1.15 - Thorapy

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Title: Thorapy
Air Date: March 3, 2022
Written By: John Blickstead and Trey Kollmer
Directed By: Kimmy Gatewood
Regular Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Román Zaragoza, Sheila Carrasco, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Guest Cast: John Hartman, Tamara Podemski
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Episode Summary

Mmmm! What’s that smell? Oh, nothing special, just Jay cooking up a full kitchen-worth of special breakfast delights for the ghosts to smell! Including the traditional Lenape recipe for cornbread, just like Sass’ kohesa (mom) used to make. What’s the occasion you may ask? Well, Pete feels like this situation is awfully familiar to him, like when his parents brought him to Toys “R” Us before delivering some bad news. And, unfortunately, that is what Sam and Jay are doing. They’re buttering up (pun intended) the ghosts before they tell them that since they’re opening the B&B in just shy of four weeks, they need to get the bedrooms ready. Thus, they need to bunk up. And cue the groan. “Ughhh.”

Once they’ve gotten over their initial apprehension, they start to pair up. Alberta and Flower have agreed to be roommates. Flower remarks how she hasn’t had roommates since the cult. They were like sisters! “Well, technically, sister-wives, because of the sex.” So, next, Hetty states how there are no other females for her to share a room with, so she could just sleep alone…until Trevor suggests that Isaac could just move in with her. *cue the awkward closeted gay silence*. Isaac , still being closeted, finds Trevor ’s suggestion questionable which forces Trevor to “straight-splain” what he meant – they’re just “old-timey and stuff.” Super subtle. Hetty didn’t understand Trevor ’s initial point anyway, so she agrees with his comment about being “old-timey” since her and Isaac do share a common ground of being of an upper social class and have similar fashion tastes. She also regurgitates some old ideas regarding outdated, traditional heteronormative gender roles. Alberta whispers to Pete about how that time period had some “bind spots” (aka, no gaydar).

Moving on, Thor then asks who will move in with him, and Sam says how she just assumed Sasappis would. Totally not sarcastically, Sasappis clarifies how he does want to move in with Thor, “very badly,” and continues to talk the big, TV room up – which catches Trevor ’s attention. “I call it. I’m rooming with Thor,Trevor exclaims to Sasappis’ very real and genuine “dissapointment”, until he claims he’ll just room with Pete. And so, Pete is flattered and offers Sass the choice to sleep in the bed or on the floor. Sasappis chooses the bed. “Great choice!” 😀

And in enters Isaac and Nigel after their daily walk as they comment and laugh about some past American historical figures. But just before Nigel leaves, he wants to say one last thing. Isaac has told him about the new roommate situation, but since Isaac is less-than-entusiatsic with the new set-up, Nigel offers that Isaac can “spend [his] nights in the shed. With me,” Nigel grins. Isaac is hesitant to accept his offer so he asks where exactly he’d be sleeping, so Nigel offers to share his own cot. Oh, boy. Despite Nigel’s cot being suitable to “support two persons of technical weightlessness,” Isaac starts to panic and make up excuses while backing up into another room. Hmm, perhaps this unopened room is a (literal and metaphorical) closet?

Just at bedtime, Trevor runs into Sam and Jay ’s room with a problem. Apparently Thor has some kind of nightmare problem where he mumbles and screams in his sleep, which prevents Trevor from getting a good night’s rest. Sam tries to carefully wake Thor up, which is immediately met with Thor startled and swinging his ghost axe through Sam (which luckily has no real impact). Despite Sam and Trevor trying to ask him about his nightmare, Thorfinn is in denial and refuses to even acknowledge he was having any dream at all. Sam gives up for the night and says how she believes Thor is better, so they should just try and get some sleep. *Cue more of Thor’s screaming*. “Oy vey.”

I know I’m already dead, but kill me,” Trevor kvetches to Sam and Jay while walking into the kitchen the next morning. Sass then enters after him, in a particularly chipper mood. Trevor connects the dots and accuses Sass of tricking him to room with Thor – and he’s right. Sasappis shared a wigwam with Thor 500 years ago. “It was torture.” Since it seems that Thor has had the same night terrors for at least 500 years, Trevor insists that Thor should see a therapist. Although Sam initially brushes off the idea, Jay talks her into it. He brings up how Thor has some pretty serious trauma and that Sam could talk to a therapist on his behalf. Also, the therapist could make a house call because Sam is supposedly “agoraphobic.” She calls the idea crazy, but after Trevor begs her to help so he can sleep, she finally agrees.

Ding-dong! Dr. Long has arrived in her “Land ship,” while Sam is upstairs trying to convince Thor to give therapy a chance. Trevor is confused how he even knows what therapy is and Thor says how he’s actually watched some Fraiser re-runs. But, Thor still refuses to “talk feelings,” and Trevor is tired of his “mishigas.” So, Sasappis decides to step in and tell them how they need to respect that Thor is terrified, like for a “Danish raiding party.” This immediately upsets Thor and he clarifies that he is definitely not afraid of Danes OR Therapy… falling right for Sasappis’ clever manipulation tactic.

