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  1. When we think we’ve seen the best episode and stories, new things pop up to wow us even more!

    Sam and Jay don’t have kids yet but they’re dealing with the fact that sometimes ghosts act like kids and it’s kind of funny! The distribution of the rooms is a rather funny moment especially when we realize that Trevor is rolled in flour by Sasappis (from french expression “rouler quelqu’un dans la farine”, meaning trick someone).

    Regardless, Thorfinn is presented as someone tough, cold, who does not show who he really is by hiding behind a “character”, a viking appearance, but for several episodes we have seen that behind this armor, he has a big heart and he want to move forward.

    Sam is amazing and much like the actress who plays her, Rose McIver, she has her heart on her sleeve and wants to help everyone. The ghosts put Sam in delicate positions sometimes (or very often actually) and that gives us scenes that we are crying with laughter. When Thorfinn explains what happened with Oskar it’s particularly funny to see Sam trying to tell this story by omitting some details to the therapist. We are glad to learn after that Oskar was a SQUIRREL!

    Let’s now talk about Isaac (+ Nigel) and Hetty. I’m so happy with the writing choice to see Isaac confide in Hetty. Hetty comes from an old era and she has opinions that are sometimes outdated on certain things and her character is one of the characters who have really evolved the most since the beginning of the series. She learned to listen to others, to change her point of view on things, to really grow her person and her personality. I can’t wait to see where the story between Isaac and Nigel goes, we can only support these two lovely people! The fact that she supports Isaac is awesome and I love seeing the fact that their relationship is evolving!


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