(Miscellaneous) With which personality from ‘Ghosts’ CBS do you match with?

Have you ever wondered with which character personality from ‘Ghosts‘ CBS you match with?

Today, if you have a few minutes ahead of you, I suggest you to discover it in three steps!

1. First step

First, you will need to find out what personality you are. It’s simple, just go to 16personalities.com and complete the personality test.

2. Second step

This step is not obligatory but is interesting and will allow you to have more accuracy; complete an enneagram personality test. You can just go on personalitypath.com and complete the test.

3. Third and last step

You now have your two personality results. You just have to go personality-database.com and find out with which character your personality match with!

Unfortunately, if you are like me (INFJ-T and 6w7) you will find out that you do not match with any of the ‘Ghosts’ characters yet… But, don’t worry, you can explore personality-database.com, and you will probably find a other character from another series, movie or someone else your personality match with!

Do not hesitate to share your results in the comment section!

Thanks to ‘Ghosts‘ fan Peachy for this brillant idea.

I'm Stephanie - a French fan of Rose McIver who discovered the show 'Ghosts' thanks to her. As the owner of rosemciversource.net, I wanted to start a new adventure with this amazing series and create a community full of resources for fans. In life, I'm a creative and versatile person with a passion for graphic design and seeking new adventures. Some of my other interests include photography, food, books, travel, and Kdramas.

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