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  1. You knew it, I was waiting for this new season with so much impatience.

    The first season served to bring the basics to the series, introduce the characters, give us some information about their stories while creating a little mystery in order to give us the desire to continue, the desire to know more. The attachment created with the public throughout season 1 was right for its success. The success is there because the team behind the series is passionate.

    This first episode was worth the wait. The episode begins directly after the end of the first season, the Woodstone B&B is officially open! Not so much mystery surrounding Jay’s condition after his fall, but I’m glad that’s the case, he is okay and that’s it. They didn’t dwell on the subject and that allows us to go directly to the main plot of this episode: The first official guests.

    I would still have something to add about Jay, I would have kinda hoped that they explored the fact that Jay wants to see ghosts a bit more, but I have a feeling that this is something that will be explored during the rest of the season, in small doses. And that wouldn’t be so bad if that’s the case.

    Back to the plot, the first official guests. The ghosts offer to spy on the guests because they are very meticulous and have a habit of leaving bad notes while saying that everything is always fine.

    Not everything goes as planned, because after getting tired of hearing that the guests complain about Sam for absurd details, Jay once again assumes his role as the perfect husband and leaves to defend his wife. An absolute perfect monologue and which will fit into my favorite quotes from the series. We can say it: Sam and Jay are definitely couple goals.

    The spying of the Ghosts on the guests also gives us incredibly funny moments, each Ghost adds its own grin of salt and it’s very, very funny. The personality of each of the ghosts is incredible and is very well exploited once again.

    Let’s finish with the romantic story between Isaac and Nigel. We are all waiting to see more! Things are progressing slowly and their path meets some difficulties but I liked the way Isaac handled things. It all ended well (so far) and I can’t wait to see more.


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