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This is the episode review dedicated post for ‘Ghosts‘ Episode 9. ghostscbsfans.com team members will be writing a review for this episode in this page.

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  1. I was looking forward to this episode about Alberta’s backstory. First of all, I know some fans can seem very extreme and I love the way this is approached on the show but if I can reassure you – NO, we are not all like that (lol). I was really thrilled in learning more about the history of Alberta and the fact that she was truly loved and talented (although it was never to be doubted). She’s one of my favorite characters and I’m glad we come to a point where her story is “resolved”, hopefully we’ll get to find out more about what really happened to her, by who and why. At the end, I was afraid about what could happen to Sam and Jay’s bed-and-breakfast after the events who happened in the episode, but glad everything was resolved! I am truly excited about next week’s episode who’s gonna be so much fun.


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