Bela tells Sam that Jay will fill her in and heads upstairs.

Jay asks Sam if she’s feeling ok because she sounds funny. “Have cold.Jay says that’s a shame she’s sick on Christmas. Alberta asks Sass what’s going on and he tells Alberta and Trevor that Thor has accidentally possessed Sam and that Hetty taught him how to stay in control. Trevor is mad, “Seriously? That is so unfair.Jay tells Sam that Eric left, he’s at the train station. He asks her if she thinks he was too hard on Bela. Trevor is telling Thor to say yes but to keep it brief. He doesn’t want Jay to figure out Sam is possessed because he’ll drive Sam across the ghost boundary and evict Thor. Sam grunts, “Yeah.Alberta jumps in, “Yes. The word is yes, Thor.Jay asks again and Sam says yes. Jay asks what he should do. Trevor tells Thor to tell Jay to go get Eric from the train station and bring him back here. Sass is worried that’s too many words but Sam tells Jay, “Get Eric.” “Like, from the train station? That could…That’s kind of fun.Jay says it’ll be like the end of the Christmas movie they watched. Sam says, “Yes. And bring back cod.” The Ghosts fear Thor has blown it but Jay says, “Okay, my girl wants Christmas dinner. We’ll make it happen.” He leaves for the train station. Trevor is excited and Sam smiles. “Stupid little man. No idea.

Sam is standing in front of the Christmas tree and says with a gruff voice, “Evil tree, decorated to mock my people.” She raises her hands and yells. The tree lights flicker and Thor is shocked to see that his ghost powers work in Sam’s body. Pete sees this and says that the rumors are true. Thor says he can eat now and picks up a cookie and bites it. Pete says he’s happy for him. Pete tells him Christmas has all the best foods, “And not just desserts. Honey baked hams, turkeys.Sam’s eyes get wide. Pete said that Trevor’s family used to get Chinese food. Thor asks what Pete’s family ate. “Well, we’re Italian, so we did something called the Feast of Seven Fishes.” “Shut up!Thor says, but Pete says other foods. “Okay, so Christmas food pretty good. Is this what you like about it?Pete says that’s part of it, “Honestly, the best thing about Christmas is family, being with the people you love.” “Thor do like family. Thor miss celebrate holidays with family.Pete says that in a way, Sam, Jay and the Ghosts are all his family. So if he feels like celebrating, Thor can celebrate with them. Thor thinks that would be nice but he doesn’t like Christmas.

Jay arrives at the train station and tries to convince Eric to go back to the Mansion with him. A man nearby overhears and yells, “Ah, fancy pants over here’s got a mansion, and wants everyone to know.Jay yells back, “My wife inherited it.Eric tells Jay that things just got too weird and it’s best if he goes home. Jay has to raise his voice because of the background noise. He asks Eric if they can talk privately, but Eric doesn’t want to miss his train. Jay explains, “I realized I was too judgmental about the thing that you wanted to do with my sister last night.” The same man overhears and yells, “Whoa!Jay tells him to grow up. Jay says he just wants Bela to be happy and Eric wants the same. Jays wants him to come back with him but Eric is unsure. “Is it going to hurt,Eric asks? “Honestly, yeah,  man, a little bit. But once they’re fully inside its not that bad.” The man, still eavesdropping, yells, “Come on, man, it’s frickin’ Christmas.

Pete is talking with some of the Ghosts. Pete can’t believe that Thor has gotten away with possessing Sam so long. Pete says, “I mean at some point Jay’s gonna notice Sam’s not using a lot of verbs.Alberta saw Sam carrying a rotisserie chicken so she thinks someone will catch on. Isaac sighs, and Flower asks if he’s okay. He says he had a nightmare that is still troubling him. Flower wants to hear all about it. She used to interpret dreams and track down runners in the cult. Isaac sits down by Flower, “In the dream my Beatrice accused me of being a ‘big gay liar,’ and saying that I wasted her life.“ Flower says that’s a tough one. Pete says, “It wasn’t your fault though, you were still figuring things out yourself.” Isaac replies, “Yes, but I still trapped her in a sham marriage.“ Alberta says, “Maybe that’s why you haven’t been able to kiss Nigel. Because you feel guilty.Isaac realizes she’s right. He laughs, “Why should I be happy when she never got to be happy.Pete says this is good because now he knows what the problem is. Isaac is troubled, “The problem is that I wronged somebody who died 200 years ago and there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s very useful information Pete.Sam walks by cradling and talking to the chicken. “You are my little chicken baby. Yes, you are. But I will eat you!Alberta likes seeing the maternal side of Sam.

