(Miscellaneous) 6 Questions with a fan: Robin

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Today, let’s meet one of our site’s hero Robin.

  • Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Robin. I’m a mom, a military spouse, a writer, a blogger, and a consultant supporting the Department of Veterans Health develop improved organization and implement critical initiatives for better client and patient service. I am originally from NJ but I currently live in Florida on military orders. I also am a current contributor for ghostscbsfans.com. I write for Hetty, Flower, Alberta, Sam, and Pete.

  • How have you discovered this series?

Long story short. I was watching playoff football and saw one of those small picture preview things in the corner of the tv during the game of these characters dressed in different period costumes and since I love history I was curious. I watched a few episodes via on demand and was hooked. Albeit I watched the BBC version in full first and I am a late comer coming to the show in mid January.

  • How has this series impacted your life?

Not sure if it’s impacted my life but it sure gives me joy during the week and has fueled more inspiration for my writing.

  • What is the character you relate the most to? And why ?

This is always a hard question to answer. I’m a storyteller like Sass, a bit precise like Hetty, and tend to struggle with saying no like Pete.

  • Are you watching any other comedy series?

Yes. I watch ‘A Different World‘ every summer. I am also watch ‘Abbott Elementary‘, ‘The Office‘, ‘Parks and Rec‘, ‘Miracle Workers‘, ‘Martin‘, ‘Fresh Prince‘, ‘Golden Girls‘, ‘Living Single‘, and ‘Ghosts‘ BBC.

  • Do you have a last word, anything else to share?

I am currently working on a couple of Twitter projects that I’d love for you to follow: Alberta’s Notes posts about twice a week which discusses the life and times of the one and only Alberta Haynes, and Letterboard Wisdom, which also posts twice a week, will feature a quote from a character both CBS and BBC that imparts some advice from beyond the grave to help us all in this lifetime!

I'm Stephanie - a French fan of Rose McIver who discovered the show 'Ghosts' thanks to her. As the owner of rosemciversource.net, I wanted to start a new adventure with this amazing series and create a community full of resources for fans. In life, I'm a creative and versatile person with a passion for graphic design and seeking new adventures. Some of my other interests include photography, food, books, travel, and Kdramas.

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