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This is the episode review dedicated post for ‘Ghosts‘ Episode 14. ghostscbsfans.com team members will be writing a review for this episode in this page.

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  1. A little pearl of joy in these complicated times.

    .I don’t know if it’s because I missed the series or because it took a new “writing” turn following the addition of 5 episodes (the CBS channel had originally ordered 13 episodes but ordered a full season of 18 episodes later) but this episode was clearly the best.

    This episode was for me, without a doubt, the most emotional, sensational, funny and genius since the beginning of the series.

    Again, I don’t know if it’s because I missed the show so much, because they added even more creativity in the writing part, or maybe because episode 13 is the one I liked the least, but I find that with this new episode, the series really takes a new turn. The relationship between the living and the ghosts continues to build and grow.

    The story around Sassapis was so well written and so touching. We are told a little but not too much, which makes us want to explore his story even more and find out more about what happened to him. Bringing in Román Zaragoza’s real father was an absolutely brilliant idea and we can see the deep connection between the two characters.

    On Sam’s side, once again, the writing choices really allow us to see that it’s certainly an invented story, a series, but it reminds us of real life things. I can really put myself in Sam’s shoes and her fear of failure, I can totally relate to that. The way Sasappis has approached things and the fact that he gives her his eagle feather, it’s really symbolic and it teaches us a lesson: you must never stop believing in yourself. It was brillant, very emotional.

    On a more funny note, I absolutely loved everything about the basketball thing. Pete being jealous was very fun and even more when Mark sit on him, “Oh my god, oh my god”, lol.

    Hetty’s character has also changed and evolved. She really becomes the “mom” of the group, she gives good advice, ensures that everyone feels good. I adore her. She have a very kind soul.

    The last scene was superb, giving Sasappis the opportunity to reveal himself, to really show that he is talented, was brilliant. And yes, there is a real connection between the living and the ghosts.

    And yeah… the B&B is open, this gives me so much excitement for the future episodes!


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