2.13 - Ghost Hunter

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 13
Episode Title: Ghost Hunter
Air Date: February 2, 2023
Written By: Rishi Chitkara
Directed By: Alex Hardcastle
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: Mike Lane, Nichole Sakura
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Episode Summary

Freddie is explaining his concerns to Sam and Jay about some disturbing things he’s seen and heard since he started working at Woodstone Mansion. “It started with these strange, almost ethereal humming sounds I would hear every now and then.Flower, listening in on the conversation with some of the other Ghosts, tells Alberta that he must be talking about her. “It was like a singer warming up but kind of off-key.Alberta, angry that he said her singing was off-key, yells, “The hell It was!Jay and Sam are trying to find ways to dismiss his comments as unfounded. Jay notes, “Well, it’s an old house, so you might have just been hearing the wind.” That’s what Freddie thought at first, but then there was a different time that he saw a pen laying on the counter and the pen fell off, as if someone had pushed it into the trash. Sam glares at Trevor. “Sass dared me. What was I, not gonna?Sam looks back at Freddie and explains, “Sometimes things fall.” Freddie isn’t deterred. He opens the laptop telling them that the strangest thing of all is the footage of the laptop at the front desk. The keys are moving on their own. Freddie says there’s only one explanation.

Sam and Jay have—Ghosts!

Jay says that’s far-fetched and Sam asks, “You don’t really believe in ghosts?Alberta says they are going to try to make Freddie believe he’s crazy. Trevor thinks it’s the only option. Freddie insists that there is no other explanation than Ghosts because the keys are moving but no one is there. Jay pretends he doesn’t see the keys moving at all and, he’s really trying to see it on the security tape video. Sam agrees, they aren’t moving. Pete walks in, “Uh, Sam, we have a problem. Freddie sold Sass’s girlfriend. I-I mean he got a new car and sold the RAV4 she was bound to.Sam asks Freddie if he got a new car. Freddie wonders how Sam would know that but, he says she saw him pull in earlier.

They all go out to see the new car. Jay is noticing all the features it has, but Sass is upset. “You know what it doesn’t have? My girlfriend!… Sam, you got to buy Freddie’s car back.  Please do it for me.Sam tells Jay what Sass is asking but Jay says they already have a car and Freddie’s car sucks. Sam says they don’t have to use it. Just park it somewhere on the property and Sass and Jessica can hang out in it. Jay laughs, “You want us to buy a lawn car?…Sam and Jay go back in the house.

Freddie walks in on Sam and the ghosts, carrying a box. He’s been researching items to take care of the ghost problem so he can feel better about working there. Hetty’s annoyed that he thinks that Ghosts are a problem. Sam doesn’t think it’s a good idea to mess with whatever is in the box, but Freddie believes they are better safe than sorry. “First off, a classic ghost repellent, sage.” The Ghosts are glad to see that, they love the smell of sage. “And this detects electromagnetic energy, which is what ghosts are made up of.Pete is finding the science interesting. “It’ll tell us if there are any ghosts nearby.” He turns it on and points it at Thor and Isaac. “We’re all clear.” The Ghosts laugh. “And finally, the coup de grace, the Ghost Trap 2000. I ordered it on the internet from a Latvian company that specializes in ghost-hunting equipment.Thor says that Latvians are known for technology, they added spikes to clubs and that was a good idea. Trevor points to a red sticker on the box and says, “Oh, my God, there is a sticker that says ‘two and under’. It is a toy for babies.Hetty shakes her head, “What a strange toy for a toddler. I mean, what’s wrong with a simple stuffed raven or a good old fashioned lead rattle? Am I right? Parents these days.

Alberta, Sass and Jessica are watching Jay try to convince Marco, the guy that had purchased Freddie’s car, to sell it to him. But Marco says he needs this car because his band is starting to take off. Jay offers him $1500 for the car, but Marco can tell Jay is desperate to make a deal so he’s holding out for more. He purchased the car for $1300 from Freddie. Sam comes out and Sass and Jessica beg her to get Jay to give in and buy the car. Sam asks Marco what he wants for it and he says $1550. Sam agrees and tells Jay to pay him. Sass and Jessica are thrilled.

