(Exclusive, Miscellaneous) 5 Questions with a cast member: Kathryn Greenwood

Through these small and exclusive interviews called ‘5 Questions with a Cast Member‘, discover some of the ‘Ghosts‘ series cast member.

Today, in exclusivity, let’s meet Kathryn Greenwood who plays Sam and Jay’s oh-so-lovable neighbour Margaret Farnsby.

  • Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi everybody, I’m Kathryn Greenwood and I play Sam and Jay’s oh-so-lovable neighbour Margaret Farnsby. I’m a Canadian/American living in Toronto with my husband, two daughters and sweet black Lab. I’ve been at this for quite a while now – acting, writing, improv, sketch, voice work, drama, comedy – and making people laugh wins, hands down.

  • How did you get into acting? Who is your inspiration?

I did all the musicals in high school and knew I had to follow my heart, so I studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA. After that I got involved in the comedy scene in 80’s Toronto. It was fun back then, lots of little clubs with up and coming Canadian comedic stars. I joined The Second City for 5 wonderful years. Starred on a fabulous family show, Wind at My Back, created an improv show, Not to be Repeated, with Ed Sahely and Jonathan Wilson – a completely improvised 2 act play turned sitcom, and then Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie suggested me for Whose Line Is It Anyway. I enjoyed 3 seasons with those sweethearts (toting a baby around with me backstage). Did plenty of film and tv and created Women Fully Clothed with Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke and Teresa Pavlinek, a hit comedy stage show that toured North America for 17 years until the pandemic.

Who inspired me? I was lucky enough to grow up in the Carol Burnett Show/Mary Tyler Moore Show era, so it never occurred to me that women couldn’t pursue this as a career. Loved them both. Also listened to my dad’s Nichols and May records with my brothers over and over. And watched old movies with all the greats, too many to name, except comedy-wise Judy Holliday stands out. Yup, I’m old school, but worth checking these people out if anybody out there is interested in comedy.

  • Can you describe a typical filming day on the set of ‘Ghosts’?

A typical day on the Ghosts set is, well, wonderful. After Carmen Alie dresses me in note perfect wealthy waspy attire, and Jean Scarabin magically transforms my hair into the Margaret Farnsby Updo…I’m ready to go. This cast is so talented as you already know, but they’re also so nice and fun to be around. And they’re open to any funny thought that comes my way. I spend most of my time with the brilliant Mark Linn-Baker and now our own ghost, hilarious Lindsey Broad, which is tons of fun, they’re just great. By the way, Mark and I met approximately 4 minutes before we shot our first scene outside the mansion introducing ourselves to Sam and Jay. It was “Hi, I’m Mark” “Hi, I’m Kathy” and then “Action!”. We connected immediately and the Farnsbys were off and running!

  • Can you talk about your next project, something you are currently working on?

Currently I’m in Newfoundland shooting an indie film. I can’t say much about it but it’s a drama and it’s going to be eerie and wonderful. And it’ll look amazing because this province is incredibly beautiful. This is a much different experience than Ghosts, not a funny line in it.

  • Do you have a last word, anything else to share?

Ghosts really is one of the loveliest experiences of my career. The cast, writers and crew are the cream of the crop, in every respect. And putting heart and humour out into the world is important these days, truly, so I feel privileged to be a part of it, even though I’m the nasty one. I know Margaret’s got a heart, hidden somewhere under that Chanel knockoff.

Thank you very much Kathryn for your time! You can follow her on Twitter (@KathrynWFC).

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