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This is the episode review dedicated post for ‘Ghosts‘ Episode 7. ghostscbsfans.com team members will be writing a review for this episode in this page.

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  1. It’s finally here! I was so looking forward to having a centric episode about Flower, I love her so much. This character is so well written, such a lovable character and I love that she is completely in her own world. It was a little sad that Sam made the wrong decision to talk about Flower’s story when she didn’t agree with it, luckily it ended well.

    I am completely a fan of the established duo between Alberta and Isaac, they make me laugh so much!

    I also really liked the story between Sasappis and Shiki, even if a bit sad, I hope we will have the opportunity to know more in an episode dedicated to Sasappis.
    This episode was once again superbly written, Jay is an integral part of the story between Sam and the Ghosts and not sidelined at all, I enjoy that and I love the way things turn out. Jay is someone who always supports Sam and I am absolutely a fan of this couple, they are so cute!

    I’m always saying that but this show is getting better and better! Next week D&D episode is getting me so excited!



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