Walking into the office room, Alberta and Flower ask Isaac why he’s not on his daily walk with Nigel. Isaac doesn’t get why they would assume he has plans with Nigel and even laughs when they suggest that he and Nigel are “getting kind of close.” He attempts to change the subject from the British soldier to the new roommate situation with Hetty . To Alberta and Flower ’s disbelief, Isaac tries to overcompensate by suggesting that he and Hetty could potentially hook up since they’re sharing a room together. “I’d be wondering that… are people wondering that?” Flower and Alberta are certainly not wondering that about their deeply closeted friend. After Isaac ’s brief freak-out, he tries to start a new conversation again but is met with awkward silence and zero eye contact.

The therapy session begins with Dr. Long asking Sam about her “agoraphobia,” but she would rather talk about the night terrors she’s concerned about. Even though the nightmare is a very painful thing to talk about, Thor has to tell Sam what happened so he can work through it, and he reluctantly agrees. She then repeats and simplifies some of what he says to the therapist like being in a vast plain with her Norweigan friend, Oskar. It’s very cold. And that he picks up a rock and smashed Oskar’s head. “Oh, my.” There’s blood everywhere and, yes, even some brains up his nose. Thor then admits how the dream is the same moment when he killed and betrayed his best friend, Oskar, then he leaves the room in distress as Sam calls after him to stay. Realizing that she is still in the room with the therapist, she lies that “Thor” was the name of her childhood dog…

Hetty wishes Isaac a goodnight, just before he surprises her with…seduction. He claims how he wants to kiss her “comely nape” and she is a bit surprised but leans into it after a moment. She admits that she has considered that “romantic tensions could boil over between” them, and Isaac , with his fake-enthusism, tries to go along with it. Although Isaac suggests they could slow down, Hetty is now desperate for him to “kiss her nape” as she keeps repeating it over and over again in a lovingly voice. Isaac ’s hesitation holds him back and decides to fall rather quickly “asleep”, fake snores galore.

Despite Sam’s efforts to help Thor in therapy, his night terrors have gotten more extreme. So extreme, and loud, in fact that Trevor , Alberta , and Pete stagger into Sam and Jay ’s room and refuse to leave the more soundproof space until Thor stops screaming. So they all have no choice but to confront the Viking about the long-overdue issue.

Sam, Trevor , Pete, and Alberta sneak into Thor’s room, and after Trevor gently tries to wake Thor up (despite Thor temporarily chopping his hand off), they insist that he has to open up just a bit more so they can help him. Isaac also happens to walk in just before Thor reluctantly agrees to share his story: After his viking friends abandoned him, he met and befriended Oskar. They grew close (hunting, camping, arts & crafts, etc) until one day, it became too cold. Too cold and too hungry. So starving that Thorfinn can’t think straight, he grabbed a rock, snuck up behind Oskar, and crushed his friend.“Gadzooks!” Thor starts to explain that he ate his friend’s brains and heart, and even so hungry, he ate… his tail. Wait, his “tail?” What’s so confusing? “Oskar is squirrel.” The ghosts’ disgust and shock quickly turn into disbelief and relief. My goodness! Although Thorfinn still feels “much shame” and guilt for the death of his dead squirrel friend, and compares that to how his own friends abandoned him, the other ghosts and Sam swiftly reassure him how it’s not the same. He was just doing what he needed to survive. After hearing that, Thor is finally able to start to forgive himself and admits that “saying secret out loud, it doesn’t feel so bad,”—just as the camera focuses on Isaac . He notices how quickly the ghosts’ and Sam are to accept and embrace Thor, and so he is promptly inspired to get a certain secret off of his chest that’s been weighing him down for quite some time now, too.

Returning back to his and Hetty ’s now shared room, we see Hetty sitting lonesome as Isaac walks in. He takes a few short steps from the shaded hallway into the clear light of the room as he apologizes for his overcompensating behavior earlier. He admits that perhaps he was trying to “prove something to [himself],” as he also tries to find the words that are caught in his throat. Hetty pats down on the bed and welcomes him to sit down and tell her what’s on his mind. They have been friends for 130 years, after all. “You can tell me anything.” After a beat or two, Isaac is finally ready to admit who he has developed affections for. “The person who caught my eye is… Nigel.” Hetty gasps for a truly gasp-worthy moment. She replies that she is actually embarrassed she didn’t notice it before, but Isaac reassures her and hopes that no one really did. In a whisper, he tries to open up to why it’s been so difficult for him to come out. Isaac shares that he deeply admires Hetty ’s friendship, but felt like admitting his true feelings in some way would feel like “everything that came before was a lie,” but accepts the situation: “But if that is what it takes to speak the truth, then so be it,” as he starts to apologize for “deceiving [her].” But Hetty just firmly embraces her best friend of 130 years and reassures him that he has been nothing but a dear friend for the past two centuries. “And that could never be a lie.” They both smile as she asks if he’s ready to tell Nigel. Isaac is far from ready, but is grateful that he built up the courage to tell Hetty , so now they can joke about all the house guests, especially the guys, as Hetty remarks how “the only tragedy” was that they could’ve been joking and gossiping like this for years! We love an accepting ally <3

