1.17 - Attic Girl

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 17
Episode Title: Attic Girl
Air Date: April 14, 2022
Written By: Emily Schmidt, Lauren Bridges
Directed By: Trent O’Donnell
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: Odessa A’Zion, Dakota Taylor, Georgia Bradner, Kelly Lee, Lee Villeneuve
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Episode Summary

This episode begins with a flashback to 1987. A car pulls into the driveway of Woodstone Manor. Two teens are looking for a private place to make out. They hear on the radio that the Hudson Valley chainsaw killer has escaped from a mental institution about a mile away. The killer suddenly appears outside the car and the girl screams.

Back to current time- Sam and Jay bring in a new device-an Alexa. The Ghosts watch as Jay connects the device while Hetty stands behind him hoping to get a chance to possess him if he gets electrocuted. When Jay asks the Alexa a question and it answers, the ghosts are amazed.

Sam and Jay go off to prepare for the arrival of their first guest. While rummaging through the attic, Jay unknowingly wakes up a girl, the one who was murdered by the chainsaw killer. She goes downstairs and is greeted by the other ghosts. She’s Stephanie, otherwise known as the “attic girl.” She sleeps all the time and only wakes up one day a year: the day of her prom that she never got to attend. Even though it”s only April, she is now awake due to Jay. Also, she has a huge crush on Trevor who turns her down because she is just a child.

Sam comes in to speak to the Ghosts and meets the new Ghost, Stephanie. After a brief discussion with her, Sam heads off to do her work, Stephanie comments that her interaction with Sam was awkward. Trevor says that Sam is awkward but in the cutest way. She asks Trevor if he’s into her and the ghosts tell her that Trevor is in love with Sam. Stephanie, realizing that Trevor does have a crush on Sam, is jealous.

Meanwhile, Alberta realizes that she can speak to the Alexa and is thrilled until the Ghosts start asking her to ask Alexa too many questions. Sam and Jay are not thrilled to hear that a Ghost can work the Alexa. Stephanie, angry at Sam and Jay for referring to her as “creepy chainsaw girl“, tells them all that she has a great idea: “to have a ghost prom!“. Sam loves the idea, but the attic girl tells her that ”no livings allowed” is the theme and that the Livings should go prepare for their guests and not attend the Ghosts prom. She tells Sam that since Alberta can control the music with the Alexa, she is not needed. Sam is disappointed, and leaves the room, hurt and angry.

Isaac repeatedly asks Alberta to ask the Alexa how Alexander Hamilton died. Alexa says “Alexander Hamilton died of a gun shot wound” and Isaac laughs and falls to his knees. He keeps asking Alberta to ask again, again! Stephanie tells the Ghosts that they have to get busy planning the prom. She asks if anyone even knows who their dates are going to be? All the ghosts look around nervously- and Isaac is not ready to admit his feelings for Nigel. Hetty suggests they all just go together as friends. Trevor tells them that’s lame so Stephanie tells him she will be his date. Trevor decides that friends is the way to go.

Sam tells Jay and Pete about her bad experience with prom. Some mean girls catfished her into thinking that a French boy, Pierre LaCroix, was coming to the U.S. to take her to Prom. Instead of picking her up, the mean girls drove by her house and threw baguettes at her. She flashed back to them filling her locker at school with baguettes, too. She says that not being invited to the Ghosts prom gives her a little PTSD, so Pete leaves to go upstairs.

Pete tells Stephanie about what happened to Sam with the baguettes. Stephanie gets the Ghosts to help her pull a prank on Sam, despite not telling them the full story. She has Alberta send a bag of baguettes to Woodstone for Pierre LaCroix. Sam is devastated.

When the Ghosts realize that they’ve helped Stephanie hurt Sam, they feel terrible and apologize to Sam. They tell her that they are going to leave Stephanie all alone at her prom. Sam feels sorry for Stephanie, realizing that she had died on her prom night, and now she only wakes up one day a year. She would have to spend that one night alone, so Sam and the Ghosts organize a surprise prom for her.

