(News and Updates) Danielle Pinnock Instagram Q&A from March 21, 2022

Danielle Pinnock has made a Question and Answer related to ‘Ghosts‘ today (March 21, 2022). Here is a recap of what was said.

  • Favourite ghost?

Without question, Alberta and Isaac are toxic besties. They come for each other but always have a good kiki. They are mischievous too and they always wanna know the household gossip! Flower is a party girl like Alberta and I feel like if Acid made it in the 1920’s Alberta would be trippin’ too!

  • Have you even seen/experienced a ghost or haunting?

Yessss! When I was younger I used to have dreams that sometimes ended up happening in real life. Maybe it’s De Ja Vu, or maybe I need to call my boo @tylerhenrymedium for some tips!!

  • How did you found out you booked the role of “Alberta”?

  • How would you like to see Pete and Alberta’s ghost relationship play out?

Listen Alberta been dead for 100 years, and Pete is so kind. I think she’s open to start courting but who knows?!?

  • Dream guest star(s) for season 2?

Punam Patel, LaNisa Frederick, Tristen J. Winger, Hannah Einbinder, Janelle James, Sheryl Lee Ralph.

  • Is the season finale extraordinary?

Mums the word. 😎

  • Are the looks/glances you give written into the script or are those add libbed?

Hahaha! Alberta is a naturally expressive person so the faces she makes are part of her through and through.

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