In the living room, Sam and Jay cuddle on the couch as Sam updates Jay about the whole Thor-eating-his-best-friend (a squirrel) situation as Jay admits that’s upsetting “on a couple of levels”. He also suggests that Sam could not just help the ghosts, but that she herself could also talk to the therapist about the fact that she sees ghosts and has to figure that out on her own. Sam reflects that at first she was “pretty freaked out” but is now starting to realize that maybe it was supposed to happen so she could help them move on. They share a kiss, to Alberta , Pete, and Flower ’s excitement, so they then decide to go upstairs.

It’s Alberta ’s therapy time and she’s had a rather *interesting* dream involving a black stallian and Jason Momoa and wants to ask the therapist, through Sam, of course, how she could “make these dreams happen more often.” But before Dr. Long is able to give any response, Thorfinn interrupts them because he is confused about Flower ’s love confession at the end of his viking funeral. And also reminds Sam to mention how he was supposed to get “sucked off” but didn’t. “Important for context”.

Episode Quotes

  • “Ooh, what a spread. Eggs, meats, cheese, pâtisserie. What is this, breakfast for one at Ben Franklin’s house?” – Isaac
  • “The 1998 Women of Wall Street Swimsuit Calendar. But when I said I wanted it, you called me a “big-time perv.” – Trevor
  • “This whole breakfast reminds me of when my parents took me to Toys “R” Us right before they told me they were getting a divorce.” – Pete
  • “So we’re gonna need you guys to bunk up. Unless you want to be walked through by painters and handymen and, God willing, guests.” – Sam
  • “Well, now those waffles smell like deception and vanilla” – Alberta
  • “Well, I suppose if we must cohabitate, I could do much worse than the lady of the house.” – Isaac
  • “Of course, as man and woman, we will have to resist our natural impulses, but I think we’re up to the task.” – Hetty
  • “And I’ll be the first to say that I do want that, very badly. You know, I mean, who-who doesn’t want to room with Thor? You know, he’s got the biggest room, and more importantly, that TV.” – Sasappis
  • “Wow. I mean, I am the last one left, but color me flattered. And you will have nothing short of a five-star experience in Casa Pete. I’ll even let you choose where you’d like to sleep, the bed or the floor.” – Pete
  • “I’ve been considering your new lodging requirements, and I thought that, should you find it more amenable, you would be more than welcome to spend your nights in the shed.” – Nigel
  • “How do you know that? Can you see in Thor’s mind? What sort of dark magic is this?” – Thorfinn
  • “Uh, no, we know because you’re going psycho in your sleep.” – Trevor
  • “After I died, the two of us shared a wigwam. It was torture.” – Sasappis 
  • “Right, okay, so just to recap, the plan is to have me call a therapist, lie about not being able to go outside so that I can secretly translate the problems of a thousand-year-old Viking, who, by the way, doesn’t even want to talk about the problem, so we’ll have to spring all this on him and hope he agrees?” – Sam
  • “Because Thor watching old reruns of Frasier. Niles in particular, very funny. Only likes best coffee. Point is, Thor no talk feelings, like Martin, father of Frasier.” – Thorfinn
  • “By the eye of the Allfather, you bite your words. Thor’s not afraid of Danes and Thor’s not afraid of therapy! Time to talk feelings!” – Thorfinn
  • “Me? And Nigel? I mean, he’s not even American. He probably doesn’t even know what a bald eagle looks like.” – Isaac
  • “So, I’m in a vast plain with my friend Oskar. He’s… Norwegian. It’s pretty cold. Near fire there is rock. I grab it, raise it to the sky, and I-I pick up a rock and I smash Oskar’s head. There is, like, blood everywhere. I even get some brains up my nose.” – Sam
  • “Oh, my. Is this… Is this a seduction? Am I being seduced?” – Hetty
  • “I didn’t even cook him. I ate him raw. And I ate his legs. I ate his heart.” – Thorfinn
  • “What is so strange? Oskar is squirrel. But when Oskar needed me most, I eat him.” – Thorfinn
  • “Okay, I’ll say it. And then it’s said. The person who caught my eye is… ” – Isaac