The rest of the Ghosts are looking at the ghost trap that Freddie has put on the table in the kitchen. He’s put a cookie on top as bait. Thor checks it out saying, “But ghosts can’t even eat. Freddie so dumb.Trevor admits that, “It does look rather scrumptious, though. I wouldn’t mind taking a little whiff.Hetty agrees but thinks that sniffing the cookie might be getting too close to the trap, and accidentally touching it. Trevor and Isaac believe it’s just a toy and not dangerous so touching it probably wouldn’t matter. “But,Trevor notes, “On the off chance it is a functioning ghost trap, it wouldn’t be safe with all of us crowded around, jostling, and shoving, trying to get our sniffs in.Flower suggests that one of them try touching it to see if it’s safe. Isaac agrees, “And as the commanding officer, that responsibility should fall to me… to pick the person. Pete, do it.Pete strongly objects, there needs to be another way to decide who touches the trap. Trevor sees that Jay left his dice on the table so he assigns a number to each ghost and knocks the dice off the table. It’s Pete’s number that comes up but he’s afraid to touch it. Thor mocks him for being a coward. “Well if you’re so brave, why don’t you touch it?Pete asks. Thor looks firmly at Pete, “You challenging Thor’s manhood?“From over here I am, yeah.Pete says as he slowly moves behind Flower. “Fine, I’ll touch it. Thor not afraid.” Flower seems to be enjoying Thor’s show of strength. He reaches out slowly and touches the trap, “See? Nothing to worry….” But Thor is sucked into the trap and the Ghosts scream in horror. Jay, who is unable to see or hear the Ghosts, comes in and sees the cookie on the trap and calls out to Sam, asking if they got a new toaster. He picks up the cookie and eats it. The Ghosts are screaming at Jay that Thor is in the box, but he can’t hear a thing.

A guest at the front desk is telling Sam how much she enjoyed her stay at Woodstone. The conversation gets interrupted by a panicking Isaac who tells Sam what happened to Thor. Sam hurries to the kitchen where Jay is eating lunch as the ghosts are freaking out around him. Hetty explains to Sam what happened, and Sam tells Jay that Thor is apparently stuck inside. Jay can’t believe that Sam didn’t tell him about the trap sooner. “Why didn’t you consult me? You got a weird sci-fi thing in the kitchen, and you didn’t think to ask the guy wearing the Atari shirt?Thor yells out to them from inside the box that there are more important things to discuss. Pete yells back that he feels responsible for what’s happened to him and his getting stuck in the trap. Thor agrees, it’s Pete’s fault. Jay suggests they talk to Freddie to see how to get Thor out of the trap, but Sam is concerned. They made it clear earlier that they didn’t believe in Ghosts. Still, they have no choice. Sam tells Thor she’s going to find Freddie and everything will be alright. Flower looks at Sam, “What’s going on? What happened to Thor?Hetty tells her he’s stuck in the machine and that she was standing there watching it happen. Flower doesn’t remember any of it, “Wow. This machine?” and she touches it and gets sucked inside. The light on top of the trap instantly turns red, and Jay wonders what that could mean.

Outside in the parking lot, Jessica and Sass are once again together in the RAV4. They are happy to be back together after waiting through the negotiations to get Freddie’s car back. Jessica asks Sass what they do for fun since this will be new for her. Sass tells her that the ghosts watch TV together every night, but Jessica won’t be able to join them since she’s stuck in the car. She won’t be able to go inside. Jessica thinks it’ll be OK though since she will have Sam and Jay driving her on new adventures. Sass explains that they really don’t go out in the car very often. Jessica says, “Right, but they go on errands, right?” He tells her not very often, and they have another car. “Okay. So I’m just gonna be, like, sitting here in this car in the driveway forever?Sass says he’ll ask Sam to take her for a ride sometimes. “Like I’m a dog she’s taking on a walk?Sass laughs, “No, I’m- I’m not saying it’s gonna be like a twice-a-day thing that a dog would get.Jessica asks, “So it’s less good than a dog? My situation.Sass tries to change the subject to the leaves they can watch blow around on the grounds.