Hetty is in the kitchen watching videos of men chopping wood, “Split it. Split that log. Yes! A decisive blow!” Meanwhile, Thor is using Alexa to add items to Sam’s shopping list, “Alexa, add mead to shopping list.Sass has him add frozen pizzas too. Bela walks in and asks Sam where Jay is. Bela tells Sam she should get some medicine for her voice. Bela glances at the tree and says, “Oh! Did you get the ghosts Christmas presents?Sam looks and says, “Huh, so sweet.Bela asks if she should help the Ghosts open their gifts, since it’s Christmas day. She asks if any of the Ghosts are there.  Sass points to himself but Sam answers, “Thor.Bela hands Sam the gift and she asks, “What is it?Sass tells Thor to be careful, Sam would know what it is. Sam sits down with the gift. “Jay get. Is nice, feeling of anticipation and mystery.Bela asks if she’s been drinking because she sounds loopy. Sam takes the gift from the box and Thor realizes it’s a Viking ship in a bottle. Thor is clearly moved, “This for me. Is what Thor said.Bela asks if he likes it and Sam replies, “Thor… love… it.Bela looks around and says, “Merry Christmas big guy, wherever in the room you are.Sam tells her Thor says thank you.

Jay walks in with Eric, “Look who I found.Eric smiles at Bela, “Merry Christmas.Bela is surprised and asks Jay if he got Eric from the train station. Jay answers, “I don’t know if you and Trevor have a future or what you see in him. I don’t know why Eric is signing up for this, but you’re my sister and it’s Christmas. So let’s get a ghost in this dude, huh?

Eric is up on the ladder getting ready to electrocute himself with the sconce. Bela asks Eric if he’s sure about this and Eric says, “It’s what you want, and that’s what’s important to me.Jay asks if everyone is ready so Sass calls to Hetty to tell her it’s time. Hetty, still enthralled in the wood splitting videos and isn’t interested. Alberta is surprised, “Really? It’s a possession!Hetty says,  “I’ll catch the next one!

Eric takes the screwdriver to put it in the wall with Trevor right behind him. Eric gets a strong shock and falls off the ladder to the floor. Bela asks Eric if he’s ok. “Trevor are you in there?Trevor says no and Jay realizes that Eric doesn’t have a pulse. Sam says, “That not good.Eric’s spirit rises out of the body and he asks the ghosts if it worked. Trevor says, “Uh, no, dude. You’re dead.Eric says, “Oh no.Flower starts telling him her usual greeting to new ghosts and Eric’s ghost solidifies. Trevor realizes that Eric is staying.

Bela is screaming for Eric to come back and Jay gets the defibrillator. Jay has to check a quick YouTube video to see how to use it. “Why would they put an ad in something like this?Eric realizes which ghost is Trevor. Trevor thanks him for trying. Alberta says, “Thor, take the body, weigh it down, and throw it in the lake with Trevor.Bela is crying and telling Eric how sorry she is and that she should have given him a chance. She says she’ll regret it the rest of her life, Eric says that the timing is unfortunate. Jay is still trying to work the defibrillator so Sam says, in a gruff voice, “Move aside, small man!Sam lays her hands on Eric’s chest and sends a shock through his body. Eric’s ghost is shot back inside and he regains consciousness. Bela is relieved but Eric tells her he doesn’t want to do that again.  Bela says he doesn’t have to. As Bela helps him upstairs, he said he thinks he saw Trevor.

Jay asks Sam what the hell that was and she answer him by asking him what he means. Sass tells Thor it’s time to give it up so Sam says, “Okay, I am Thor.Jay gasps and gets a funny look on his face and asks, “But you weren’t Thor last night, were you?” Suddenly Sam is thrashed back and forth and in her normal voice tells him no. But she wants to know how it took him a whole day to notice it wasn’t her. Jay says he was busy with Bela and Eric and the train station. Sam tells Jay to get the car keys. Driving through the boundary, Thor is expelled from Sam’s body. Thor gets up and says, “Was fun, but I missed wolf urine.

