(Review) 2.17 – Weekend From Hell

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  1. Slightly disappointed with Elias’ return

    I found myself somewhat disappointed by the latest episode of Ghosts, “Weekend From Hell” who saw the return of Elias Woodstone (a character I don’t like that much.) Despite the actor portraying Elias delivering a brillant performance, the episode’s focus on his character felt not very interesting for me.

    However, the episode did have its great moments thanks to “Elias’ comeback.” Hetty’s character development was a very positive aspect, as she finally finds peace with the help of Alberta. Unfortunately, this whole storyline came at the expense of Pete, once again. One positive aspect of this was Thorfinn offering advice to Pete, helping him better defend himself.

    On the other hand, Flower’s interaction with Jay was THE standout moment, allowing Jay to shine again and showcase his culinary talent. Jay is giving so much heart into this B&B and he deserves to be recognized for everything he is doing.

    While I personally felt disappointed by this episode, it’s important to note that my opinion does not reflect and will not change my love for this series. I didn’t liked Elias since his first appearance in “The Vault,” which remains my least favorite episode and that’s probably why I didn’t liked this new episode that much.


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