Sam finds Freddie. “Hey, uh, Freddie, say you caught a ghost in the trap. How would one go about releasing it?Freddie smiles. “Ha. So now you think there’s a Ghost caught in the trap.Sam says there’s a ghost indicator light that has turned on. Freddie is confused because she said they didn’t believe in Ghosts. “But what if I was wrong? Wouldn’t it be sad if a ghost was trapped in that little box? I mean,  what if it was a friendly ghost, like Casper?

Sam tells Thor and Flower that Freddie is calling the Ghost trap company in Latvia so they can figure out how to get them out of the box. Hetty whispers that they may be stuck in there forever but Thor says they can hear them even if they whisper. Flower calls out, “Oh, my God, you guys! Thor’s stuck in a ghost trap!Trevor says, “Wait for it.” “Oh, my God. I’m in here with him.Pete feels really bad, he should have been trapped inside. It was his number that came up. Freddie comes in and tells them there’s a button on the side of the box. They just need to hold it for three seconds. Sam does so with Jay’s approval, as the resident science geek. Once pressed, a red light comes on inside the box and Thor asks why it turned red while Jay thinks that’s a very bad development. A countdown clock with words that aren’t in English comes on in the window on the front of the trap. Jay asks Freddie what it says but he can’t read it either. Freddie looks on his phone and discovers that it’s a count down to “evisceration”. Freddie says, “Oh, that is not good. Unless you’re right and ghosts don’t exist. Then we’re fine.Jay tells him to fix it so he goes back to call customer service again.

Jay’s worried and explains to Sam that Freddie is stuck on hold and it’s a twenty minute wait to speak with someone. There are only four minutes left on the evisceration timer. Inside the trap Flower is talking with Thor. “Well, it seems like we’re gonna die. Again.Thor answers, “If Thor must go,  happy to at least spend final moments with Flower.Flower tells him she likes it when he says nice things like that. “More so than when you talk about dismembering Danish people.Thor says he has many sides, he’s well-rounded. Isaac suggests that they just smash the Ghost trap and maybe that will set Thor and Flower free. Jay thinks that could harm them or keep them a permanently shrunken size. Thor yells to them that he doesn’t want to be permanently small! His whole identify is based on his large size. Jay gets an idea. “What if ‘Two and under’ isn’t about age? Maybe it’s the number of Ghosts the trap was designed to hold. Maybe it’s only able to hold a certain amount of ghost energy.Trevor thinks having a nerd around is useful. Jay is hoping that if they overload the trap’s system by sending in a third Ghost, the device will fail, freeing all the ghosts. Isaac jumps in, “Unless he’s wrong and then we’ve eviscerated three Ghosts.Sam is scared but Jay says, “Look, I know I can’t see the Ghosts or hear them, but I care about them, and I would never do anything to risk harm to them if I didn’t think with all my heart that this could work.Sam nods, “You know what, I think you’re right. Okay, you all heard the man in the Atari shirt. I think we got to give this a shot.Hetty isn’t so sure, “And now one more of us is gonna die so that Jay feels heard.

Inside the trap, Thor is trying to explain to Flower what’s going on. “But who will be our third?” she asks. Thor wonders why it always has to come back to looking for a third. Sass comes in asking Sam to take Jessica for a ride to the mall. Sam says she’s busy and Hetty explains to Sass what’s going on. Isaac says that someone has to step up and he suggests it be Trevor. Pete steps up. “I’ll do it. I always played it safe in life, always worried that something bad would happen. And you know what, something bad happened anyway. And now my friends’ afterlives hang in the balance, and it’s my fault that they’re in there. So am I scared? You betcha. But am I going in? You’re darn tootin’. And I know when I look back on all of this…Trevor cuts him off, the clock is ticking. There’s only 10 seconds to go. Pete touches the trap getting sucked inside and an alarm goes off. He is inside with Thor and Flower who are kissing passionately. Pete tells them he’s there now too and Flower grabs him, pulling him closer to her and Thor. He says that’s not what he meant. The trap begins to spark and blink and suddenly Thor, Flower and Pete are all released. Everyone cheers and Sam tells Jay that he and Pete saved the day. Freddie comes into the room saying he has good news, all they may need to do is turn the machine on and off again. Sam and Jay just look at each other.

