Stéphanie (May 27, 2017 - February 28, 2021)

I had the immense privilege of being able to meet Rose McIver twice. One was in Paris on May 27, 2017 and the other virtually on February 28, 2021. Rose has always been incredibly supportive and a great inspiration to me. She is really a gem.

Paris - May 27, 2017

I had the immense honor of being part of the second edition of the ‘Fandom United‘. We raised money for a few charities supported by the ‘Once Upon a Time‘ actors, thanks to amazing & very generous donators. We were lucky, during the group photos, to give the check to all the actors. When we waited for the green light, to give them the check, Rose McIver immediately noticed it and told Colin O’Donoghue ‘Oh! What is this check ?!’. When it was time to give them, Rose immediately grabbed it on her hands and said, ‘Woow, it’s amazing!!’ She was really surprised and delighted to see what we had been able to pick up. She added that she wanted to keep it. All the actors were really delighted and it was a very beautiful moment.

During the Autograph Session, I was very stressed about giving her the great ‘iZombie Cookbook‘ I had made several weeks ago. The first thing I wanted to do, was to give her this book before asking her for the autograph. I gave it to her and she was like ‘Wooooooow’. I told her ‘I don’t know if you remember it on Twitter’, and she said ‘Yeeeeah, I remember!! You made it? I looooove it, it’s amazing.’. She turned all pages, looked inside and was really delighted and surprised that I offer it to her.

I then asked her if it was possible that she would make an autograph for my fansite, showing her “” which appears at the bottom of iZombie’s recipe book. She then said ‘Oh! Is that you too ?! I’ve heard people saying great things about it.’ and she added something like ‘It’s really nice. It’s amazing!’.

Worldwide (Virtual) - February 28, 2021

After having missed her several times (in Los Angeles, in Paris) these past years, in February 2021 I finally had the opportunity to see Rose McIver again, virtually this time through “Zoom“. It was an exceptional event, I was able to participate in various small virtual meeting sessions with her and other fans.

I participated in a meeting also called “Q&A” where we were only a handful of fans, where I was able to see fans that I already knew thanks to social networks, it was very intimate. The organizer gave enough time to everyone and we could ask all the questions we wanted. We also played a kind of Pictionary online, it was really fun.

I then had a session called “1 and 1(it’s like a video call between you and the actor). I was really stressed & was afraid of expressing myself badly and not understanding everything because English is not my mother tongue. But I have to say that I’m used to hearing Rose‘s voice and accent in all her interviews so I think it was easier for me. It was absolutely amazing, the wait for all these years was definitely worth it. Rose was amazing and we were able to discuss a lot of things, the time went by way too fast (note to myself, next time I’ll order more call time!). She is really attentive, she’s down to earth and so so kind.

Finally, I had ordered a souvenir video (the actor record himself using the information you sent him; for example, it can be advice for such and such a thing, a message of support, anything). I’ve ordered a video were I introduced myself, my fansite. In addition, I received a second Happy Birthday video, in fact, my husband ordered another video as a surprise for me (the event took place on February 28 and my birthday is on March 13, it was the perfect timing! I received it just in time!).

This was such a memorable experience.