(News and Updates) Experience Ghosts In The Metaverse

The Woodstone Mansion is stuck in the Metaverse, and you, Ghosties, are the only ones that can bring it back!

Today we introduce you to The Ghosts Metaverse event, a part of CBS’ ‘Summer of Ghosts‘ campaign, marketing the series who is coming back in September.

Today, we are sharing an event that all fans around the world will finally be able to participate in! It’s not just an event, it’s not just a replica of the Mansion  in a virtual world, it’s a real immersive video game experience dedicated to the series. This is the first time ever, in the Television Network, that a series get a promotionnal campaign in the Metaverse, in Decentraland (a decentralized virtual reality platform).

Trivia: The house has been created based on the exact blueprint from the show. And that’s not it, they also recorded with the cast in Montreal for this video game!

Without telling you too much, the Woodstone Mansion is stuck in Decentraland, and it’s up to you, the user, to solve puzzles, discover hidden easter eggs, make characters’ quests and then earns limited edition collectible NFTs (What’s an NFT?).

Woodstone Mansion in Decentraland is accessible from any computer. However, it’s not yet supported for iPad, Mobile Device.

You can play as a guest, but I suggest following the few next steps to get the most out of the experience.

  1. First, you will need to create your Ghosts Wallet account, it’s easy to set up.
  2. Then, if you want to fully enjoy the Decentraland experience, we recommend you get yourself a digital wallet. You can connect your Ghosts Wallet to a Web3 wallet to unlock the latest benefits (in your Ghosts Wallet, under ‘Profile’, and then ‘Wallets’, I suggest Metamask (F.A.Q., Support).
  3. Create your Decentraland account (F.A.Q., Introduction) you can directly connect to it using your Metamask Web3 wallet.
  4. You’re now free to create your avatar and play with the various options.
  5. Congratulations! You can now explore the Woodstone Mansion and help bring it back!

Visit Ghosts now in Decentraland

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