Back in the RAV4, Sass is telling Jessica about what happened in the mansion with the ghost trap. Jessica says it all sounds amazing, Sass wishes she had been there. They both realize that they really didn’t think through their relationship with her stuck outside the mansion. Sass says, “I’m crazy about you.Jessica feels the same way. “But you’re never gonna be a part of all the fun stuff that happens in the house.Jessica says it’s not fair for her to be forcing him to hang outside in the RAV4 all the time with her either. She adds, “You know, if I’m being completely honest, I miss the road.

Thor finds Pete sitting on the couch. “Thorfinn wants Pete to know that today you earned my respect. From this day forward, you are no longer known as Puny Pete. You’re now Puny Brave Pete.” Pete thanks him. Flower tells Pete that he inspired her. “You faced your fears, and it showed me that I should face mine, too.” “You’re gonna watch a TV show with clowns in it?Pete asks. “God, no. I’m gonna go on a date with Thor. Just Thor.Thor asks if she really means it, just the two of them? Flower nods, “I do. If things get weird though, can we at least go hang out in a room that Jay is in or something?Thor happily agrees.

Alberta and Hetty run to Sam to tell her Freddie’s quitting again. He had called his mother and they heard the conversation. Freddie approaches Sam and Jay and says, “Hey, guys, I have something I need to tell you.Sam responds, “You’re quitting.Freddie is surprised Sam guessed correctly. Jay is concerned. It’s been rough but he’s a great assistant. Freddie says, “Rough? You guys fired me once, drove me to quit another time, then you bought my old car which was weird. Not to mention you caused my girlfriend to dump me.Alberta agrees that it sounds bad when you string that all together. Freddie continues, “And on top of all that, I don’t want to work in a house that I think has ghosts.Isaac gasps, “Rude.Sam says, “Freddie, I know that we’ve had our growing pains working together, but I really think the worst of it is behind us.Jay tells him, “If you stay, we promise it’ll be different.Alberta says, “Oh, hell no.” and starts to hum loudly. Freddie hears the humming and says, “I’m out of here.” He runs out of the Mansion. Sam looks at Alberta, “What the hell, Alberta?” she replies, “He almost killed three of us.” Sam agrees, “That’s fair.

Jay is trying to get Marco to buy back the RAV4. Marco offers him half of what Jay had paid earlier. Hetty asks Isaac what’s going on. “Sass and Jessica decided that they moved in together too quickly, so Jay now has to sell the car back from a position of weakness.Jay agrees to Marco’s terms but tells him he’s keeping the CD that he left in it. Sass and Jessica are saying goodbye in the RAV4. Sass thinks Jessica will like driving around with Marco. His band is going on tour. Jessica is happy that she’s going to get to see a lot of the country. “And, he really likes KFC, so I’ve got some good smells coming my way.Sass tells her he’s really going to miss her. She says she will miss him too. Marco gets in the car, blasting heavy metal music. She tries to talk over the music and tell Sass that he’s special but they can’t hear each other. Marco hits the gas pedal and Jessica drives off leaving Sass behind, watching her waving back at him. Isaac and Hetty tell him they are here for him. Hetty gives it a few seconds and looks at Isaac, “Okay, well, we were here for you, and now we’re gonna go watch some TV.Isaac adds, “But feel free to come find us, and we’ll be there for you there.” He and Hetty head into the mansion as Sass stares out the gate, where Jessica left and sighs deeply.

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