Sam brings Stephanie downstairs to see the ghosts all waiting for her yelling “surprise”. Everyone is having fun when Jay surprises Sam in a tux with a corsage, Sam goes upstairs to change her clothes. From the top of the stairs,Sam directs Alexa to play the song “Kiss Me” and proceeds to walk down the long stairs in a beautiful dress. The ghosts all stop to watch her and are struck by how beautiful she looks. Stephanie, seeing Trevor‘s reaction, gets jealous that Sam got all his attention.

The next morning, Sam and Jay fix up Stephanie’s room in the attic and the ghosts go up to see what has been done. Everything is great until Sam gives Stephanie a U2 poster because she knows they are Stephanie’s favorite band. The episode ends with Hetty, realizing that U2 is Irish, trying to wrestle the poster from Stephanie.

Episode Quotes

  • Not at all. I was merely trying to supervise, which requires me to be near to the host body. I mean Jay.” – Hetty
  • “Who’s that? Hetty? Back off, parasite!” – Jay
  • “Dude! Are you serious? You woke me up.” – Stephanie
  • “Get this: we can talk to her and she talks back.” – Flower
  • “Stephanie’s a ghost that lives in the attic and sleeps most of the year.” – Isaac
  • “Well, she’s a little awkward, but in the cutest way. Like, the way she wrinkles her nose when she’s uncomfortable– it’s adorable.” Trevor
  • “Alexa, will there be season two of It’s Getting Hot in Here?” – Thorfinn
  • “Whoa. I am a god.” – Alberta
  • “Have you been stalking their social media?” – Sam
  • I went down a rabbit hole. I know things about Josh that Leeanne doesn’t know.” – Jay
  • “Oh, really? Alexa, stop.” – Alberta
  • “Oh, boy. Uh… The ghosts can now interact with the Alexa.” – Sam
  • “I have an idea, everyone. Since I never got to go to my own prom, what if tonight we had a ghost prom, right here in Thor’s room?” – Stephanie
  • “Alexa, how did Alexander Hamilton die?” – Alberta
  • “Alexander Hamilton died of a gunshot wound on July 12, 1804, at 47 years old.” – Alexa
  • “Were you planning on asking anyone special, Isaac? Like a certain British officer you murdered, perhaps?” – Hetty
  • “Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re gonna go to prom as friends? That’s lame. What are we, a bunch of losers?” – Trevor
  • “When I was in high school, I loved everything French. The language, the food, the films I pretended to understand. I even had a French pen pal, Pierre La Croix.” – Sam
  • “Okay, you really need to move on. No, no, from that spot on the wall. Pretty soon, we’re gonna be exposing some wiring. I’m gonna show myself out.” – Pete
  • “Well, “dictator” is a little strong. It’s not like she’s taxing us on sugar and tobacco. But she can be a little pushy, yeah.” – Isaac
  • “What the H-E-C-K, Stephanie? I told you that stuff about the French guy so you could help Sam. I trusted you.” – Pete
  • “You know what’s not appropriate? Weaponizing Sam’s pain the way Chainsaw Madonna here did.” – Pete
  • “Mm-mmm! I have walked a mile in Sam’s shoes today, and that woman is a saint. Y’all coming up to me every second, asking something, wanting stuff.” – Alberta
  • “No one calls my descendant a jerkwad, which from context I take to be some sort of derision.” – Hetty
  • “And come tomorrow. She’ll fall back asleep for another year, so you won’t have to worry about her.” – Sasappis
  • “So do you think she’ll get sucked off now?” – Isaac
  • “Sucked off at prom? I suppose anything’s possible.” – Hetty
  • “Oh, no. They’re Irish? That’s lovely. Of all the bands in all the lands. I can handle it. You should take it down.” – Hetty