(Miscellaneous) 6 Questions with a fan: Rachel

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Today, let’s meet Rachel, who is also one of this site hero!

  • Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi I am Rachel, you can find me at @Rachhope7 on Twitter.

  • How have you discovered this series?

How I discovered it was, I first saw that Rose was cast in a new series I was interested in watching it because I have always been a fan of Rose. Then my sister who watches BBC shows more regularly than I do sent me a clip of the BBC show. I decided to watch it before the US version came out that fall. I became completely enamored with the UK show that I was anticipating the US show.

  • How has this series impacted your life?

Once the US show came out it became a weekly thing between me and my sister. We would watch it and then immediately video chat each other after the show had ended to share our thoughts. It’s something fun to bond over each week. I also help admin the Ghost CBS Facebook fan group and have met some amazing ghosties on there.

  • What is the character you relate the most to? And why ?

I think I most relate to Sam, I love writing and we have similar personalities. I don’t think I am like any of the ghosts though lol.

  • Are you watching any other comedy series?

I watch tons of series, my newest favorite is ‘What We Do in the Shadows‘.

I'm Stephanie - a French fan of Rose McIver who discovered the show 'Ghosts' thanks to her. As the owner of rosemciversource.net, I wanted to start a new adventure with this amazing series and create a community full of resources for fans. In life, I'm a creative and versatile person with a passion for graphic design and seeking new adventures. Some of my other interests include photography, food, books, travel, and Kdramas.

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