2.15 - A Date To Remember

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 15
Episode Title: A Date To Remember
Air Date: February 16, 2023
Written By: John Blickstead & Trey Kollmer
Directed By: Richie Keen
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast:  
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Episode Summary

Sam is attempting to work on her computer but Pete, Alberta, Sass and Flower are watching over her shoulder, commenting on her spelling and grammar mistakes. Thor comes in to see Flower. He wants to know if she was serious the other day when she said she was ready to go on a one-on-one date with him. Flower says that its been a long time since she’s been on a date of any kind but, yes, she’s ready to go on a date with him. Thor will pick her up at her room tonight. Sam and the other ghosts congratulate him. Thor smiles,Thor been dreaming of this moment ever since that magical day when Flower get eaten by bear.” Sam asks him what he has planned for their date. Thor says, “Well, truth is the only thing Thor know about dating is from what I learned on reality TV. But Thor can’t take Flower on hot-air balloon trip or to a private concert with unknown country music star whose label also owned by the network.” Pete assures Thor that he doesn’t need any of that stuff. He can have a wonderful date right there at Woodstone. “Really?” Thor asks, “Do others who actually have success at dating agree?” The others all agree that he can. Sam says that even though they can’t eat, she can have Jay make a delicious meal for them to smell. Thor thinks that would be amazing. Alberta says that she can do a concert for them and Thor says, “Yes.” Pete offers to do a one-man improv show and Thor tells him they will wait and see if there’s time for that. Thor is pleased. “Tonight is gonna be best first date ever.”

Hetty walks in on Nigel and Isaac talking. She tells Isaac that she’s been wondering where he’s been. Isaac explains that Nigel just moved into the library so he was welcoming him to the mansion. “Well, I’ve been waiting for you by the window. Have you forgotten about our weekly ponder?” Nigel asks what that is and Isaac explains,Hetty and I meet regularly to stare out of the window in the upstairs den and ponder life’s great mysteries. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Do fish have nightmares? You know, that type of thing.” Nigel says to go ahead and ponder with Hetty because he doesn’t want to come between him and his best friend Hetty. Isaac and Hetty turn to leave but Nigel says, “Although, if I may be so bold, what if I were to join the ponder?” Isaac thinks that’s interesting but Hetty says there is only room for two people to be comfortable and stare out the window. Nigel says, “Well, it’s lucky I’m of slender build. I could insert myself right between the two of you.” Isaac is happy but Hetty clearly is not.

Jay and Sam are talking about Thor‘s date with Flower. Jay can’t believe that Sam is suggesting they cancel their Valentine’s dinner date so he can prepare a four-course meal so two ghosts can smell it. Jay thinks it’s time for Sam to start telling the ghosts no. Sam says she knows it’s a big favor but that it’s really important to Thor. Jay suggests the Ghosts do it a different night but Sam says the Ghosts are concerned that Flower could change her mind. He complains that they couldn’t go out on Valentine’s Day because they had guests to cook for and he can’t believe now she wants him to cook a four-course meal so that they can throw it out. Sam tells Jay that he can eat the dinner afterwards, and Jay wonders why she didn’t say they both could eat it. Sam explains Thor wants a very specific menu that isn’t what she likes. He’s proud of his Viking culture and wants to surprise Flower with dishes that reflect that. It’s cod, boiled antlers, rams’ testicles, pig heart and horse because it’s a special occasion so Sam tells Jay cod and that she’ll make a list for the rest. Jay smiles, “I do love cod.”

Nancy from the cholera pit is watching TV with Hetty but she’s asking so many questions about the show Hetty is annoyed. Nigel walks in looking for Hetty. He’s hosting a welcome tea tomorrow night to properly greet his new housemates so he’s inviting her to attend. Hetty says she’ll be there. He nods to Nancy and leaves. “Well, that was rude,” Hetty says to Nancy. “What was?” “He invited me right in front of you. Now, he has every reason to not want something like you at his formal event, but still, he could’ve waited for you to crawl back down to your lair before approaching me.” Nancy says, “No worries. Captain Crumpet actually invited me yesterday.” Hetty can’t believe that Nigel invited Nancy before he invited her, she’s the lady of the house. “Well, this challenge shall not go unanswered. Nigel will rue the day he courted Hetty Woodstone as a rival.”

