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Recently, the cast of ‘Ghosts(Asher Grodman, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Long, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty and Sheila Carrasco) joined the paranormal pop culture video series and podcast ‘Talking Strange‘ to answer a few questions.

On Thor’s Evolution

Devan Chandler Long: Thor is a bit slow to evolve. He takes his time but there is an episode coming up where he has to deal with some skeletons in his closet. He keeps everything close to his vest, so he is going to have to do a little therapy to work out his demons.

Pete’s Love of Basketball

Richie Moriarty: Pete is in this interesting position where he still has overlap with life experience with Jay and Sam because he died in the ’80s, so Jay is familiar with some of the references Pete knows and loves, especially from the basketball world. Pete is a big basketball fan, and when he discovers Jay is a fan, he’s excited they can watch games together, communicating through Sam. We also learn Flower may also have an interest in basketball, which Pete was formerly unaware of.

Rebecca Wisocky: We think of Pete as such a voice of kindness, and fairness, and light, yet his position when it comes to Flower and sports is one that betrays a little bit of the disparity and perception of the sexes and gender roles in the ’80s.

On Flower’s Lines You Don’t Want to Cross

Sheila Carrasco: Flower is one of those people who is loving and kind, and accepting of anyone until there’s a line you cross. It is interesting to explore what those specific things are, and what she takes personally. She is so good at letting most things go … We’re going to find out a little bit of her issues with intimacy, and maybe she has some trouble, weirdly, connecting with people, even though she’s such a lover. We’re going to find out more of her history, more about what matters to her … I think it blows Flower’s mind that, with all the work she was a part of in the ’60s, that someone in the 80s could still be sexist.

On More from Isaac and Nigel (and Hetty)

Brandon Scott Jones: We will be seeing more of them, and be seeing more of them a couple times throughout the rest of the season. I think it is a really interesting opportunity for Isaac to have a ghost he is a contemporary of. Not only that, but a classic archrival of … What’s the most fun about their interaction is Isaac is tiptoeing around some deeper feelings, and sometimes when you’re dealing with something challenging about identity, you probably look to somebody who can really help you, and you want to connect with somebody who fully understands … I always think Isaac has a nice relationship with Hetty. Even though they are from different time periods, they have similar values in a lot of ways. They are able to use that particular relationship to unpack a lot of the feelings and complex emotions Isaac is having for Nigel (played by John Hartman).

On the Prom Episode

Rebecca Wisocky: The opening is just so juicy, and classic. At this point in the season, you’re so ready to see this tip of the hat to classic horror tropes.

Brandon Scott Jones: It will be a very unique cold open to our show. It is another time period joining our show. It is isolated in a way that you’re almost watching a mini movie. It is the most classic tip to actual horror that we’ve had in the show. Odessa A’zion is guest starring, and she is so, so friggin funny. She plays this character that is a real classic ‘80s teen. We are going to be able to have that energy that plays with all of our characters who are tired and going crazy, and she just pops in and out. She is going to be so fun. I am definitely excited for that episode.

Devan Long: AND I am not going to say who, but she has a crush on one of the ghosts.

Asher Grodman: She does!

Sheila Carrasco: Her character really brings in a new dynamic to the group of ghosts I didn’t even know we needed … this episode digs in a little bit into Sam’s backstory, and something she has always struggled with.

Rebecca Wisocky: There is an excellent flashback for Rose fans are really going to enjoy. [Which Grodman points out is the first flashback for Rose’s Sam.]

On Trevor’s Trousers

Grodman: We are going to get the official dive. The origin story of the trousers is on its way. I cannot say when it’s going to happen, but it’s going to be after Purim [March 16-17] and before Passover [April 15-23].

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