(Review) 1.12 – Jay’s Sister

This is the episode review dedicated post for ‘Ghosts‘ Episode 12. ghostscbsfans.com team members will be writing a review for this episode in this page.

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  1. One word: Absolutely FANT(OM)ASTIC. Bringing Jay’s sister was an absolute delight, Punam Patel is so lovely. I liked the way things were approached, bringing Trevor’s character to the fore and showing a new side of his personality, episode about his backstory will be super interesting I’m sure.

    I feel like the Ghosts always do a lot of foolery and that Sam and Jay always have to fix the broken pieces, it’s very funny and it often gives very touching scenes.

    I loved the growing relationship between Sam and Bela, it was a really beautiful scene.

    Nancy is going back to the basement, she was a very great addition to the cast, super funny and natural, I loved seeing her with Pete. Now, I am super intrigued about Pete’s crush on Alberta. I can’t wait to see where it will go.

    Flower! I missed this so funny, peaceful character! And Sasappis too!

    My last word will be about the Ghosts power, I love to see their powers.


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