(Miscellaneous) Which “Ghosts” CBS character is like you? Take the MBTI personality test!

To which CBS “Ghosts” character does your personality resemble? Follow our steps below to find out!

  • First, you will need to take a MBTI* personality test. Don’t worry, it takes about ten minutes! Take the test!
  • Second (not obligatory but you can do it if you want to go deeper), make an Enneagram* type test. Take the test!
  • Then, visit the Ghosts CBS page at the Personality Database website. You can now see which “Ghosts” character is like you! By browsing a little deeper on this site, you can also see that which celebrities or characters from series/movie/games/… have the same personality as you.

*MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This is a tool which is frequently used to help individuals understand their own communication preference and how they interact with others.

*The Enneagram is a system of personality which describes people in terms of nine types, each with their own motivations, fears, and internal dynamics.

Feel free to leave a comment to share your result with us! For me, (Stéphanie) unfortunately none of the “Ghosts” characters is like me…

I am not in partnership with the Personality Database website, if the data is not 100% accurate, please refer to the site and contact them for any changes. This article is made for fun.

My name is Stephanie. Being a (french) fan of Rose McIver, I discovered this show thanks to her. Owner of rosemciversource.net, I wanted to start a new adventure with this amazing series 'Ghosts' and build a new community full of resources for fans.

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