(Miscellaneous) 6 Questions with a fan: Alicia

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Today, let’s meet Alicia.

  • Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Married 21 years to my best friend from High School. 2 kids and a addiction to the worlds inside my TV and the pages of my books.

  • How have you discovered this series?

Discovered fairly early last year when looking up the shows coming in the new season. LOVED the idea of a house full of Ghosts from different time periods.

  • How has this series impacted your life?

It’s brought my daughter and me closer. We are both addicted to it and watch it together all the time.

  • What is the character you relate the most to? And why ?

Flower. She is the hippie I always wanted to be. She also went through a lot of guilt over robbing the bank. My past is riddled with guilt that wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was.

  • Are you watching any other comedy series?

Yes..I mainly watch dramas these days however I enjoy ‘Call Me Katt‘, ‘Young Sheldon‘, ‘The Goldbergs‘ and ‘The Conners‘. I watch all sorts of old comedys also but too many to name.

  • Do you have a last word, anything else to share?

I love the show and can’t wait for it to return. I know there has to be more ghosts on the property and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Stay Strong and support your beliefs. You are the person who controls your life. Don’t let anyone else.

I'm Stephanie - a French fan of Rose McIver who discovered the show 'Ghosts' thanks to her. As the owner of rosemciversource.net, I wanted to start a new adventure with this amazing series and create a community full of resources for fans. In life, I'm a creative and versatile person with a passion for graphic design and seeking new adventures. Some of my other interests include photography, food, books, travel, and Kdramas.

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  1. I am a big fan of Ghost! I love watching comedies coz they really make my day. I even record every episode on my phone cam for my personal collection!
    all the best to everyone!


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