Jay asks Bela how Eric is doing. He’s okay but the whole thing was scary. Jay shakes his head and says it was crazy. “Definitely not the actions of a safe, predictable guy.” “So you’re saying Eric is kind of… dangerous?” “I’m saying Eric is deeply unstable.Jay walks away, smiling to himself. Bela considers Jays words, “Huh.Bela smiles.

Hetty tells the Ghosts that she’s finally gotten free from the grip of TikTok. It wasn’t easy. Pete says, “Sam took her phone back didn’t she?Isaac is looking at his handkerchief and Flower asks what is on it. Isaac explains that it’s a cricket. Beatrice had embroidered it on there because it was her nickname for him. She had said he tended to chirp endlessly like one. Sass remembers that there was a woman who came to Isaac when he was dying there on the property and she had called him cricket. Isaac asks him,  “Are you saying Beatrice came to visit me on my deathbed?Sass had been in the medical tent when a woman came in. She’d traveled a long way and wanted to put his uniform on him before he passed. She had comforted Isaac and dressed him. “Beatrice came all that way just to change my clothes and be with me in my final moments?” Flower says that it seems she really cared about you. Pete tells him those aren’t the actions of someone who thought he had ruined your life. “But she knew. She-she had to have known.Hetty nods, “And yet she came. What does that tell you?Isaac, realizing the significance of his words, “That she… forgave me.Pete says that if she forgave him then, he should forgive himself now. She would have wanted him to be happy. Isaac is flooded with relief, “Oh, thank you, guys.Flower says, “You got it cricket.Isaac says that he thought his men had changed his clothes because he assumed they checked on him frequently. Sass stammers that there was a lot of checking in. Isaac smiles, “This is such a relief. Oh, I feel such a flutter. No, that is the dysentery.

Sam wakes up to Jay saying good morning. He makes sure it’s still Sam, ”How do you feel about Danes?” She says she doesn’t know anything about them. Jay is happy to hear that. Sam is happy to be the only one in her body but is sad she missed Christmas. “I’m not loving the fish burps.” She had eaten a lot of haddock. Sam sees that it’s snowing outside, too late for Christmas though. Sam heard singing and it’s beautiful. She asks Jay what that is but he can’t hear it. Sam goes down the stairs to see the Ghosts around the tree singing White Christmas and it’s incredible. The Ghosts felt bad that she missed Christmas so they wanted to make it up to her. Thor says, “Because Christmas isn’t just day on calendar. It is time with people you love.Sam is overwhelmed by the gesture. Jay comes down to join her and says that someone had ripped the head off Santa. Thor laughs, “That was before I learn lesson.Sam says this is the best Christmas ever as the Ghosts continue singing. They all go together to open presents and laugh and join in the spirit of Christmas.

Isaac bursts into Nigel’s shed. Nigel is startled, “Oh, Isaac. Did you wish to talk?Isaac reaches for Nigel saying, “I think we’ve talked enough.” He kisses him deeply.

Jay tells Sam to look at Bela and Eric, it looks like they may finally be together.  Sam says it wasn’t the wholesome Christmas movie she wanted but they got there. Thor thinks they should make him possessing Sam an annual Christmas tradition but she gives that a firm no.

Hetty is in her room looking out the window and Trevor comes by. “That was some day, huh?” She replies, ”Aye, indeed it was.Trevor says, “I was so close. I… I’m happy for Bela. I just…I’m just a little revved up, if you know what I mean.Hetty laughs. “Sorry, I shouldn’t say that in front of you.Hetty tells him she knows exactly what he means. “To lust for one just out of reach, it’s torture.Trevor agrees. Hetty looks longingly into the air, “Leaves you feeling…hungry.“ “StarvingTrevor agrees. “RavenousHetty says, looking now at Trevor. “Horned up” he says, moving closer to Hetty. “How dare you?” she says. “Did I go too far?Trevor asks. Hetty looks into his eyes and says, “Not nearly far enough, you pantless son of a bitch. Come over here.“ she grabs Trevor pulling him to her for a long passionate kiss.

