Fanfiction FAQ

Ghosts CBS Fanfiction Frequently Asked Questions

How is fanfiction chosen for the site?

Readers like you submit fanworks here! Our Fanfiction Mods team will review the work to make sure it adheres to our Fanfiction Inclusion Policies, then we will post the links and the submitter’s recommendation on our Fanfiction page.

What types of fanfiction should I recommend?

Our fandom has a wide variety of written content. The Ghosts CBS Fans Website team believes that everyone has the right to freely express their ideas through creative writing and fanfiction. We encourage authors young and old to write and send in recommendations for the pieces you read and admire. Before you submit a fanfiction for recommendation, however, we ask that you self-assess the work for these two main guidelines:

  1. Any work you submit is not considered ‘mature’ in content. Often the works that include sensitive content will be tagged as such. While we support writers and encourage them to write whatever they please, in lieu of younger readers and visitors to our site, we ask that you avoid recommending these works.
  2. Any work you submit is not degrading to certain communities. We will not post these submissions. Included but not limited to: ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual identity.* For guidelines for what depictions of characters of color and LGBTQ+ characters will be considered, please visit our Fanfiction Inclusion Policies page.

    * For best practices for writing characters of color and LGBTQ+ characters, please visit our Fanfiction Resources page.

Other general types of submissions we won’t accept include: 

  • Blog posts and episode reviews. These are not considered fanfiction, rather they are considered opinions/observations on the show. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on the show’s canon, but this isn’t the right place for it.
  • Meta-fiction. This refers to nonfiction fannish works, such as essays and explanations behind a creative process. We will likely open a separate page for meta-fiction in the future. Until then, we recommend you recommend meta works on Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, or another blogging venue!
  • Fics that are not based on Ghosts CBS. This one is rather self explanatory. In order for it to be considered Ghosts CBS fic, the characters or universe have to be there somewhere. These works include non-crossover BBC Ghosts fanfictions.
  • Monetized works. While we believe creators should be paid for their work, the Ghosts CBS website is not intended to be used as a promotional tool, and we want all potential readers to have equal-access to fanfiction materials.
  • Works not published elsewhere. We do not host fanfiction. Please refer to “What websites can I read and/or post fanfiction on?” below for places to post fanworks.
  • Self-Recommendations. Please refer to “Why fanfiction *recommendations*? Can’t I just send in my own work?” below.

Types of submission we will accept include: 

  • Crossovers. As long as there are Ghosts CBS characters or universe in there somewhere, it’s a Ghosts fic! Including other characters from other fandoms is perfectly alright. 
  • Fics with non-canon pairings. Not in canon? No problem! Fanfic is all about venturing into different dynamics the show itself might not explore.
  • Non-English Language Fanfictions. Not in English? No problem! We may take a little longer to review these fanfictions, but we’re excited to showcase non-English works in the fandom! Other questions on non-English Language works? See our Fanfiction Inclusion Policies for how we will source reviewers, or contact us!

Barring that, the world is your oyster. The fanfiction that exists in our fandom ranges from romance of all shapes and sizes, to stories that read more like episodes themselves. If you read it and you love it, tell us why!

Why fanfiction *recommendations*? Can’t I just send in my own work?

Please do not send in your own work.

The purpose of this section of the website is to offer readers and writers resources for how to find and publish Ghosts CBS fanfiction. Sites like Archive of Our Own,, and Wattpad already let readers find and read your work! Our focus is on uplifting other writers that create content we all enjoy. The intention is not to use this website as a promotional tool for all new works that hit the internet; doing so would not be plausible. 

We understand the temptation of wanting to submit your own work here, but we ask that you please refrain from doing so, as your self recommendations will not be posted. If you’d like to share your own fanfiction with the fandom, Twitter and Tumblr are great social media sites that have a rather large following of Ghosts CBS fans! 

Too shy to submit recommendations?

Don’t worry! The submission page will require everyone to give us some form of contact, but all recommendations will be listed anonymously when posted. Commenting directly on the original posting site is always encouraged as well.

A fanfic is already up on the website, can I still recommend it?

While we understand you may express interest in submitting a recommendation for a work that has already been posted to the site, we ask that you please refrain from doing so. We want to showcase as many different works and authors as possible, and will not repost duplicates. If you still want to show support to the fic, comment directly on the work to let the author know how much you appreciate it! 

Have another fic you like that isn’t yet on the site? Send your recommendation in!

What websites can I read and/or post fanfiction on?

There are three main fanfiction websites across the internet: 

  • Archive Of Our Own (commonly referred to as “AO3”)—A non-profit organization that has been established and run by fans since 2007. This site is fairly easy to navigate, and is moderated by use of ‘tags’ to filter out content to your preference.
  •—The oldest and largest expansive archive of fanfiction. A little harder to navigate than AO3, but still offers organization by fandom for your convenience. 
  • Wattpad—A storytelling company that has significantly grown over the last couple of years. It’s for profit, rather than non-profit. Unlike the other two websites, Wattpad also has a mobile app for your convenience. 

In addition to these three main sites, occasionally fans will post shorter pieces of fiction onto Tumblr. 

  • Tumblr—A social media site for all types of fandom related posts from fanart to general rambling, and even fanfiction. Looking under the ‘cbs ghosts’ tag on Tumblr would be your best bet if you’re looking for fanfiction there. Most authors will also cross post links to their works from the three above sites there.

I have further questions about this. Where can I contact someone?

We are currently in the process of making a ‘Contact Us’ page for all sections of our website. Until then, feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to the fanfiction section of our site!