Thor is excited that his date with Flower is finally here and is nervously trying to make sure that everything is perfect. He has never gone on an actual date before.  Jay assures Thor it will all be great, “You’re amazing, and Flower has almost no other options.” Sam encourages him not to put too much stress on the plans and try to just have fun. Thor chuckles saying, “No pressure.  It’s just that if date go badly, Flower will never want to go out again, and then things awkward forever, and then Thor be miserable for all of eternity and want to die but unable to.”

Jay and Sam have set a beautiful romantic table, complete with lit candles, for Thor and Flower. Jay presents the first course for them to smell, sour rams’ testicles paired with a cabernet. Flower asks Thor if this was a dish he ate often when he was alive. Thor explains that it was a meal they would eat as the last one before his father rode into battle. “But, one spring, Father did not return. And we never eat testicles again.” Flower is touched by Thor’s story and wishes she could try the testicles. She asks Thor to describe the taste to her but it’s been too long and, he’s sad to say, he doesn’t remember the taste. Flower has an idea, Sam could try them and describe them to us.” Thor thinks that’s a great idea, “Sam, please, in memory of my father, try the testicles.” Sam tells Jay that the ghosts want him to try the testicles and describe the taste. Jay asks, “Isn’t that something you could do?” Thor replies, “Yeah, any person okay.” Sam says, with feigned indignation, “What? Women aren’t allowed? That’s so unfair, but also, out of respect to your culture, okay.” Jay isn’t too happy but he steps up and picks up the giant testicle with a fork and takes a bite. “Mm. Yeah, it’s not great. Why is it so chewy?” Thor says it’s all coming back to him now, it’s a very special moment. Flower is moved by his emotions, “Oh, Thor. I love this side of you.” Jay tries to wash away the taste of the testicle with the cabernet but barely hides his revulsion as it enhances the flavor.

Moving to the sofa for entertainment, Sam and Jay are also sitting nearby watching the show. After Alberta sings, Pete does some improv for them. Thor and Flower enjoy this very much and are having a great time. Jay, unable to see or hear the entertainment, is not enthused that this is how he’s spending the evening. At the end of the evening Thor walks Flower back to her room to say goodnight. Flower tells Thor that she had a great time and is impressed that he didn’t mention murder even once. She thinks he has a good chance at a second date, this night was perfect. They kiss and a flash of electricity bursts behind them. Thor sheepishly mumbles, “Sorry.”

Trevor and Hetty are sitting on the bed. Hetty tells him that just this once she’s willing to try “pillow talk.” Trevor is excited that she’s letting down some walls. Hetty says, “Don’t read into it. I still view you largely as a replacement for the washing machine.…” She goes on to explain that Nigel has slighted her by giving her a late invitation to his tea party. She is the lady of the house so she believes she should have been first; she needs to find a way to put him in his place. Trevor reminds Hetty of a story she had told him wherein she had thrown a party at the same time and day as her rival to steal the guests and ruin their event. Hetty thinks that’s a great idea and is so happy she let’s Trevor show her his “spin cycle.”

The next morning, Sam, Jay and Pete are in the kitchen when Thor walks in singing the song that Alberta performed for his date the night before. He’s very happy about how well the date went and implies that they made out. Flower comes in and Thor is happy to see her and says “So, last night was pretty special.” Flower chuckles and answers, “Oh, yeah? What’d you get up to?” They both laugh until Thor realizes that Flower doesn’t remember their date. Flower walks out and Thor turns to Sam, “She does not remember perfect night together.” Thor tells Sam they need to re-do the entire evening exactly as they did yesterday. Sam says that she and Jay have Valentine’s Day plans. They had already moved them for his first date. Thor thinks rescheduling their plans is perfect since they rescheduled last time.

Hetty invites Alberta to her party but Alberta says that its at the same time as Nigel’s welcome tea. Alberta doesn’t want to offend anyone. Hetty explains that it’s Nigel that has offended them by planning a party on the same day as her half birthday. Hetty tells her that she heard Nigel call jazz “American filth.” Alberta says she will help take him down.

