(Miscellaneous) 6 Questions with a fan: Stéphanie

Who are the fans of the ‘Ghosts‘? Through these small interviews called ‘6 Questions with a Fan‘, discover some fans of the series. If you would like to be featured of these posts, do not hesitate to contact me!

Today, let’s introduce myself, Stéphanie, creator and webmaster of this site.

  • Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Stéphanie and I’m turning 29 as I’m writing this. I am a graphic designer by training, no longer evolving in this field for the moment (except for personal projects or some event projects). If you would like to see some of my work, you can check out my BEHANCE page (this reminds me I need to update it).

  • How have you discovered this series?

I’ve been a Rose McIver fan for several years, I’m the creator and webmaster of rosemciversource.net/mciver-rose.com. So, it seems pretty clear that it’s thanks to her, haha. When Rose was announced as the lead of this series, I knew it would be a project that I would follow, I was clearly so excited. The announcement of the other actors did not make me change my mind, on the contrary! I loved the diversity & different profiles of the cast, that’s also what makes the strength of this series I think. We waited so long to find out the show was going to happen that it really boosted my excitement.

  • How has this series impacted your life?

When the series was announced, I decided to create a new fan account, @ghostscbsfans. I received a lot of support from the cast and crew (even before the show aired) who are very enthusiastic, grateful and closely follow the evolution of the series with the fans. After, I managed to create a very nice team that helps me to fill this site, this allowed me to meet some very nice people. On the other hand, this series is a moment of joy in my week, I don’t watch many comedy series but this one makes me laugh a lot. I like the fact that it raises serious subjects, that it deals with social problems but all this with a light touch.

  • What is the character you relate the most to? And why ?

That’s a great question but difficult question. I think we can all find a bit of ourselves in each of the characters in the series, that’s what makes us so attached to it. If I had to look closer, I think the character I can relate the most to would be Sam.

  • Are you watching any other comedy series?

No. To be honest, I don’t really watch American productions. I am very attached to Asian and particularly Korean culture and I watch a lot of productions from there. The comedy series I have enjoyed would be limited to the brilliant ‘Friends‘, ‘The Big Band Theory‘, ‘Brooklyn 99‘. Of course, I also started the original version of BBC’s ‘Ghosts‘. I’m on season 2. I liked it, there are things I prefer in the English version but the American version remains my favorite!

  • Do you have a last word, anything else to share?

Thank you all for taking the time to read my little introduction. A huge thank you to everyone who supports the site on social networks and a huge thank you to my team for helping me to help make this site a real reference for all fans of the series!

I'm Stephanie - a French fan of Rose McIver who discovered the show 'Ghosts' thanks to her. As the owner of rosemciversource.net, I wanted to start a new adventure with this amazing series and create a community full of resources for fans. In life, I'm a creative and versatile person with a passion for graphic design and seeking new adventures. Some of my other interests include photography, food, books, travel, and Kdramas.

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