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  1. Another charming throwback to Sam's past

    This episode was again a great “throwback” into Sam’s past – allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of her personality. Rose is absolutely brillant and her acting adds a delightful charm to Sam that I adore so much.

    However, the standout moment of the episode is the compassionate and beautiful exchange between Isaac and Sam at the end. It’s moments like these that set “Ghosts” apart from other TV productions, and the fact that it concludes with humor is the perfect “Ghosts” touch.

    The episode mainly features Isaac finally getting the chance to have his own book about his life, which adds an extra layer of depth to his character. I’m actually hoping the writers will keep develop this storyline as I personally would love to see how the production of his book is going. This storyline was a bit too short, more or less 3 storylines were happening in this episode and 20 minutes is not enough to take care of all of them

    Meanwhile, Flower’s desire for Thorfinn to work on his anger due to her hippie personality ultimately falls to the wayside, showing that it’s okay for her to accept him as he is.

    Overall, “Isaac’s Book” is another great episode, with a lot of emotion and important subjects. I just want to note that, it’s slightly disappointing that the episode had so many storylines to cover in just 20 minutes.


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