Episode Quotes

  • “Sam? Did you just take a large bite out of a stick of butter?” – Sasappis
  • “Sass, you won’t believe what just happened. I was fixing a light and I got shocked and then I think Thor possessed me.” – Sam
  • “Cod? Where cod? Thor, is that you? Yes. Help me, Sass. Sam no want to let me live.” – Thorfinn in Sam
  • “You have come to the right place. By the end of my time inside Jay, I had learned to fully suppress the host. Lessons I will impart unto you… for a price.” – Hetty
  • “Well, I happened to be passing by, and I couldn’t help but overhear the words “big gay liar,” so I automatically assumed that someone was discussing my old pal Higgintoot.” – Ben Franklin
  • “It’s true. We both love Hamptons share houses and partying at Surf Lodge.” – Trevor
  • “Okay, it’s not exactly Romeo and Juliet, but it’s a start.” – Alberta
  • “You okay, babe? You sound a little funny.” – Jay
  • “Tell him to go to the train station and get Eric back here.” Trevor
  • “That could… That’s kind of fun. It’s like at the end of Single and Ready to Kringle, when Derek chased down Holly at the North Pole airport.” – Jay
  • “Yes. And bring back cod.” – Thorfinn in Sam
  • “Evil tree, decorated to mock my people. Whoa. Ghost power still work inside Sam. Pretty cool.” – Thorfinn in Sam
  • “That’s the thing about Christmas. It’s got the best foods. And not just desserts. Honey baked hams, turkeys. Trevor was telling me his family used to do Chinese food.” – Pete
  • “Thor do like family. Miss celebrate holidays with family.” – Thorfinn in Sam
  • “Well, in a way, I mean, the ghosts, Sam and Jay, we’re all sort of like your family. So if you did feel like celebrating, you could celebrate with all of us.” – Pete
  • “I realized I was too judgmental about that thing that you wanted to do with my sister last night.” – Jay
  • “I saw Sam carrying a rotisserie chicken like a baby. That’s got to raise some red flags.” – Alberta
  • “Ooh, tell me. I’m really good at interpreting dreams. It was kind of my thing in the cult. That and tracking down runners.” – Flower
  • “Well, in the dream, my dear Beatrice accused me of being a “big gay liar,” and saying that I wasted her life.” – Issac
  • “Maybe that’s why you haven’t been able to kiss Nigel. Because you feel guilty.” – Alberta
  • “Oh! Did you get the ghosts Christmas presents?” – Bela
  • “Is nice, feeling of anticipation and mystery.” – Thorfinn in Sam
  • “I don’t know if you and Trevor have a future or what you see in him. I don’t know why Eric is signing up for this, but you’re my sister and it’s Christmas. So let’s get a ghost in this dude, huh?” – Jay
  • “This guy is a mensch. I’m gonna do some pushups when I get in there. I’ll leave your body better than I found it.” – Trevor
  • “Uh, no, dude. You’re dead.” – Trevor
  • “Hi, I’m Flower. I wandered over to the property from a music festival in the 60s, and then I tried to befriend a bear. Drugs were involved.” – Flower
  • “I got the defibrillator! Everybody stand back! I just have to check a quick YouTube video.” – Jay
  • “He’s gonna regret that reindeer sweater.” – Flower
  • “Thor, take the body, weigh it down, throw it in the lake with Trevor.” – Alberta
  • “Move aside, small man!” – Thorfinn in Sam
  • “But you weren’t Thor last night, were you?” Jay
  • “Was fun, but I missed wolf urine.” – Thorfinn
  • “Beatrice embroidered it on there. That was her nickname for me. She said I had a tendency to chirp endlessly like a cricket.” – Issac
  • “Huh. Cricket. I remember during the war when you were here, dying on the property, there was a woman who came to visit, and she called you cricket.” – Sasappis
  • “A woman, who I assume was a nurse, was adamant about changing you into your uniform before you passed.” – Sasappis
  • “Glad to be alone in my body, but sad to have missed Christmas, and not loving the fish burps.” – Sam
  • “Because Christmas isn’t just day on calendar. It is time with people you love.” – Thorfinn
  • “Oh, Isaac. Did you wish to talk?” – Nigel
  • “I think we’ve talked enough.” -Issac
  • “Did I go too far?” -Trevor
  • “Not nearly far enough, you pantless son of a bitch. Come over here.” -Hetty