1.03 - Viking Funeral

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Title: Viking Funeral
Air Date: October 14, 2021
Written By: Josh Malmuth
Directed By: Trent O’Donnell
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: Tristan D. Lalla, Catherine Lemieux, Arthur Holden, Heidi Foss
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Episode Summary

‘Viking Funeral’ begins with Thorfinn joining the other ghosts to tell them that Sam and Jay are arguing over whether to spend money to fix the roof or repair the fountain. Concluding that watching the young couple argue is more interesting than watching paint dry, the ghosts decide to eavesdrop on them.

In the kitchen, Sam and Jay discuss where the repair work is most needed. Sam has to contend with dealing with the nosy and opinionated ghosts , in addition to a talking with a patient but sometimes confused husband who cannot see or the ghosts. Jay finally acquiesces to the fountain that Sam wants.

Later, several of the ghosts, to include Pete, Sasappis, Trevor and Alberta, come to Sam with their own questions and favors. In frustration, Sam tells them that she understands they are excited to have a ‘Living’ to direct their questions to but they can’t continue to bombard her with questions like this. She asks them to chose one representative to come to her for questions. While arguing with the ghosts on this matter, contractor Mark comes in and notices her talking to what looks to him, to be no one. Sam quickly invents a story to explain her behavior. Mark then requests Sam and Jay come outside.

Once outside, he shows them human remains they have uncovered on their digs around the property. At that point, several of the ghosts gather around to have a look for themselves, including Thorfinn, who enthusiastically exclaims, ‘Hey, that’s me!’

Thorfinn then explains to his fellow ghosts how he watched his body decay and become absorbed by the earth overtime. Mark tells Sam and Jay that he is obligated to report the remains to the county, which will result in their renovations becoming significantly delayed. At Thorfinn’s urging, Sam makes the argument to Mark that the bones could be of Viking origin; Mark insists that regardless of the origin of the bones, he will have to report them. Alberta suggests to Sam that she solve this problem by finding a way to dispose of the remains.

Back in the mansion, the ghosts gather together to discuss Sam’s demand for one spokesperson to speak for all. Isaac strives to convince them that he alone is the best person to speak on their behalf to Sam. Annoyed with Isaac’s boastful ‘victory,’ Alberta says she is going to run against him for the spokesperson position. Infuriated at Alberta for seeking to campaign against him for the ghostly representative position, Isaac storms off.

As night falls on the Woodstone, Sam and Jay work on retrieving Thorfinn’s remains. Thorfinn proceeds to tell Sam of how he died a thousand years ago (he was struck by lightning, on the grounds of where the Woodstone mansion would stand). Thorfinn then recalls the greatest of Viking dreams — to have a Viking funeral. Encouraged that Jay is already knowledgeable about Viking funerals, Thorfinn all but begs Sam and Jay for the coveted Viking funeral.

The next day, Jay tells Mark that the bones ‘disappeared’ overnight, possibly being carried away by wild dogs. To Jay’s dismay, Mark tells him that if they were Viking remains, a museum would pay a great deal to acquire them.

Back inside the mansion, Isaac and Alberta are actively campaigning for votes. At first, Hetty does not believe that women should vote, but changes her mind to vote for Alberta once Alberta has a heart-to-heart talk with her about this very issue, and others. Meanwhile, Sam and Thorfinn discuss the details for his Viking funeral. Thorfinn wishes to have mead and an accompanying orgy, which Sam cannot accommodate. Meanwhile, Isaac heads to the ‘cholera pit’ downstairs, the place where the other ghosts fear, to try to drum up votes.

Sam joins the other ghosts as they observe a dejected Thorfinn outside. Hetty informs Sam that having his longed for Viking funeral might allow him to be ‘sucked off’ and ascend to heaven. (Only Sam and Trevor understand the raunchy meaning of this term, while the other ghosts see this as an innocent and hopeful phrase).

Sam and Jay later visit Thorfinn. The sad Viking tells Sam that he was abandoned by his fellow shipmates. Upon hearing this tragic news, Sam relates this new revelation to Jay, and tells him a Viking funeral might allow him to achieve resolution. She talks him into going through with the Viking funeral.

Thorfinn is thrilled at this news but cheerfully relays he cannot reverse the curses he has put on them for not helping him.

Later in the mansion, Hetty proudly announces her vote for Alberta, which leads them to believe she has prevailed over Isaac. Triumphantly, Isaac announces to them that not all votes have been counted and brings forth the dreaded
‘Cholera’ ghosts. This group of spirits then tell Isaac they are voting for ‘Creepy Dirk,’ which makes him the victor over Isaac.

Later that evening, the ghosts and the Livings gather on the lake to celebrate Thorfinn’s Viking funeral. With Pete as a guide and Sam the interpreter, Jay successfully shoots the arrow into the canoe containing Thorfinn’s remains. Thor expresses his gratitude to Sam and Jay for the funeral. As Trevor comes over to share a few words to Thorfinn over this special occasion, Isaac takes the opportunity to tell Alberta that she has won his respect and that she truly has the Mark of an inspiring politician.

Suddenly, a light appears on Thorfinn’s head and immediately, the ghosts take it to mean he is going to be ‘sucked off,’ as does Thorfinn, who believes Valhalla awaits him. Seeing this, Flower runs up to him and confesses her long-standing love to Thorfinn. Unfortunately, it is revealed that the ‘heavenly’ light is actually, the light from the police cruiser, with the officers telling Sam and Jay to put out the fire from the burning canoe. Thorfinn asks
Flower if this means a second chance between the two, but Flower backs off from her confession.

Thorfinn later tells his fellow ghosts, and Sam and Jay, of his gratitude in that they have stood by him and did not abandon him.

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