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  1. Let’s find out what happened to Trevor’s Pants!

    I was definitely so excited to learn more about Trevor’s backstory and what a good guy he is. It was really sad to see that Trevor had been “abandoned” by his best friends, his finance bro’s.

    Anyway, when he first told his story, I immediately thought that it was not possible and that he must have lost his pants in another way. And yes! I loved the way it was brought, giving the opportunity to Sasappis to tell this story and to highlight his character trait. So we learn that Trevor was indeed a beautiful person, who also feels emotions and is willing to help others and fight for the right things.

    Unfortunately, his friends weren’t necessarily the ones he imagined and like Pete, he too was betrayed from a certain point of view. Eventually, everyone came together to do justice to Trevor and it was absolutely excellent. Ari, Trevor’s former bro who came to buy Elias’ watch (seen in ‘The Vault’), finally gives twice the amount Jay asked for. It’s a double win!

    We end up talking about the budding romance between Thorfinn and Flower after they confess to each other. The “third” interviews were excellent, it was so funny to see the personality of each of the ghosts reacting to that. Bringing Crash again was so cool, we know this character is a fan favorite!

    Thorfinn and Flower are two completely opposite characters but they are so perfect together for me. They both learn to talk to each other and expose the problems each of them have.They agree on fixing things before considering anything (especially for Flower who has to work on herself).Thorfinn is a very understanding person.


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