Hetty invites Sass who questions her why she is throwing a party just to spite Nigel. He thinks that is going to cause a lot of unnecessary drama in the house so he loves the idea and thanks her for doing it.

Next Hetty invites Nancy, the cholera ghost. Nancy says she is going to the party Nigel is throwing, so Hetty knows she needs to convince her.

Thor and Sam are setting up the table for the repeat date and he wants it all exactly the same. Everyone helps by trying to do exactly what they had done the previous night, including Jay who has to taste the testicles again. But when Pete does his improv routine, Sam forgets her suggested words from the night before. When Flower reminds her, Thor looks at her suspiciously and although Flower tries to pretend she doesn’t know where she is, it is evident she remembers. Thor is hurt and asks Flower why she would lie when the date had gone so well. Flower admits that she didn’t want the date to go well, says she’s sorry and leaves.

Isaac walks in to Nigel’s party to find him sitting alone. Isaac asks where everyone is and Nigel tells him that the entire house stood him up. Isaac is confused and goes out and finds everyone in another room having a party with Hetty and when he tries to understand what’s happening, Sass answers, Hetty’s throwing an epic party on the same night as Nigel’s party for some reason. And go.” Isaac turns to Hetty asking her why she would do this when he invited her to the party. Hetty replies that she was invited, but after the basement dweller was already invited. “So this is revenge for some perceived slight?” Hetty says, “No, that slight was very real.” Isaac is hurt. “You have acted most cruelly toward someone I care about very much. And I would not have expected that from my supposed best friend.” Isaac walks out leaving Hetty behind.

Sam finds Flower sitting in her room thinking. Flower doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Sam replies, “Well, Thor is devastated and I just cancelled two Valentine’s dates in a row to watch my husband choke down some rams’ balls, so I think you kind of have to.” Flower explains that she didn’t want it to go well because then they could fall in love and end up together and, “Good things don’t last. And I don’t want to get hurt again.” She had met a guy named Michael when they were in law school and they planned to get married after they graduated. Michael died and she had been devastated. That was the last one-on-one date she had before being killed by the bear. That’s why she doesn’t get close to just one person anymore. Her date with Thor made her think she could be happy with him and it scared her. Sam says that she’s glad that Flower shared all this with her but she needs to tell Thor.

Hetty apologizes to both Nigel and Isaac. She admits she is jealous since Nigel moved in and felt she was being left behind. Isaac had no idea Hetty felt that way. Nigel admits that Hetty’s closeness with Isaac is threatening to him too. “It’s hard to be the significant other when there’s such a significant… other.” He admits that may have been why he issued the late invitation. Isaac is happy, he believes the wounds are healing. There is plenty of him to go around. Nigel and Hetty say they were just being silly. Isaac leaves them to get Sam and Jay and some tea. But as soon as he does Hetty turns to Nigel and says, “You don’t regret the late invite.” Nigel replies, “Half birthday, my ass.” It is clear the rivalry isn’t over.

Flower tells Thor about Michael and her relationship fears. Thor reminds her that he can not die and he understands loss. He can’t say nothing bad will ever happen but they could be there for each other when they do. Flower says she is open to dating him, but Thor wants to be sure she doesn’t forget their conversation. Flower smiles, “Here’s a little secret, Thor. I may forget a lot of stuff, but I always remember the important things.…” Flower says she could use a refresher on that kiss they had so Thor starts explaining all the details. Flower grabs him pulling him close for a kiss, “Come here, you murderous bastard.”

Sam and Jay are finally having their Valentine’s date in the kitchen of the mansion. The table is set beautifully, including candles and a red velvet tablecloth. They have been blacklisted by Jay‘s favorite restaurant after frequent cancellations. Sam acknowledges she will need to tell the ghosts no more often, especially when it’s important to their relationship.  They toast to a ghost-free dinner but Jay asks if there really aren’t any ghosts in the room. Sam explains that she called in a favor. Thor is outside the room stopping the other ghosts who are clamoring to interrupt their date. Although she can hear them arguing out in the hall, she pretends it’s only her and Jay for their date.

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